Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday Sky....

Our Saturday Sky.....
kind of cloudy.

The inside of the new chicken tractor
specifics: 1 old rabbit hutch
removed legs and wire bottom.
very happy birds.

a portion of the garden.
(wondering how many rhubarb plants is enough,
i have around 12 and still have to seperate one).

More rabbits from the thrift store......
now to hope that at least two are female and one is male.
(Lily is the one in the middle).

recommended summer reading:
Watership Down
Hit by a Farm, very interesting read about supporting your partners ideas.

have an awesome Memorial Day weekend.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thrift store find.....

This is what came home from the thrift store....

a baby bunny.
it's name is
either Betty or Lily.
can't decide yet and she is breeding stock.

(hope she makes it through the night,
even though daytime temps are high 60's
night time is still running 30's).
and she is maybe 4 weeks old,
a wild caught bunny.

Athena thinks that this critter
is better than the chickens.

Athena checks out what Bumpkins has....

Was another beautiful day,
so i put the chickens outside in
an enclosure.
upon arriving back home discovered that
they all escaped from it.
Thankfully no eagles ate them while they
were free.
(and they are sleeping very good tonight to).

Bought seed taters to go in the big barrels that DH
got yesterday.
2 reds for new potatoes
4 of a yellow variety.
also bought pea seeds
and let Bumpkins pick out the bean seeds.
Yep you guessed it....
we are going to attempt
to grow purple beans.

well it is late and i best be getting to bed.
night all.

random website: How to chit potatoes. makes perfect sense to me. but i think i will be planting small whole potatoes.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Name Contest

Garden Name Contest

Entries are:

Enchanted Acres
by Lynn

Sunflour Dreams
by Kazul

Chastity Garden

No Hope without Dope
some guy at the pool

Alaska Lowbush Moose Project
Carol Ernst and Amber

We are gearing up for planting,
filling bottles to keep the
zucchinis warm in the greenhouse.

Hugo is helping Bumpkins
fill the bottles by tasting the water.

What do you mean i can't eat this......
Celia and Hugo on Mother's Day.

knitting: nothing i am so behind! must finish stuff for the house cup this month.

Gardening: dug 2 rows by hand and DH got me some very large barrels for my taters. In the meantime, a lady at church told me about someone who grew sweet taters in hanging baskets. Now i gotta try that one.

we moved into the church today, it is nice.

Very hot dry weather. 61 F with 15% humidity.

update on the chickens. there are at least 5 roosters and one hen (Celia). Also appears Thankful is a Tom turkey.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Contest and Saturday night sky

Saturday sky
(8:30 pm and yes it really was that blue)

New Contest:
(as Jane was the only one interested
in the chickies contest).

Here is the new one:
Please leave a comment or email me,
with a name for my garden.
I will then attempt to put suggestions in
the sidebar for voting.
deadline for entries is
May 16.
with deadline for voting
May 22.

(kind of need a name for this website)
One Million Gardens
and another site (no name required this time)
Gardener's Supply
where you pledge to grow 10 lbs of food this year.

Nana's Mother day present....
milk jugs cut in half,
morning glories,
and topped w/soda bottles as mini greenhouses.

Finished raking garden today,
let the chickies play out there.
(so cute)
still have to rototiller it/ prep it for planting.
buds on tomato plants soon will have tomatoes.

eta: told Bumpkins that we would probably be eating the nice chickie Celia (yes she named another animal). She was very sad.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Bupkins wonders what
kind of chickens these are
and if they are all roosters.....

Guess the kind of chicken
Guess the sex of the chicken
Person with the most correct guesses wins.
Contest Ends
July 1 2009
(by then we should know
what they are....
so later guesses may be better)
please email me your guesses with a
correct email address.

Have fun!
Prizes will not be chickens.......
(but may be farm related though)

Little brown chick.....
rooster or hen?

Plymouth Rock #1
Rooster or hen?

Plymouth Rock #2
rooster or hen?
Plymouth Rock #3
rooster or Hen?

Plymouth Rock #4
Rooster or Hen?

Bumpkin's fave....
Rooster or Hen?

White Turkey
Tom or Hen?

The baby chicks.
sleeping for the night....
a bigger home

a large HDTV box (free give away)
knife, duct tape
removable dog crate divider
multiple pieces of cardboard
(to prevent fly aways as i cut the opening in the side of the box to big)
cheap auto lamp

remove contents from box.
tape up ends and handle holes
cut a large rectangle in side.
lay down newspaper and straw.
and a new home is ready.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Sky....

Here is our Saturday Sky.
Nice and sunny
71 F.
(summer? this morn was 39 F)

Bumpkins swinging on her swingset.
(it dried up FAST!
the ground is still "squishy" though)

The chickies are getting big.

The turkey is the biggest.

Athena is doing very well leaving these guys alone.
Hugo wants to eat them.
(he went on Point today,
while watching a Robin).

I have a really long weekend this week.
which i need to recharge.

been playing with Bumpkins outside.
DH's car is still down, so we have
been tag teaming using my car.

Accidentally unplugged the deep freeze so
many things thawed.
tonight must cook 7 bone roast.

The new term for the Harry Potter House Cup has started.
Now to come up with items to go after points.
Looking to see if the bubbly pi shawl will be allowed.

Swimming lessons are over until June.
well that's all......