Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mid week slump

Homer Boat Harbor. Mid June and snow still on the mountains, has been a cool summer.

Knitting News: Frogged the shawl again. DH came in the room last night after I had knitted one row and I offered him the knitting and asked him to count. He got this scared look and said uhuh, so I pulled it all off the needle. His comment was isn't this (knitting) supposed to be calming and relaxing? I replied some counselors recommend knitting for anger management. I am not sure what he muttered as he disappeared into the bathroom. But I imagine that it was something along the lines of it appears to not be working.

Thing One got fired from his job already. Princess called today from Anc. and discussed her cape and asked me about where to find groceries at the store. (I have never been to that Carr's before and I was able to pinpoint her to each item. Scary all Carr's/Safeway stores in Alaska have the same layout.) Thing Two mowed our lawn today (second time it has been mowed). Bumpkins settled herself back down to sleep the last two nights. Yeah!!! And she has gone potty all by herself (pulled panties down and sat down and gotten up) Big girl stuff. Now if only we can get her to go poop on the pot. DH is down to 190 lbs. And I went to work today but not Bible Study. Cleaned up Bumpkins and Princess's room that took an hr. threw away some broken toys and put away baby toys. Bumpkin's likes her room better now, place to play. Yesterday I went through baby clothes, strange this need to purge and clean. Wonder if the urge will ooze its way over to the craft room (shudders).

Today sunny, windy and temps in the upper 60's. Forest fire 61% contained and 55 thousand acres burned, 68 structures burned. Not sure if that is cabins or both cabins and outbuildings. (I wonder if out houses are included in the outbuildings total?) Just a random thought.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sick Day

And how do you eat your creamsicle?
A large patch of Irises in my front yard. Hmm... looks like I need to remove last years debris from the center. Maybe if I collected the seed pods they wouldn't become weeds.
Knitting: Not going well at all. I cast on 2 different times for this seaweed wrap and just can't get the pattern right. After Bumpkins goes to bed I will attempt again.

Didn't go to work today, well I did but they sent me home. I was so sick, running a fever, coughing and sick to my stomach. The bad thing about not working today is Friday am is makeup. So I slept through 1/2 hr of Sesame street, Bumpkins is so good she snuggled up against me the whole time. Then I slept through an entourage of teens (I heard them and then they were gone.) Bumpkins isn't feeling good either she slept from 11:45 till 3:10, really long time. We went for a walk later, trying to tire her out so she'll sleep tonight.

Thing One missed his first day of work. DH told him that if he didn't get a job then he needed to find another place to live. Thing One wants to be treated like a kid when he is 18. Welcome to the adult world. Thing Two did nothing today, what a loss. It was nice out- this evening was sunny. He did ask when the Netflixes would be in. Since I just sent them out yesterday, tomorrow at the earliest. Come on get a life. He didn't get sent to camp this year and he has youth court on Thursday. He didn't want to get a job until he found out how much community service he would have. Wasted one month.
DH has formed another band. I am not thrilled at all. More time away from the family- he needs a better job. I don't want to support this family, not with Bumpkins anyways. If we didn't have Bumpkins I would go to the slope and probably not be knitting. I am a different person because of this tot. And it is all for the good.

Dinner: Short ribs cooked all day in the crockpot, gravy, rice, salad. Dessert ice cream.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Rainy day

My purple flower bed. Not that good of a pic. Now my irises down at the end are blooming as are my beach peas and chives. All purple!!! maybe when the bachelor buttons are done blooming I will move them over to here. Or better idea, flag them and move them next spring. Yeah my sunflower is up- all bets are off as to whether it will bloom though.
Knitting: I co and knitted 8 rows of a seaweed wrap. Then I wanted to get ten rows done last night, well in all my hurry I went from having 65 stitches to 72. Today I attempted to unknit to find the added stitches well that didn't work either as then I ended up with 56 stitches. Frogged and restarted. Already having difficulty because after the first row I had 66 stitches. So put it aside for a little bit later when I can really concentrate on the project at hand.

What else have we done today? I gathered trash and cleaned out one fridge. NASTY!!! Made a dr.s appt. for Bumpkins on Wednesday (was supposed to be today but I forgot to schedule one) Thing one is living back here- still thinks that DH's rules are to strict. The kid doesn't have insurance and he is extreme skate boarding w/o gear. All DH asks is that he wear gear when boarding. Thing Two was out drinking again, doesn't he know that if he gets caught he will go to the youth detention facility? And people say girls are harder to raise than boys. Yeah right. DH is going to let the band's bass player go. Now they need another bass player, they want another singer too. Bugger it- I can't find their band on the internet.

Ok here is a meme that I surfed across from Vicki and some others.

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They MUST be real places, names, things… NOTHING made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. Try to use different answers if the person before you had the same 1st initial. You CANNOT use your own name for the boy/girl name question. Have fun!

Your Name: Janet

1. Famous Singer/Band: Janet Jackson/Jackson 5
1.a. Famous Song: Jump

2. 4 letter word: jazz

3. Street: Jan

4. Color: Jade

5. Gifts/Presents: Jewelery

6. Vehicle: Jaguar

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: jams/ Jellies

8. Boy Name: Jacob

9. Girl Name: Jane

10. Movie Title: Jumanji

11. Drink: Juice

12. Occupation: Jester

13. Celebrity: Jennifer Lopez

14. Magazine:

15. U.S. City: Jasper

16. Pro Sports Teams: Jets

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Jumper cables were needed.

19. Something You Throw Away: Jeans

20. Things You Shout: Jeepers!!!

21. Cartoon Character: Jane Jetson

* * * *

And just a random site, do people really use this? the Keeper

Sunday, June 24, 2007

busy weekend?

This is a pic of DH and Bumpkins looking at the horse on Thursday night. After we walked away she went nuts - wanted to ride the ponies. The sky was grayer than what is shown- had to use flash.
Knitting: Not much going on there. I frogged my Hufflepuff shawl, didn't like the way it was going. So now I need to hurry up and make a new one in little over a week. Think that I can do it? Found a better pattern for a shawl in Complete Knitting, learned how to do a yf. Am thinking that it is just like a yo. Knitting help shows a yo not a yf.

Friday night went to Q's Solstice Party. On the way out I discovered that would have been my 16th wedding anniversary. Wow went all day and didn't think about that wedding at all. My life is so much better now. Q's was alot of fun we got home at 130 am and the teens were like where were you? Do we have to answer to them? no parents are allowed out once in awhile too. Now I have Thing one's cold- I hope that this isn't bronchitis as I have to work. There is no one to cover for me. So lots of vitamin c and echinacea. (lol spell check doesn't like Echinacea.)

Finally it has rained, the fire has burned almost 81 square miles. Expecting high winds again tomorrow.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Soltice means parties

My current bush. Last year it was alot bigger but the moose pruned it back hard. The snow was so deep that they reached over the fence almost like it wasn't there. But there is alot of flowers so there should be lots of berries. Currant Jelly yum.
Knitting: I haven't done anything on my Hufflepuff shawl for almost a week. Maybe because it is to hot and I don't really like it now. Oh well I will start working on it tomorrow.

Solstice is here. Last night we went to a shindig that was very strange. Because of the forest fire the sky was this yucky brown color. Then we parked our mini-van in a horse pasture when we opened the door there were horse piles and the cows were still in the pasture. Am waiting for DH to come home so we can go to another one. This one is later as yesterday was a fish day. This one will be way more fun as there are these homemade drums made out of trees and moose hides. Very primal- there might be as many as 8 drums being played around the campfire. Have to bundle up warm as it is very windy and kind of chilly.

Thing 2 might be living back at home. Last night he took DH's car and didn't do what he was supposed to do. Returning a game to blockbuster doesnt' mean take car seat out and put half/pipe rail in. And he still forgot the game and he smoked in the car. Then tonight I come home to a messy house and tv was left on.

Forest fire: Caribou hills and lots of acreage burned. This am I thought I heard that 5400 acres were burned. By tonight it was up to 20,000 and someone else heard 50 thousand. When will it go over the mountains and hit the Gulf of Alaska. As it is one of the Russian Villages is in the way.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

1st set done and 3 to go

This is one of my 6 rhubarb plants after I harvested some.

Knitting: I found a new pattern, one for my chenille hat. Make two long rectangles like a scarf and sew them together on a diagonal. There you go a hat and scarf. perfect for my velvet cape.

Today I am so tired. I went to bed at 12:38 am and the alarm went off at 530 am. I didn't get dishes done or DH clothes put in the dryer, but I did leave at 630. So now is nap time- could I possibly get 10 min. Probably not as my Usborne book lady is coming by to get the order. Will add more to this later.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

23 hrs. and 47 min visible daylight and 82 degrees

Yes my headline says it all. Today there will be only 13 min of complete darkness, there will be dusk/dawn ie... drive w/lights on. And driving around Soldotna at 5:30 my car thermometer registered 82 degrees. Now that is hot. Way to hot- esp. since I was wearing black jeans. (can't wear short shorts to church and I own nothing more) Last night there were severe thunderstorm warnings in the Mat-Su valley, the weather here is changing. And we could see the big cloud of smoke from the forest fire in Caribou Hills.
Here are some pics of my flowers in my yard (what the moose haven't eaten yet).

The first on was wild Alaskan Rose bush. My yard is full of them, I want to move them some place else as they are considered a weed.

This second pic is Apple Blossoms. Yep apple blossoms. Last year the tree was loaded w/them but the moose got very hungry last winter and pruned this way back. So maybe I will get apples- still kind of sad to pick off the flowers so apples can grow.

Knitting news: Knitted several rows on the scarf and then lost 4 stitches. Will try to pick them up some other time. I am doing this KVVS and am having a very hard time finding Hawaii, Montana, Colorado, Alberta and DC. If any one reads this and knows whose blog they are, I'd appreciate the input.

Refilled Bumpkins meds today and learned that we go to drive-through to much. I got the meds at a drive up window, well when I drove away a little voice was saying "french fries". And then life got really bad when I had to say that there weren't any french fries. Well better go do laundry and then bed as I have to get up a 1/2 earlier than usual. Have to be at work at 7.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What's eating your apple tree?

Allright so this isn't the best pic in the world. I can do great still shots- but meese through windows that is a different story. Anyway the shrub is a 30 yr. old crabapple tree, the meese keep it very well pruned. And gotta' love our daylight- I took this pic around 11:30 pm.

So if anyone is wondering what is a meese? Well the plural of goose is geese right, so why isn't the plural of moose meese? Just a thought.Onto knitting news: finished 1/3 row of shawl. I checked out some books from the library yesterday and well I want to read not knit.

Last night I hosted an Usborne book party, it was great fun. The youth pastor's wife and young son came as did 2 other people. Thing one decided that it was best to be gone as I had a houseful of kids. I'm sorry I didn't plan it for his convenience. DH and Thing two were gone.
Had to work yesterday and today. Yesterday I learned about bloodborne pathogens, yippee. I got paid for 1 1/4 hrs. after gas and daycare I made -$2.00, what a negative? I lost money yesterday. No seriously I probably did make $2.00. I should have stayed home, except that I would have had to make it up. No more Monday work until July. Yeah!!!!
Today sunny and temps in the 60's.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Knitting: 2 more rows done on my shawl. I need to finish up 3 more before my inch is done. Oh why didn't I pick my pattern better? This would be way cooler as a mobius scarf than a capelet. and I am so not frogging fun fur.

What did we do today? Oh gave DH his cards and frying pan. Then DH made pancakes for everyone for breakfast. We really got motivated today, got up at 830 and were out of the house by 940. DH asked Thing one and Thing two to finish clearing up breakfast stuff. Well after getting home from church at 130, the breakfast dishes still weren't done. So I washed dishes while making grilled cheese sandwiches. Not to hard. I took 3 rhubarb pies to church and in return we got a real apple pie and a berry chiffon pie. Bumpkins and I have been eating the chiffon pie. I haven't noticed a red dye reaction yet, but I do believe that there was alot of milk in the pie. I am lactose intolerant (Virtual vacation Swap- I am only intolerant of a lot fresh milk stuff, like really fresh ice cream and creams in fillings and pies. Oh and milk straight out of the cows.) The rest of day was low key, as mom came over for dinner. Thing two decided that at dinner time he wasn't hungry (he ate after I cleared the table and did dishes.) and Thing one showed up as we were finishing dinner. Bumpkins fell asleep around 630 and is asleep still.
dinner was: Pork chops, rice, veggies, and biscuits. Dessert: apple pie.
Weather sunny but windy.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Fun in the Midnight Sun

Knitting: Showed off what I was making to a lady that first taught me to knit. She really liked the yellow/ black capelet. I have one more row to do today. If I do an inch a day I should be done by next week. DH says yellow and black dont go together. My response was for him to tell that to a million bees. His reply was that the bees don't have a choice as it is genetic for them to be that color.
Sad day for Nikiski. I got a phone call at 10:30 this am from someone who doesn't usually call me. Well immediately I was going uh oh. I was told that Shayna Pritchard was killed in a car accident while in Colorado. She just graduated from HS last May, has a twin and I worked w/her at the pool. This is the second student that has died from that class. The first one died before the group even got to HS. I think that Princess was shaken up a bit as she knew her. I just wish that everyone out there that has teens just give their kids a hug and say I love you. Because you never know when you won't see them again.
So while DH steamed cleaned carpets, Bumpkins and I disappeared. We went out to Summer Fun. Bumpkins didn't get a nap and we didn't win anything. Both of us show signs of sun (me where I forgot to apply my spf 50 sunscreen.) and her shoulders. DH said not to put sunscreen on her as she is a dark Hawaiian.
Tonight I learned again why I don't make pies. While I was making pies to go to church tomorrow Bumpkins was very busy indeed. I did miss the a great photo op in this. Bumpkins got into the back entry way and our 40 lbs. of kitty litter. Now when a two yr. old has unlimited amount of sand and cups and containers.. ... you all know where I am going with this. She had kitty litter all over the floor and in the cat's food dish. She was feeding the cat. Now what to be thankful for: She did not put kitty litter in the open bag of cat food (science diet for sensitive stomach) very expensive stuff. Nor did she put it into the bag of Iams dog food- even though I found a pile on the floor next to the dog food bag. And the best one is she didn't take the litter out of the litter box and the cat didn't use the litter that was on floor, before I cleaned it up. Also the cat has a clean food dish now. But I did sweep 2 dustpans full of kitty litter off of the floor and dumped a bunch outside from what was inside the cats dish. And my 4 pies are done. One mock apple pie, 2 french rhubarb and one rhubarb custard. Hope that they are tasty and that they bless the families that they are going to.

weather today was sunny and the upper 60's

Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer is here!!

Knitting: I have done 4 rows of ribbing and almost 5 rows of ss on my capelet for Harry Potter Book 7 knal. Have broken my cn 2 more times.
Interesting morning: Bumpkins got up around 815 and said her ear hurt. Great, today is Friday. So I took her in and was told that she has another ear infection (she is still nursing, why is she getting so many ear infections?) So by 930 I was calling in to work to say that I wasn't coming in. Got prescrip filled and tried to go to a library. What library doesn't open until 12 on a Friday? So no library- we came home and Bumpkins was asleep by 1130 and she slept until almost 3. When I took her upstairs to go outside I discovered that Thing one and Thing Two had left the toaster oven on all afternoon. Lucky they didn't start a fire, so when I was asked later if they could have top ramen I said no. Someone ate some anyway. Went outside and got a slight sunburn. Bumpkins played in water and was wearing a hat. She also played with sidewalk chalk. Bumpkins doesn't like bugs of any kind. She just screams- kind of funny in a way. Also she has decided that 9 volt batteries are yucky. It was very nice out. Tomorrow is a busy day. DH has to steam clean carpets and go to the dump.
Well that is all folks good night.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

19 hrs. of daylight and 37 degrees

Knitting: I picked up the dropped stitches on the scarf and put that on a cn. Note: putting curly cn in hot water for a little while works wonders to get out the kinks. I am now 1/2 way done w/the scarf at this rate I just might finish it this summer. Tuesday my knitting mentor and I figured out how many stitches to co for my capelet. Formula: bust size (47) divided by stitches per Inch (5)= stitches to be cast on (172). Am on my third row of ribbing.

Today is a nice day: we will be having french fries, Hamburgers, beans, onions and mushrooms for dinner. Have to go to the store. We are currently at 19 hrs. of daylight we gain another minute tomorrow. This am when the alarm went off the temp was 37 degrees at the radio station (which is just down the street from my house.) It did warm up fast, but I think that sweaters and leggings are still needed.
Lessons are almost done. Yeah, only 3 more sets to go. I am so proud of myself- I have stayed away from the vending machine for 2 weeks now. I bring a protein bar from home to eat. DH found his father's day present in the car. It was a scrub brush for the grill- inexpensive but very much needed. Today at work I jammed my finger into the lane line. Oh that hurt, I am lucky I didn't break the finger. Note to self: use goggles or open eyes when swimming races. Supervisor wanted to have me write it up- no way. Work man's comp stuff is way to much paper work. I bet I can't wear my wedding ring until the swelling goes down (there is no way that anyone is going to cut my titanium ring off).
Well off to knitting.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Shawl finished

Knitting news: the peach/apricot Sarah Blanche Shawl from the book Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle is done. Yarn unknown type (could be wool) and size 10 american cn. Finished at 12 last night. Today I p/u the only dropped stitch (amazing since the needle broke 3 times) and blocked it. I wonder if this qualifies as a one skein knit as I still have plenty of yarn left on the cone.
before blocking:
being blocked:
after blocking:

close up of some of the stitches:
Bumpkins in Homer yesterday:

I had to work again today. CPR and AED recert. I didn't to good on the test as I didn't study, super said that I didn't need to and he would go over everything in class. I hate the wording on those Red Cross tests. Oh well i passed and know what I missed. Fred and I did the best teamwork of anyone (even if we did lousy on the test) so we do know our stuff. Visited w/my knitting mentor today, she really liked my shawl. One more Christmas present done.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summery Day!!

Ok a bad knitting day: how so you ask? Well it started out good. DH, Bumpkins and I went to Homer. So I decided to take along 2 projects my Sarah Blanche Shawl and scarf. 30 miles from home the cn broke again. Dropped alot of stitches- when you have over 300 co than 50 is alot. Well after finding another needle to put the dropped ones on in order to pick them up again- I discovered that the needle that I grabbed was the one w/the scarf on it. So the scarf is free floating, w/triple wrapped stitches and double stranded. ie a nightmare. that is another days/night project. Well I was able to put all but 5 stitches back on the cn what w/using a needle that was 3 sizes to small. Did I mention that I was sitting next to a 2 yr. old that was starting to go into meltdown? After Bumpkins went to bed I was able to use a crochet hook and p/u the stitches that were starting to really drop - is it called laddering? Anyway one more row to go before b/o. Tonight it shall be done.

Homer was beautiful today- so we skipped church and hit the highway. Ate at Kosmic Kitchen- DH had a Tikah Leah (spicy chicken and something else) sandwich and I had Falafel sandwich. Drinks were a wildberry smoothie (yum) and DH had an Alaska Amber. Bumpkins ate watermelon and french fries. We walked to Blackberry Bog (nice store expensive) and then went onto Homer Brewery ( they don't have a web page) the place is impressive tiny. I did get pics. but will wait until my virtual vacation pal can see my webpage. Then onto the spit. The tide was going out and there was lots of sand and shells. Would have been a good clamming/ gathering mussels day. Windy and sunny (we wore jackets) Bumpkins didn't like the water again but did enjoy chasing seagulls. No pix as our batteries were dead by then. Then Hot choc and brownie at a little espresso shop on the spit. (don't remember the name t? sister) We looked out over the boat harbor and Bumpkins loved the boats, seagulls and eagles.
On the way home we had to do evasive action driving and well DH and I both smelled beer. One of the growlers was shaken and broke its seal. So now my car smells like beer. Oh well DH can steam clean the carpet. (it did need it).

Well good night all and I am off to finish this shawl. Pix tomorrow.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Kenai River Festival Weekend

Knitting: 6.5 rows left to do on the peach shawl. I so want that done- I have a deadline on the next shawl. And I really need the needles (I didn't work on the peach shawl much this week as I am so booorreeed w/it. But as I plod along I learn that the lady that I am making this for needed prayers last week. So every time I pick this up and seriously knit on it- I say a prayer and think about her, but by golly she REALLY needs the prayers and thoughts at that time. If I didn't need the needles so bad I would continue to knit on this- it isn't like I am going to run out of yarn. This shawl could be considered a one skein knit. (The yarn is on a never ending cone.)
Work was rough yesterday- lots of stealing. And we didn't have a lot of strange people wandering in and out. Very strange. Last night was an Emmaus gathering down at the beach. All those knitters who are on Virtual Vacation and say that they knit at the beach. I wonder. As there is sand EVERWHERE and it will get into everything. Also I don't want my yarn smelling like campfire. Yes we had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, choc cake, potato salad, cookies and s'mores (wannabes) I forgot the graham crackers. I did remember everything else. Actually Hershey kisses work better than Hershey bars, you just unwrap the kiss and then stuff the kiss inside of the marshmallow and put between graham crackers. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. This weekend is Kenai River Festival and also something is going on in Soldotna. But I didn't go anywhere as DH said that it was raining in Kenai and I didn't know where I was going in Soldotna.
I do wish that I could do buttons and links from my post to the side bar. Oh well.
I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap Questionnaire

Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap Questionnaire


1. If you could visit any state in the US, which would it be and why? I can't pin down a state but the North East region looks very enticing. The weather is similar to here, the fishing industry is similar, a different language. Old farms/ houses, Architecture, beaches, warm water to swim in. Fall leaves.

2. If you could visit any country in the world, other than your own, which would it be and why?
Country: Norway, I have some distant relatives there.
3. Have you ever driven across several states/providence/countries? From Minnesota to Alaska (as a child) and from the Olympia Peninsula Washington to San Fran, Cali on Hwy 101.

4. Have you ever visited someplace you consider exotic? Where was it? Mazatlan, Mexico. Some what tropical.

5. What was your favorite "travel" vacation? Why? Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. First time out of country and on a real "touristy" type vacation. No family visiting involved.

6. Have you ever played tourist in your own home city/state (if international, country)? Explain. Tour guide but not tourist.

7. Are you a museum visitor, beach comer or an amusement seeker? all three are interesting, but beach comer would have to get top pick.

8. What's your favorite type of yarn? Natural fibers

9. What's your least favorite type of yarn? Fun fur and cast iron synthetic.

10. What items do you like to knit/crochet? I will try anything once.

11. What do you pack, knit/crochet wise when you go on vacation? Hats, scarves, socks (portable projects)

12. What other crafts do you do/would like to do other than Knit/Crochet? Counted cross stitch, sewing and reading Christian Books

13. Are you allergic to anything? (Yarn wise or treat wise) no

14. What is your favorite color? Least Favorite? Green is my favorite color. Least fave: camouflage

15. Sweet or Savory (Treat not personality)? Sweet

16. Anything else we are forgetting to ask that you think your partner desperately needs to know? I garden (kind of) bike and swim.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Trying an experiment

Name meme

Knitting news: All stitches went back on needle ok. Finished the row now down to 9 rows left to do. So much for wanting to finish this week. Now for stash pix. The first is what mom gave me for an very early Christmas/b-day gift. 6 months early in fact. It is yarn tote with wheels.
Now to show you what you can pack into this cute little bag.

Yep, all this yarn is new (in stash less than 2 yrs. all of Bumpkins yarn is stored in here- except the one still in the cradle.) I will show pix. of all my stash- does this keep me from wanting more? Of course not.

I have been tagged by Ami for this name meme(DH showed me how to read it yeah!!). Here are the meme directions: Give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids. Tag five people to play along and leave a comment at their blog to let them know they have been tagged. No, you don't have to post the name, you can post just the meaning and why you chose it. Ok so here goes.
  • Jacit Andreana- Her first name is a combination of her father's and mine. (Had to change the e to i so her nickname wouldn't be jacket, which it was anyway) Her middle name is a derivative of my middle name (but way more elegant.)
  • Bumpkins is also named with a combination of mine and her dad's name (different dad's). Her middle name is an ethnic family name on her dad's side. It means wreath of pearls.
The people that I have tagged are Kazul and Kaki I know that that is only 2 but I can't think of anyone else that has kids.
Thing 2 had court today and summer school. Wonder how that went. Thing one told me that the Peace Corp might not be to bad. I told him that he needed his GED. Thing one needs a job or back to jail he goes.

Lupine is blooming and temps are in the 60's.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bumpkin's yarn

This is Bumpkin's holding onto the yarn I have purchased for her in the last 2 years. She looks really good in the darker colors. My goal is to make something out of the Lullaby (must buy contrasting color), the chenille, and 2 sweaters out of the Bernat variegated (will need contrasting colors on that one too.) This year- before Christmas. A close up of what Bumpkin's is holding near and dear. Going around clock wise starting w/the 4 balls of Lullaby, is 3 balls of burgundy Peaches and Creme, one skein of dark purple thick and chunky chenille Lion Brand, 3 skeins/balls of purple cottontots Bernat, and finally 2 skeins of variegated
Bernat Softee.
I thought that I had taken a pic. of all Bumpkin's yarn that I had on hand. But discovered this and my 5 mm dpns in the corner of the cradle. ( we don't use it to sleep in anymore) This yarn is Lion's brand Jiffy mohair like.

Knitting: Yes a lot of my yarn looks like I have started something then frogged it. All because I didn't like the way that it was going. Well on the shawl note: have 10 rows left, but yesterday Bumpkins jumped on me and my knitting and well the circular needle didn't hold up. Yep it broke and dropped 25 stitches that were triple wrapped. So I had to put them back on a needle. Today is going to determine if all is lost or not.

Yesterday was a manic Monday. During training where we were practicing extrications I rolled 2 of my ribs. Very painful. Than I got home and decided to walk off into space. But instead of floating like space would I came crashing down hard onto a concrete floor. Skinned my knee and bruised up both shins, later I realized that I had hurt both wrists when I fell.
Today: off to work at 7:00 Bumpkins got up at 6 this is after she fell asleep at 10:30. And she is still down for her nap 1 1/2hrs. Hope she has an early bed tonight. I am kind of tired- taught lessons, actually today was an easy day. 2 different sets- tomorrow is 3 sets (tiny tots= or mommy and me class) My DD can't go to class w/me.

sunny day: yesterday was 72 today is warm again.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Finished Project

This is the finished sewing Project that I tried to post yesterday. Super easy but the material was slippery and very fuzzy. I just love the flannel- not sure what I want to use it for. It has been stash for almost 3 years. Time to use it.
This is yarn for my Hufflepuff shawl. I will be starting as soon as the Peach shawl is done.

Knitting: Did 3 more rows on peach shawl and 5 more on the blue scarf.

Ok Princess here are the shoes. Let me know how to get them to you.

Today was Sunday busy day. Church this AM Pastor Jon's last Sunday- tomorrow they leave for Indiana. Tonight church- strange, I had a thought during song worship and the thought was How do I know when God calls. Then the sermon was on exactly that. Still not sure what to do when he calls me to do something.

Beautiful sunny day.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rainy Saturday

Knitting: did 2 rows on the peach shawl. My goal today is 4.
As far as goal (to do list) I am doing good. Tried to upload a pic but since it is raining we don't have a good connection (satellite). Of my goals I did 2 of the 4 loads of laundry, didn't get one bathroom cleaned. But did go grocery shopping for the week and finished an ufo. That is the pic. I wanted. Oh well, maybe it will be sunny tomorrow.
Yes we use satellite for our internet, it is usually faster than dial up. The only times when we have real trouble w/it is when it is foggy, rainy, snowy, and we are experiencing solar flares. The bonus to solar flares is the Northern lights are beautiful. (COLD) We can't get dsl in our area, to old, and it would cost alot of money to redo cables.
Blogger is not being my friend tonight. Maybe it is the slow connection but wouldn't let me add more side links, or change my web page layout. I discovered that if I use green for a font then my links don't show up. So when I tried to change my link color I couldn't save (no save option available). Oh well next time.
Dinner tonight was marinated Pork Chops (teriaky and soy sauce w/liquid smoke) baked beans, mixed veggies. Dessert Rhubarb cake (with last year's rhubarb). Bumpkins ate almost all of one pork chop.
Mostly rainy but warm. Put my baskets out to catch the rain (sure beats watering)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Dandylions are going to seed

Here is the peach shawl. I have 16 rows left to finish and it will be done. Hope to get it done this weekend.

Here are the elf slippers. One pair done another still needs work.

Blogger is being stupid. I wrote a lot than it got deleted. So to remember what I was typing.
No swimming tonight as Bumpkins was to tired (no nap). She didn't sleep well last night either. I was up at 1:00 making cream of wheat, she slept well after that.
Work was not as bad as anticipated. Busy- but not more than 35 in the water at one time. I have training on Mondays for the next 3 weeks (usually don't work on Mondays.)
People were mowing their lawns as I went to work today. Introduced Bumpkins to Dandelions going to seed. She liked the first one and then got scared of them. So cute.

Does anyone know how to post buttons on the sidebar, also how to post progress reports like Karen does, and finally how to link a pic w/in your blog. I can't find any examples right now.

Another nice warm cloudy day. Doing laundry tonight.