Friday, June 1, 2007

Dandylions are going to seed

Here is the peach shawl. I have 16 rows left to finish and it will be done. Hope to get it done this weekend.

Here are the elf slippers. One pair done another still needs work.

Blogger is being stupid. I wrote a lot than it got deleted. So to remember what I was typing.
No swimming tonight as Bumpkins was to tired (no nap). She didn't sleep well last night either. I was up at 1:00 making cream of wheat, she slept well after that.
Work was not as bad as anticipated. Busy- but not more than 35 in the water at one time. I have training on Mondays for the next 3 weeks (usually don't work on Mondays.)
People were mowing their lawns as I went to work today. Introduced Bumpkins to Dandelions going to seed. She liked the first one and then got scared of them. So cute.

Does anyone know how to post buttons on the sidebar, also how to post progress reports like Karen does, and finally how to link a pic w/in your blog. I can't find any examples right now.

Another nice warm cloudy day. Doing laundry tonight.

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