Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

Lynn has Presented to me with the *Make my Day* Award.

Now whom to tag?

Knitting: Almost done w/another mitten this time it will fit Bumpkins. Don't like the pattern as there are no stitch counts (as in how many stitches should be on the needle after increasing and knitting 23 rows) until the end when the final decreases are being done. (Was 4 stitches off). And am not frogging! Bumpkins didn't like having all the needles around her fingers. And since I will definitely be running out of yarn- I get to buy more! (Lots more as the Pastor's wife loves this colorway.)

A word of caution: Apples can and will freeze if left in a tote bag out in car over night. (Guess it got below 0 last night.)

Tuesday was an interesting day. Got to work and had a evaluation done on me. That was ok... only got S's (thankfully no N's for needs improvement, but no AA's for Above Average and definitely no O's for OUTSTANDING). During the eval. Big Boss said that she would rather see me working on programs (Water Aerobics, lessons, or group fitness for kids) than cleaning. Yeah!! I am all over that one- but still I will clean (but not as much). So today I did laundry and wrote out evaluations to go home w/the swim lesson kids tomorrow. Nige also asked me to supervise last night. No big deal- but did a major goof up. After locking all doors (so I thought) and checking to make sure everything was clean, And setting the alarm. I walked out the front door - only to discover that I forgot to lock a door! What do I do? Emergency phone call to Nige asking him now what? He was very thankful that I did. The worst thing to do would be to leave the front door to the pool unlocked overnight. YIKES! When I got home after 10, Bumpkins was still up and needed a shower. LONG NIGHT for me. And that is why no Tuesday post.

Strange Stuff: This is what happens when people make pets out of working dogs and the owners have WAY to much time on their hands. Hats and what is this a TUXEDO? (We no longer need these dogs to chase down our food in the deserts.)

Weather: Below 0 again. (More like -10 and it will get colder!)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Website Monday

This shows how much snow we have gotten this year. DH is standing on the snowbank in front of the barn. Now whoever built the barn the way they did- totally screwed up! A steep sloping roof that dumps snow right in front of the door- Brilliant!

And this is the bag that I have been working on. Think it will go in the Christmas box as is- and when I get some webbing it will get finished off. It is starting to look like a "Green" Christmas this year. This particular bag can hold a 6 pack of soda and still have room to hold more. (Must remember dimensions 17 3/8 by 9 doubled that, for the bottom triangles sewed 8 cm in to make wide bottom- now to run the webbing over the whole thing in 2 different places.)

Today is a day of remembering: This is my Grandmother's Birthday (she passed away in Oct. 2001) also 2 years ago my Dad passed away from a lengthy illness.

Has anyone been grocery shopping lately? An 18 pack of eggs is over $6.00! Makes me rethink having chickens- they would be cheaper to feed! Gas is $3.33 a gallon- a weekly fill up costs me over $50.00! (DH won't let me get a motorcycle or even bike to work in the summer).

Random website: Now we all have heard of Hollywood, But let's go visit DollyWood!

Weather: Snow

Sunday, January 27, 2008

T is for.....

T is for....
Terribly cold:
this is why Athena gets her litter box heated. Last night I neglected to remove the Mike's hard lemonade and potato salad from this entry way. Needless to say all were frozen. And frozen potato salad is NASTY! This is the same salad that on Thursday sat in my car all day. When I told Thing 2 that it had been in my car all day. He responded by saying there is meat in here. My answer to him was "It was 16 degrees all day- it was fine". Only in Alaska (during winter) can you leave certain foods in your car and it will be ok. (I was kind of concerned about the salad freezing).

T is for:
Totally bored!
I have not been knitting but have learned how to appliqué with my embroidery machine. And that is quite fun- and now since I have enlarged the pattern for a flat bottom bag, I need to figure out how to make the bag stand up. Otherwise, I can just add handles and it is another tote bag.

After being in the negative numbers last night, it is snowing tonight.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

7 Random Facts

Random is the containers that Athena finds herself in.

I was tagged by Jane to do 7 Random Facts Meme... Hmm... to come up w/7 more Random Facts about me.

7 Random Facts... now these are the rules:- Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.- Post these rules on your blog.

List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.

Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.- Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog
  1. Part of my house is a 1950 Homesteader cabin.
  2. Met my husband on the internet
  3. Built a bonfire in a home fireplace (then threw snow on it to put it out- bad idea... lots of steam!)
  4. At my tallest I was 5".
  5. I like to take things apart (sometimes can't put them back together).
  6. Not allowed to play/use power tools or power equipment.
  7. Once mowed the lawn w/a weed eater.
Now to come up w/7 people. Lynn, Kazul, Kaki, Princess (it's late and there are only 4).

Read another book: Dragon's Fire by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey.
Another book about early Pern, hard to follow and really hard if you haven't already read Dragon's Kin

Also learned how to appliqué with my sewing machine.

Drove past another accident today (this one partially shut down an intersection).

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prayer Requests

Knitting: 5 rows done on DH's scarf last night at Bible study.

Our families cup continues to overflow! One family over in RAvelry is blessing 10 Christian families this year w/designing web pages for businesses. Our family was selected.

Prayers for the following families please:

My nephew T is in the Army over in Germany. (He will be shipping out at the end of Feb. for Kuwait).

The roads here have been really bad. Ice rutted- cars have melted the ice into grooves and if you get out of the grooves you go flying. Kind of like the old slot car tracks. So there have been some really bad accidents.
On Monday night there was a car accident. The father lost control of the car while driving on ice and slid into a pick up truck. A young man age 13 died 2 days later due to injuries, the father is okay -minor scrapes and bruises.
On Wednesday a Buick (#1) was avoiding a moose and slid (because of the ice ruts) into another Buick (#2). The driver of Buick #1 is an AWESOME safe driver (he grooms the ski trails out at the pool) I think he has some broken ribs and his wife is ok. Driver of Buick #2 is a dear Friend's mom (all 3 of her kids have worked at the pool with me). She has a broken wrist, broken hip (doesn't require surgery), concussion, banged up elbow. Her husband is up on the North Slope and is not scheduled to be home until May. On Wednesday, there was a snowstorm up on the North Slope and he couldn't have come home if he tried. Her son who is a Senior in High School is staying w/her at the hospital and taking care of everything (her daughters are in college. One is in S. Dakota and the other is in Fairbanks). Both cars are totaled.

So go hug your family and tell them that you love them. Also pleas drive SAFE!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

Strange Stuff.... Please just let me sleep!

Knitting: nothing today. Slept in and then had to scramble to get to work. Roads were horrible! People have commented on the Barbie jacket- it wasn't going to be for Bumpkins but for Lynn.

Work today was okay... I was sent to training tonight in Kenai for Water Aerobics. That was fun! Her workout was way harder than mine. And then I was home by 7:00 pm! DH made me burnt grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Now I have a killer head ache and am exhausted!

Good news! We finally got confirmation from Daycare Assistance! It only took 3 months... in the meantime we racked up about $1400 in unpaid daycare. Daycare was costing us $400 a month and that is 1/4 our income. So this is awesome!

Strange stuff: And since it is colder in many parts of the world, our dogs may need to wear sweaters, now this dog says it all.

Finished another book:
Heart of Texas Vol 1 by Debbie Macomber... it is two books in one. So the two titles are Lonesome Cowboy and Texas Two-Step really good clean books about some small town in Texas. (And before anyone says anything... I grew up in a small town! And now work in that same town. And yes everyone knows everyone else's business!)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Random Website Monday

Knitting: nothing really tried to cast on another pair of mittens... but frogged them. Did rewind the leftover mitten yarn into another center pull ball. I have a love/hate relationship w/Jiffy mohair like yarn. Love the color- but hate how it knots up!
Did attempt this other project... yes it is what it looks like! A latch hook jacket for Barbie. It is very difficult to connect the pieces together- kept ripping the mesh apart.

Thought that I would share another pix of Bumpkins at Christmas. (The light is really bad! My hair looks VERY GREY!)

Random Website: For all of you guys traveling this year. This site looks very promising for affordable housing while on vacation.

Hope that everyone enjoyed the Holiday today. I never left the house, was nice and warm outside. But icy- Bumpkins doesn't like walking in the snow, She says it is "Squishy". Thing 2 went to Alyeska to go skiing/snowboarding with the Church Youth Group. Sadly we got a phone call saying someone got hurt and they have to go to the hospital in Anchorage. It is now 12:19 and DH went to go get him. Also Thing 2 called 2X's and has now woken up Bumpkins. Great- have to try to get her back down.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

S is for....

S is for: Super easy!
Made this bag using corduroy from an estate/garage sale and nylon lining. Time took 4 hours. May make more for Christmas.

S is for:
Saturday Birthdays! DH wanted a simple cake for his birthday. Pineapple Upside down cake. Made the recipe up. (It kind of stuck to the bottom of the pan, filled it in nicely). Used 1/4 c coconut cream in place of milk.

S is for: Super fast! Mittens are so simple and fast. Great for instant gratification.
Cast on January 13 2008 finished January 20 2008
Using US 8 dpn and jiffy mohair mutli yarn.
size is for a child around age 7
thumbs are backwards.

Mentioned to DH that I have been very domestic lately! Also made another loaf of Hawaiian Sweet bread, DH requested that one for his breakfast yesterday.

Read The Christmas Pearl by Dorothea Benton Frank. Good fast read about a southern multi-generation dysfunctional family and how they solve their problems.

Weather: RAIN!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Contest Winner!

The contest answers are:

There were many different favorite random websites and strange stuff entered. No two were the same- just goes to show how individual we all are.

Favorite random websites: Free rice and Sheep Cuts.
Favorite Strange Stuff: Latchhook jacket, Pez dispenser, Turkey hat, and Bacteria.

And now for the Actual contest!

My Favorite Color: Green
What does AK stand for: Alaska
What is my favorite food: Bratwurst. (I did get a couple of different answers like fudge and macademia nuts).
When did I go back to work: Sometime in February
How long did it take me to get into Ravelry: 1 month
Where did I go on Vacation: Massachusetts.
Bonus Question- What 2 things do I not like (
Yes they are job related and could be problem because of what I do): Blood and water in my face

And the winner is: Lynn!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

Knitting: almost done w/the first mitten, all that is left is to sew up the top and to make the thumb. Wow these things could get very addicting! (We will see after the thumb gets made).

Lots of snow again today. DH spent 2.5 hrs snowblowing the drive this morning. I got to work and had to park up front because the back hadn't been plowed yet. My morning at work went like this.. parked car, grabbed stuff, jumped out of car and sank into snow over my ankles. Then waded into work- had to shake my feet off (then remove tevas as there were snowballs between my foot and sandals). Then taught 2 hrs of swim lessons (one 4 yr old said it all "Swim lessons aren't any fun!") After lessons cleaned, guarded open swim (ARRRGGG!), then water aerobics. 7 wonderful ladies. More cleaning, run to dumpster (since when does the dumpster have a lock?) oh did I mention the 5 inches of snow in front of it? Or the 2 feet of snow beside it? That had to be waded into to raise the bloody lid. So now to my warm (?) car. Yikes- the window has to be scraped. Remember the ankle deep snow- well now it was 3 inches deeper. And still in Tevas.
So home to warm dry socks and Bumpkins still up. Here it is 12:18 and she is STILL AWAKE!

3 more days until the contest ends!

Strange stuff: And I know that neither of my girls would like any of these dolls.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Website Monday

Knitting: started a pair of mittens on Saturday. (They were supposed to be for Kazul- well they will fit a child!) I will continue to knit these and finish them up.
Specifics: size US8 DPN and Lion Brand Jiffy yarn. Super easy!

What did I do today? Made 2 loaves of Hawaiian Sweet bread in bread machine. First on didn't rise- so made another. The second one rose and was devoured in 2 hours after being baked!
2 1/4 c flour
2 T powdered milk
1/2 t salt
2 1/2 T vegetable oil
2 T honey
1 1/2 T coconut milk
2/3 C pineapple juice
1 egg
1 1/2 t yeast
Baked on Bake light setting (I will have to reverify- but I don't think that I forgot anything)

The rest of day was spent sleeping in until 9:30, knitting, dishes, and 7 loads of laundry (did 5 complete, 1 still in washer and 1 in dryer).
Training tonight out at the pool. From 6- 9 that is a long one, Bumpkins went to DM's. Saw one car flipped upside and about 10 ft. off of the road. That one hurt!

So now I am tired.. but will post the:
Random website: With publicity like this the knitting community just might vote Obama in as our next president.

Weather: this am was -20 (some people were saying -30... BRRR!) it has since warmed up to 3 above and is snowing. North Kenai already has 2 inches, my house... 1/2 in. We will see if the forecasters are right- they are calling for 6-8 inches of snow.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

R is for......

R is for.... Regular temps.
R is for... Really COLD!

Our temperature at 12:30 Saturday night. It reads -15.
(Note- do not use flash when taking pix
through a window).

This was taken at 8:00 am -17 degrees.
(yes it is blurry- you try holding a flashlight, steadying the camera
and then pushing the button!)

And if you had trouble reading the thermometer:
this is what my car said at 9:00 am.
(My car thermometer is 3 degrees to warm).

The minus sign stands for NEGATIVE, as below 0 (zero)!

R is for... Really cute! Athena was being a pillow. Bumpkins does play the ukulele. I have a movie recording that I made of her- will post that later. (Our satellite upload speed doesn't do movies at all).

So today I have been blogging for one calendar year. I have learned so much! How to post links in the middle of the post, post pictures and use labels. And for the sidebars how to do buttons and links. There is still more for me to learn- like posting pictures w/text and having the things line up!

As for personal growth, this like a diary to chronicle the changes in our family, make notes of our favorite meals, accountability for when I buy material/yarn, Take notes on projects when started and finished.

Thank you all who take the time out of your day to read this. And we will see the changes that the New Year will bring.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Finished Objects 2008

Saturday Sky: See we have beautiful blue skies too. (Our temp this am was -5)

Finished this scarf, just before going to the "overnighter" swap. (I intentionally chopped off her head!) She liked the scarf and it was long enough.
Cast on w/US 8 needles and then knitted w/US 7
Pattern: Enjoyable Rib Scarf
Length: about 50"
Time: Cast on November 2007 finished January 11 2008

Pajama pants also made for Secret Sister. She loved them
Made size 8
pattern: simplicity 8911 (SUPER EASY)
Fabric used: 5 yards of flannel (bought November 2007)

Knitting: started knitting on DH's scarf again. Another inch done. Need to find another shawl pattern for my new Secret Sister- She is an XL. If anyone knows of an easy pretty pattern please let me know.

Bumpkins did really well last night w/DM watching her then DH took over. DH let her sleep in the big bed! Now to take a shower and get ready for our day. I might even get another Saturday Sky pix w/mountains this time.

Please scroll down for the contest!! Only 4 people have entered so far and 2 of them are family!
5 more days!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Today's Snow

This is DH snow blowing the drive at 10:00 this morning.
If you look close you can see the stuff still coming down.
Our accumulation was almost 7 inches, the driveway took forever and thankfully it was all powder! Sorry it is blurry- and yes that is the Christmas tree. (It isn't so dried out now)

This is a close up of DH snowblowing the drive. Here you can see how deep the snow was.
Out at work there was almost 10 inches of the stuff- maintenance snowplowed all day and barely stayed ahead of the stuff.

This is the snow piled up on the window ledge at work. I was inside taking the picture (note body reflection) hoping to capture what I saw last night. You can see each individual snowflake and they are shiny! As I was taking the picture, Nige walked in the office and asked "What are you doing?" I did a duh answer "What does it look like?" Then there was a debate about how the picture wasn't going to turn out and that flash was required. For the record the picture taken inside turned out better than the ones outside.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My 200th post and

1 year blogiversary!

Now for the rules: Please leave a comment about what is your favorite random website/or strange thing. (worth 1 chance)
And e-mail me w/the random facts about me. (Worth 1 chance and the bonus question is worth 1 chance).

  1. What is my favorite color?
  2. What does AK stand for?
  3. What is my favorite food?
  4. When did I go back to work?
  5. How long did it take me to get on RAvelry?
  6. Where did I go on Vacation?
  7. Bonus question: What 2 things do I not like? (Yes they are job related and could be problem because of what I do).

Contest will run until January 18th.
Happy Hunting! I think everything is in there.
Prize will be non- knitter friendly!

Tuesdays strange stuff

200th Post!

Bumpkins at almost 2 yrs old.

Knitting: got 2 more rows done on the scarf today. So many more to go. Finished the 4 button holes for the pajama pants. Tomorrows goal is to sew the waist band in.

Am so tired and sore... this is a New Year, so 9 ladies showed up Water Aerobics. 8 of them came because of New Year resolutions- well when that many new comers arrive in class, the instructor jumps in the water and climbs out and jumps in again. Did that so many times! And then did the work outs w/the ladies. I have to dig out my work out sheet- I know that I forgot A LOT! But if I am sore than so are many of the other ladies. Good work out. Have to drink my water before I forget.

Got an SOS phone call at work. DH's car is dead- yikes. Bumpkins is at daycare, and I am not supposed to get off of work until 9 pm. And work is 45 minutes from the day care. So what is a mom to do? First I tell DH not to get a cab to the daycare, then tell my boss that I have a family crisis. He says keep him posted as to what is going on. (If I had to leave then he needed to get another guard ASAP!) This one reason we like the daycare so well. I called the Youth Pastor's wife and she p/u Bumpkins and brought her to our house. And then... she took DH to get a new battery for his car! Now that is one special person. (And she just happens to be my Secret Sister for church- so I will be staying up late knitting her lovely scarf!) Did I mention that she had her 2 kids in the car this whole time? How many of us are willing to borrow a car seat and take someone else's kid home for them when they live 20 miles out of your way?

Bumpkins was still up when I got home after 9:30, no bed time snack, no bath , no story. ARG! Her bed time is now 8:30 -9:00. So I got her into clean pjs, got her pottied, read her stories and snuggled. She was asleep by 10:15! After a few meltdowns. His excuse? He was busy in the studio and she ate a big dinner. ARGGGGGGGGG!

It is snowing again, supposed to get 3 inches accumulation over night- I can see that. Was sitting at a stop light for 2 min. and the snow was gathering on my wind shield. Very strange driving tonight- it was like driving into a huge cloud of glittery pixie dust. The snow was all sparkly as it was falling, couldn't use high beams either. So it was a slow drive home.

Strange stuff: I have heard of mother/daughter outfits but this one outrageous. No I won't wear it and neither will Bumpkins. I thought that this kind of stuff went out in the 80's.

Dinner: Tomato soup w/stale tortilla chips crumbled up in it. (was good!) PB & J sandwich (note- when warming up your Adam's PB because it is cold and not spreading, DO NOT put it w/your bread in the microwave for 30 seconds on high! You will end up w/goopy melted PB and chewy hot bread).

Monday, January 7, 2008

Random Website Monday

Knitting: am down to the last 13 inches on the scarf for my secret sister. Last night I wasted about an hour of good knitting time- somehow got lost on the k1 k2 yo p1 and added a few stitches. So it got put away until this am when I could focus on it. Didn't want to stop the movie that I was watching. Cut out and Serged together another pair of pajama pants- all that remains is to sew the hems, drawstrings and waistbands in. Waiting for Bumpkins to go to sleep for that.

Went to La Leche meeting tonight. Was told that I should be expressing some milk to ease the fullness (don't want an infection now! since I didn't have any at all.) Was also told to put the rib part of a cabbage leaf against my b**b to help w/any plugged ducts. Interesting we have advanced so medically and are reduced to simple home remedies. Guess whatever works- antibiotics are so over prescribed.

Finished reading the first book of 2008. The Family Name by Jan Washburn written in 1973. Very interesting to read it and think about how medicine has really advanced in the last 30 years- life guarding also has changed since then. All right the book is about swimming and being injured while doing water activities.

Random Website: Since many of you are going on vacation this year I am going to touch on some strange places to visit. Actually this place I really want to go- Bumpkins would love IT. Sesame Street does exist! (Make sure your volume is turned on so you can hear the character's talking.)

Weather: temps 13 above and snowing

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Q is for....

Q is for... Quite addicting. These drawstring pouches- no two are alike either. And I did follow the pattern... kind of.

Q is for..Quilts. I was trying to make this for DH for Christmas, didn't happen so now am going to finish it up for his Birthday (January 19) Does anyone see the glaring error? I put this on hold because I hate ripping things apart and that is what I need to do. Just hope that I have enough material to finish the last 2 borders.

Q is for.... Quite a journey, on January 13 I will have been blogging one year. Wow... my posts have come a long ways.

It snowed again today so I took Bumpkins sledding, the best thing about living next to a gravel pit is the awesome sledding hills. We didn't stay out long because the temp was only about 7 above, and I got cold.

Thing 2 got his luggage picked up from the airport.

Knitting: am now officially 3/4 done w/the scarf. Today also serged a pair of pajama pants together, they still need to have a waist band put in and hemmed. Need to cut out one more pair.

Dinner: fried cube steak w/onions, steamed rice and mixed veggies. (no pictures of food for a change).

Hmm... only 2 people are up for a contest? This could be BORING! Still thinking when & what to do for a contest and the prizes.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday Sky

Very strange weather today. Went to Soldotna and there was blue sky, sun and beautiful mountain shots (DH didn't really drive around to get a good shot). Then we went back to Kenai and it was cloudy and dark, got this shot of the mountains (they are there somewhere) on our way home. The picture is overlooking the Kenai River w/the canneries to the left.

Thing Two came home today, and already there was DRAMA! He grabbed the wrong bag at the airport and then his took 4 hrs to arrive. Thankfully no one else picked up his bag, all of his Christmas gifts that he received while in Seattle and almost all of his clothes (not to mention bank account info and passwords) were in it.

Bumpkins has an imaginary friend named W. And my sewing machine isn't broken! I can sew, while I was waiting for my machine to be looked at..... I found some more dpns. Size US 8- not what I need for Kazul's gift though, read the yarn label and US 15 are needed. Where am I going to find inexpensive US 15 dpn's here in this area? Oh well. I will think of something.

Today was spent shopping for food for school and work. Life goes back to normal next week.

4 more posts to 200. Who wants a contest? No comments = No contest.

Friday, January 4, 2008

TGIF! School starts MONDAY

Dinner tonight: I wanted chicken cordon blue.... but didn't have all of the ingredients. So came up w/stuffed turkey breasts, wild rice and peas. This needs some kind of sauce and the turkey didn't brown like I wanted it to. (Have to post the recipe as it is one that I made up and DH really liked it.)

Stuffing for turkey is: 1/4 c dried prunes and 1 T. golden raisins (which were soaked in 1/3 c boiling water for 5 min). Then chopped the prunes and added them to 1 apple diced and fried and 2 slices of slightly toasted bread cubed. Seasonings: 1/4 t ground cardamom and dash salt.

Put skinless boneless turkey breast between wax paper and gently beat it w/rolling pin to flatten.

This is the flattened turkey breast w/the stuffing on it before rolling and skewering w/toothpick.
Used 1/2 c. stuffing.

This is the stuffed turkey breast rolled in potato flakes. Baked it at 325 degrees for 30 min.

Work has been busy this week. I knew that it would be- last week was dead! Yesterday I counted 35 people in the kiddie pool alone- 70 in the main pool, don't know how many people were sliders, lap swimmers, or in the deep end . Today there was only 20 in the kiddie pool and again I didn't count the others.

Knitting: am almost 2/3 done w/the scarf for my secret sister. Found out that it needs to be done by January 11th. Yikes... and then onto finish DH's scarf for his Bday in January and then Kazul has a Bday in February and wants something made. Bumpkins and Princess both have Bdays in Feb and DH and I have a anniversary in Feb. And some people say December is hard w/gifts. For me it all starts in December, continues all the way through to March.

Movies that I have watched this break: Madame Hotchkiss' Ballroom dancing (sad- strange chick flick), Mona Lisa Smile (excellent- thought provoking chick flick), Fairy Tale: A true story ( so/so children's movie).

And for my 2008 resolutions: obviously Princess or Kazul didn't read them. As I hope to have stash parity not parody. Big difference!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 Resolutions

What are my resolutions for this year? What do I think is very important now, but will fall to the wayside come the end of the month, or March, or even possibly last?

So I will start with some habits that I already have in place to improve upon.
  1. Clean house every day, complete w/laundry.
  2. Eat healthy foods
  3. Exercise more
  4. Maintain Stash Parody in Yarn
  5. Knit/make Christmas Presents each Month
Now for some habits to maintain:
  1. Achieve Stash Parody in Fabric
  2. Read the Bible all the way through
  3. Not be so critical of others in this house
  4. Work on Birthday projects all the year.
  5. Make something for myself
  6. Knit a pair of socks every other month, on the odd months make mittens.
And now for a certification I require.
  1. Get my Lifeguard Instructor Certification
  2. Keep WSI current (boss won't send in paperwork, I have to remember to do it).
Athena just jumped into my lap and is kneading/clawing me all up. Not to mention all the typos from her walking on the keyboard.

Anyways i think that is all my resolutions.... Please stand by to watch most of them mutate into something else of higher importance.

All in all my 2008 has started out better than some of my co-workers. One lost a grandmother and another got evicted from her house (her parents were her landlords... YIKES!)
How is yours going? Bet it is going almost AWESOME now...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

Knitting: still trying to get 1/2 way done on the scarf for my secret sister. I have done almost 24 in" now. Cast on for DM's socks for the January sock KAL- frogged again. Will try them later- when I have more time.

Decided that my goal for yarn use this year is to achieve paradody. I have a little more yarn than I desire right now- but after knitting several projects all will well. I do need to downsize my fabric stash back to two shelves. So several quilts will be made this year- all out of stuff on hand. I will definitely be needing more flannel, since 2 quilts will be made out of flannel.

I had a nice New Year's day. Got up late. Than made an awesome breakfast, did laundry, vacuumed downstairs and put away Christmas presents. Thursday the tree has to come down. Can't do it tomorrow as I got called into work early (9-5.... anyone remember that movie?) Started reading a book for a book challenge that I am in. Also attended an Emmaus gathering (worked on a puzzle- realized that I really miss doing puzzles). oh well the time will come again when puzzles can come out.

Strange Stuff Tuesday: I really wonder when I will run out of strange things to make..... But this one is kind of practical. How about a shoelace?