Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summery Day!!

Ok a bad knitting day: how so you ask? Well it started out good. DH, Bumpkins and I went to Homer. So I decided to take along 2 projects my Sarah Blanche Shawl and scarf. 30 miles from home the cn broke again. Dropped alot of stitches- when you have over 300 co than 50 is alot. Well after finding another needle to put the dropped ones on in order to pick them up again- I discovered that the needle that I grabbed was the one w/the scarf on it. So the scarf is free floating, w/triple wrapped stitches and double stranded. ie a nightmare. that is another days/night project. Well I was able to put all but 5 stitches back on the cn what w/using a needle that was 3 sizes to small. Did I mention that I was sitting next to a 2 yr. old that was starting to go into meltdown? After Bumpkins went to bed I was able to use a crochet hook and p/u the stitches that were starting to really drop - is it called laddering? Anyway one more row to go before b/o. Tonight it shall be done.

Homer was beautiful today- so we skipped church and hit the highway. Ate at Kosmic Kitchen- DH had a Tikah Leah (spicy chicken and something else) sandwich and I had Falafel sandwich. Drinks were a wildberry smoothie (yum) and DH had an Alaska Amber. Bumpkins ate watermelon and french fries. We walked to Blackberry Bog (nice store expensive) and then went onto Homer Brewery ( they don't have a web page) the place is impressive tiny. I did get pics. but will wait until my virtual vacation pal can see my webpage. Then onto the spit. The tide was going out and there was lots of sand and shells. Would have been a good clamming/ gathering mussels day. Windy and sunny (we wore jackets) Bumpkins didn't like the water again but did enjoy chasing seagulls. No pix as our batteries were dead by then. Then Hot choc and brownie at a little espresso shop on the spit. (don't remember the name t? sister) We looked out over the boat harbor and Bumpkins loved the boats, seagulls and eagles.
On the way home we had to do evasive action driving and well DH and I both smelled beer. One of the growlers was shaken and broke its seal. So now my car smells like beer. Oh well DH can steam clean the carpet. (it did need it).

Well good night all and I am off to finish this shawl. Pix tomorrow.

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