Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mid week slump

Homer Boat Harbor. Mid June and snow still on the mountains, has been a cool summer.

Knitting News: Frogged the shawl again. DH came in the room last night after I had knitted one row and I offered him the knitting and asked him to count. He got this scared look and said uhuh, so I pulled it all off the needle. His comment was isn't this (knitting) supposed to be calming and relaxing? I replied some counselors recommend knitting for anger management. I am not sure what he muttered as he disappeared into the bathroom. But I imagine that it was something along the lines of it appears to not be working.

Thing One got fired from his job already. Princess called today from Anc. and discussed her cape and asked me about where to find groceries at the store. (I have never been to that Carr's before and I was able to pinpoint her to each item. Scary all Carr's/Safeway stores in Alaska have the same layout.) Thing Two mowed our lawn today (second time it has been mowed). Bumpkins settled herself back down to sleep the last two nights. Yeah!!! And she has gone potty all by herself (pulled panties down and sat down and gotten up) Big girl stuff. Now if only we can get her to go poop on the pot. DH is down to 190 lbs. And I went to work today but not Bible Study. Cleaned up Bumpkins and Princess's room that took an hr. threw away some broken toys and put away baby toys. Bumpkin's likes her room better now, place to play. Yesterday I went through baby clothes, strange this need to purge and clean. Wonder if the urge will ooze its way over to the craft room (shudders).

Today sunny, windy and temps in the upper 60's. Forest fire 61% contained and 55 thousand acres burned, 68 structures burned. Not sure if that is cabins or both cabins and outbuildings. (I wonder if out houses are included in the outbuildings total?) Just a random thought.

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