Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bumpkin's yarn

This is Bumpkin's holding onto the yarn I have purchased for her in the last 2 years. She looks really good in the darker colors. My goal is to make something out of the Lullaby (must buy contrasting color), the chenille, and 2 sweaters out of the Bernat variegated (will need contrasting colors on that one too.) This year- before Christmas. A close up of what Bumpkin's is holding near and dear. Going around clock wise starting w/the 4 balls of Lullaby, is 3 balls of burgundy Peaches and Creme, one skein of dark purple thick and chunky chenille Lion Brand, 3 skeins/balls of purple cottontots Bernat, and finally 2 skeins of variegated
Bernat Softee.
I thought that I had taken a pic. of all Bumpkin's yarn that I had on hand. But discovered this and my 5 mm dpns in the corner of the cradle. ( we don't use it to sleep in anymore) This yarn is Lion's brand Jiffy mohair like.

Knitting: Yes a lot of my yarn looks like I have started something then frogged it. All because I didn't like the way that it was going. Well on the shawl note: have 10 rows left, but yesterday Bumpkins jumped on me and my knitting and well the circular needle didn't hold up. Yep it broke and dropped 25 stitches that were triple wrapped. So I had to put them back on a needle. Today is going to determine if all is lost or not.

Yesterday was a manic Monday. During training where we were practicing extrications I rolled 2 of my ribs. Very painful. Than I got home and decided to walk off into space. But instead of floating like space would I came crashing down hard onto a concrete floor. Skinned my knee and bruised up both shins, later I realized that I had hurt both wrists when I fell.
Today: off to work at 7:00 Bumpkins got up at 6 this is after she fell asleep at 10:30. And she is still down for her nap 1 1/2hrs. Hope she has an early bed tonight. I am kind of tired- taught lessons, actually today was an easy day. 2 different sets- tomorrow is 3 sets (tiny tots= or mommy and me class) My DD can't go to class w/me.

sunny day: yesterday was 72 today is warm again.


Fiber_Chic said...

Cute pics! Hope you are OK!!

HDW said...

You know what though....cables are easy peasy! If you ever want to attempt an easy one give me a holler and I will walk baby steps through it with you! Now multi colors on the other hand....oh me oh my, now there is something I have attempted but still intimidates that crud outta me!

Is that a clapotee a few posts back? I keep looking at the pattern but I don't thnk I have a suitable yarn and right now I want to wittle my stash down!!!!