Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Knitting: 2 more rows done on my shawl. I need to finish up 3 more before my inch is done. Oh why didn't I pick my pattern better? This would be way cooler as a mobius scarf than a capelet. and I am so not frogging fun fur.

What did we do today? Oh gave DH his cards and frying pan. Then DH made pancakes for everyone for breakfast. We really got motivated today, got up at 830 and were out of the house by 940. DH asked Thing one and Thing two to finish clearing up breakfast stuff. Well after getting home from church at 130, the breakfast dishes still weren't done. So I washed dishes while making grilled cheese sandwiches. Not to hard. I took 3 rhubarb pies to church and in return we got a real apple pie and a berry chiffon pie. Bumpkins and I have been eating the chiffon pie. I haven't noticed a red dye reaction yet, but I do believe that there was alot of milk in the pie. I am lactose intolerant (Virtual vacation Swap- I am only intolerant of a lot fresh milk stuff, like really fresh ice cream and creams in fillings and pies. Oh and milk straight out of the cows.) The rest of day was low key, as mom came over for dinner. Thing two decided that at dinner time he wasn't hungry (he ate after I cleared the table and did dishes.) and Thing one showed up as we were finishing dinner. Bumpkins fell asleep around 630 and is asleep still.
dinner was: Pork chops, rice, veggies, and biscuits. Dessert: apple pie.
Weather sunny but windy.

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