Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sick Day

And how do you eat your creamsicle?
A large patch of Irises in my front yard. Hmm... looks like I need to remove last years debris from the center. Maybe if I collected the seed pods they wouldn't become weeds.
Knitting: Not going well at all. I cast on 2 different times for this seaweed wrap and just can't get the pattern right. After Bumpkins goes to bed I will attempt again.

Didn't go to work today, well I did but they sent me home. I was so sick, running a fever, coughing and sick to my stomach. The bad thing about not working today is Friday am is makeup. So I slept through 1/2 hr of Sesame street, Bumpkins is so good she snuggled up against me the whole time. Then I slept through an entourage of teens (I heard them and then they were gone.) Bumpkins isn't feeling good either she slept from 11:45 till 3:10, really long time. We went for a walk later, trying to tire her out so she'll sleep tonight.

Thing One missed his first day of work. DH told him that if he didn't get a job then he needed to find another place to live. Thing One wants to be treated like a kid when he is 18. Welcome to the adult world. Thing Two did nothing today, what a loss. It was nice out- this evening was sunny. He did ask when the Netflixes would be in. Since I just sent them out yesterday, tomorrow at the earliest. Come on get a life. He didn't get sent to camp this year and he has youth court on Thursday. He didn't want to get a job until he found out how much community service he would have. Wasted one month.
DH has formed another band. I am not thrilled at all. More time away from the family- he needs a better job. I don't want to support this family, not with Bumpkins anyways. If we didn't have Bumpkins I would go to the slope and probably not be knitting. I am a different person because of this tot. And it is all for the good.

Dinner: Short ribs cooked all day in the crockpot, gravy, rice, salad. Dessert ice cream.

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