Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday- Vacation Day

My wonderful Honeysuckle bush. Lynn got her KVVS package- and that was sent out on Monday.
Knitting: nothing today! But I did cut out the borders for Bumpkins doll quilt. Took that w/me to the park today and partially hand sewed a border on. Need more white thread- how can I be out of white thread? It is a staple.

Didn't work today- YES!! A mini-vacation day! DH really didn't want me to take Bumpkins up to Russian River Falls, so we went on a playdate. I called a good friend that I haven't seen since Deathly Hallows was released and we took the 3 kids to the park (she has 2). Oh my gosh! Everyone was there- people that I haven't seen since last January. One is pregnant again- last time I saw her she had a newborn. Yikes 3 kids under the age of 5, not for me. The kids had a blast, until we brought out the food. The wasps were HORRIBLE! As soon as the food was opened- they swarmed us! There were 2 little babies (4 mos) and someone who was allergic to bees (and no epi pen).

Weather: Sunny and 60

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More of my ramblings

The Homer Spit and mountains. Strange.. in all of the photos there aren't any Eagles. Usually they are all over the place.
Knitting: A full set on the Sarah Blanche Scarf. And now to make a new ball of yarn for the scarf- that is a daunting task as I will have to make one ball and then wind 2 strands together to get one bigger ball. Is this where a swift comes in handy?

I found this link today; Wendy's Modest Dress. It has stuck with me ALL day. Now why has it been on my mind? Get ready for some serious ramblings. Modest clothes: I have changed the way that I dress in the last few years (DH is VERY conservative!) and so I don't wear Daisy Duke shorts anymore or mini skirts. My dresses are longer, shirts no longer show much cleavage (if any). I do like the fit and flare type dress (haven't worn any for almost 3 yrs. due to pregnancy and nursing). My work shorts are less then an inch above my knee, (and it bothers me that my supervisor is wearing "cheer shorts"- very unprofessional) I wear tank tops because of the heat (regular t-shirts I get to hot in). Now where am I headed with all of this? Can I dress more conservatively? yes, I can drink more water and wear T-shirts (large size). Swim suit- I can wear shorts along w/my neoprene tunic (which is over a black regulation one piece swimsuit). Bumpkins even wears longer dresses- the cute 1940 and 50's dresses were really SHORT!
That is well and good; but what about head coverings? Head coverings- like the Amish and Mennonite? Yep.. 1 Corinthians. Now my thoughts- after reading several testimonies about women who wear head coverings, I thought whatever happened to hats? Back in the 50's women wouldn't go out of their houses or even to church w/o a hat on. Was wearing a hat back then just fashionable or was there some subliminal biblical message going on? Are head coverings really a necessary sign of submission to your spouse or to God? At work I am required to have my hair back from my face- but cannot wear a head scarf (bet I could wear a snood though).
Just my thoughts - would love to have your take on this whole thing and thanks for hanging in there w/me tonight.

Weather: sunny and 60's (this morning was cold... 39 - and I know that it was colder than that just before sunrise).

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I missed the LUNAR ECLIPSE!!!

Homer Small Boat Harbor w/mountains in background. (this isn't even 1/4 the boats moored here!) Also this is where the Coast Guard Cutter is moored . (the cutter is moored over by the rocks on the far side and is closer to the head of basin- in deeeeep water).
The Homer Spit (in June)- Princess can tell you how much time is alloted for this to be evacuated in the case of an actual tsunami. (NOT ENOUGH!)

"Happy birthday"- Athena is a really good kitty. (she laid there patiently while I got pix! all the while thinking "GET THIS OFF".

Knitting: Cast on for the EZ angel, (am rethinking what I have Cast on- and thinking perhaps the angels should be done in dishcloth yarn for bath puppets) and discovered a quick Christmas gift for Princess. (just have to get it done by the end of the month.)

Before I do anything I must find Princess car title! Speaking of Princess she started school (yesterday?) and today was debate night. She told me that the lunar eclipse last night was cool. I am so bummed!! I really like to see them.

Thing One has a job at Bruce's (a skateboard/snowboard shop). Thing Two is still playing JV/varsity football.

I am so tired. Had to be at work by 7:00 am today, that meant leaving my house by 6:30 am. Bumpkins woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I got no shower. Thought that I could take one at work- but good grief there was alot of traffic this morning. Wish I had the camera with me today- the moon was beautiful. Full with the mountains as a backdrop. Oh well- I was running late as it was. So no shower at work, and no breakfast. Couldn't go sit outside at lunch either- because there were only 2 of us. And we need to have 2 guards in the bldg. when people are in the water. Otherwise close the pool- and yes we have done that before.

And for those of you who have been asking about the Postal Service boxes. The only way that I will ship now.

Strange Stuff= Actually I did make one of these (very rough and dirty "yarn").

Weather: 70 and sunny. (and I did enjoy the sun!!).

Monday, August 27, 2007

Random Website Monday

Mountains across Kachemak Bay in Homer Alaska. (Last June).

Plan B: was to ship this brown package for the KVVS . Because .........
Plan A: Did you know that it is illegal to ship alcohol/liquor in the mail? And that includes boxes that aren't wrapped- so it got wrapped.
Plan C: no pictures but watch for it at Lynn's. So what happened? After weighing in at 7 lbs. and $18.00 (priority 3 to 5 days - slow boat would have been way cheaper but 3 to 5 WEEKS!). The nice Postal Worker suggested.... the shipping boxes that cost $8.95! and delivery in 3-5 days. WOW!! With Bumpkins terrorizing the fish tank- I proceeded to break into Plan B (I really need to work on my love of packaging tape!) and re- pack it into a little bit smaller box. And it all fit (some of the packaging won't be as pretty- but it is all on it's way). So for those of you that do frequent swaps keep in mind the boxes from the Post Office (saves a lot in postage).

Knitting: another net hanging thing, learned how to read a chart (still doesn't make sense- reading the chart right to left and bottom to top!). Also am now motivated to finish up Bumpkin's tank top.

DH got a hold of my character in Fate (and really tweaked it- so now I don't want to play it).

Good movies: The Last Mizba, Good Will Hunting, FlyBoys,

Random Website: And this says it all.
Weather: Partly cloudy temps 60's

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

Anyone up for some fresh brewed Ale? This is the Homer Brewery- DH likes it (I don't like beer).
Now the inside of the brew house. The last time I was in here the floor was covered in kegs. I wasn't ID'd but all of the Coast Guards dudes were (there were probably only 6 but it seemed like more). Homer has a Coast Guard station. Not sure of what ship(s) are anchored here though. Used to be Coast Guard Cutter Roanoke and some other really big ship (research).

See there really is a Kosmic Kitchen. Interesting place to get falafel (which is interesting in itself).

Knitting: nothing and sewing nothing. I am burned out for awhile. Will re-start tomorrow or so. When my projects don't go as planned all energy for them fades.

The other day, must have been Thursday (it is in the Peninsula Clarion- but as one must register w/password to read it online, I refuse- news should be free and available to everyone w/o any security stuff). Anywho- we had a thunder, lightening and hail storm. Nothing unusual in that except this is the end of August on the Kenai and some of the hail stones broke out car windows. Hello!!! this is Alaska- not Texas!! So much for global warming.

It seems like I am on a soap box- which I will get off of now. There is soooo much more- like lighted handrails on the bridge (it only gets dark in the winter- we don't need fancy patterns). Condo's in Downtown Soldotna- I mean no room for parking and what about yards or privacy? Can we say slumville? And that is RIGHT on the street- no luck in missing that one.

Dinner: Chicken (that took bloody forEVER to cook), rice and veggies

Weather: Sunny and mid 60's

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sunny Days!

This is what I see when I come home from work or errands. (there are mountains there somewhere).
The Russian Orthodox Church in Ninilchik. The purple flowers are fireweed. Legend has it that winter is 6 weeks after the fireweed blooms at the top. Also the snow will be as deep as the fireweed is tall. (that has happened before- and we are talking a lot of snow!)
I am my mother's daughter! When we were growing up- someone's head was always chopped off in the pics. And now I proudly carry on the legacy! (Ok it usually was my head that got chopped). This is Nana, Bumpkins and new family member- Obi the dachshund.
Nana's house- I missed it when it was just tar papered!

Knitting: nothing, sewing nothing.

I blog a bit last night- but the internet went down and all was lost!! So onto today.
DH is finally working YEAH!!!! Bummer thing is he is off when I am working. Saves us on daycare though. Bumpkins turned 2 1/2 yesterday! Tried to go swimming two days in row now. Last night didn't happen as both DH and I were tired. Today- well after Industry Appreciation days (free food and all kinds of stuff) way fun! I saw just about everyone. We then went out to Nana's to meet OB (actually it is Obi as the puppy is male), I fixed her computer again. Now she can put her digital camera card in her printer/fax/scanner and then load pix onto her comp. She had the wrong cables (and Mot and Princess had to help me). I finally found some USB cables and all was well. In the process of finding that cable I found one for my cell phone!!! So now I can get pix off of my cell phone. I am so excited!!
While I was doing final shopping for the KVVS I found some strange things: fireweed syrup and fireweed jelly (I have heard of honey but the others?), there are some strange dip concoctions out there and teas?, have you ever heard of bear or fish breath mints? (those containers were made in China- needless to say those didn't get bought) there was also edible bear droppings and moose pellets. And since she reads this- she is really going to wonder what I am giving to her. LOL (maniacally)
Bumpkins had fun w/Obi. She discovered that she can pick him up. Bumpkins had a tall box and was trying to get Obi to jump in it (Bumpkins plays w/Athena (cat) and Athena will jump in the box). Well DM (Nana) and I both told her no. Pretty soon there was a thud and no Obi. The obvious question was asked "did you put Obi in the box?" answer was.... "Yes". The poor puppy - Nana took him in for shots today and then he was terrorized by a 2 1/2 yr old. He weighs 2 1/2 pounds and is a dachshund.

Have to hurry up and post as the sky looks brownish.

Temps: yesterday 68 and sunny when I left work and was 53 and torrential rain in Soldotna. Today was in the high 60's.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

School has started!!!!

A homesteader house at the Pratt Museum (local lore only has a 2 people living in this place- a mom and her daughter.) It is really small.

Knitting: CO for an angel for the EZ KAL (that is on hold until Monday- as I don't know how to read a blooming chart). Ripped out the seams for Princess' slippers will sew them back together and then make faces (but won't sew faces on until Princess tries said slippers on again, as they might be to small now.)

I have been off-line due to the rain- I am considering getting a weather girl so people will know why I am not blogging. If it is rainy- no satellite connection.

I didn't get the job, DH did accepted into the Tom Hess mentorship program. Thing One cleaned the house today (blew me out of the water- I thought that DH did it.) So that is what is what around here. Oh yeah SCHOOL STARTED!!!! My most favorite time of the year.
My KVVS package came at the right time as I really need a vacation. If I still have my same job next year- then I will be taking this week off. I have worked over 6 mos w/o having a real day off (sick days don't count.) And I can be sick for over almost 30 hrs before using all of my hrs up. And since I am only hired on for 20- that's a lot of hours.

Well that is all for now, except NO Bumpkins isn't getting that latchhook jacket! I don't want to do the latch hook work. Carpel tunnel

Weather: Rainy then clear. temps high 50's

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My KVVS Package!

After a very long day at work, I decided to swing by the post office. And I got a PACKAGE!!! and had to wait till I got home to the camera. (my car has to get gas tomorrow!). Thank you Lucy- my KVVS pal. She took me to Springfield, Massachusetts.

Here is what was in the packaging: maps, postcards, 4 skeins of yarn (3 Berrocco cotton twist and 1 wool hand painted), a yankee candle (she toured the yankee candle factory- and here I really thought that those came from China!), travel brochures. Oh my what fun!

This is a close up of the yarn, taffy, Cat in the Hat stuffed toy, Cat in the Hat pencil and some of the many postcards. DH asked for a piece of taffy- and reluctantly I gave him one. DH was "taffy? what is the big deal?" After he ate a piece he said " Oh my that is good stuff- it has flavor and is so soft. The stuff that we get all tastes the same and is hard." My KVVS pal went to Dr. Seuss's National Memorial Sculpture Garden. Cool place!

Knitting: nothing today or last night. Have to rip apart one slipper and cut out 4 more ear pieces for the slippers. Can't imagine what happened to the original pieces.

Today went to work at 10 and worked until 5. DH stayed home today, he did serious Daddy duty. I am so proud of him- he did laundry that includes nasty smelly football gear (for Thing Two), worked on Thing One's resume and took care of Bumpkins. Did I say that he cooked breakfast and dinner? Dinner was ready when I got home. But I did go through my package first.

Strange Stuff: Caution do not drink anything while linking to this site: Seriously this is something to not make, I am just glad that DM didn't decide that we needed these back in the 70's. Another school wardrobe must have (NOT).

Weather: Rainy temps unknown

Dinner: Steaks (expensive NY type), coleslaw and baked potatoes.

Questionairre And Virtual Alaska Vacation

Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap Questionairre

A real Alaskan Virtual Tour, if you have comments leave them here as xanga makes you register.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Random Website Monday

Bathroom anyone? Yes that is an outhouse w/a sampler vegetable garden in front. Location: Homesteader display at the Pratt museum in Homer, Alaska.
Knitting: nothing today, but finished another row on Bumpkins tank top (I keep untwisting the stitches- thankfully this is the back). Sewing today was the jack-a-lope slippers, both main slippers are done and now to cut out 2 more ears (the other pair disappeared) and embroider the faces then sew them all together. Not much left at all- should finish this month. Washed the backing for Bumpkins Doll baby quilt- now to cut the border and stitch that on. If Bumpkins would go to sleep that could get done.

Worked today: training (Nige did the training on improving your swimming stroke- hello, aren't I the Swim Instructor? I should have been teaching it while he did backboarding skills. Fred, Ancel and I were on the same team. That was fun. Fred, Alexa and I are to short to back board standing so that left Ancel and lene. First go around Fred stabilized and Ancel and I back boarded (victim paralyzed- but we had great communication!) Last time I stabilized and Fred and lene backboarded. That one was done the best. Fred is a great team mate- and now she is gone to college. BOOHOO !! I applied for the job- I type 43 gwpm, but w/6 errors that comes down to 37 wpm. Maybe not enough as the job was looking for 50 wpm. Oh well I tried. It is now in God's hands.
Princess's car broke down again... this time dead battery.

Random website: What every well dressed kid needs... yep a backpack.

Weather: rainy, cloudy temps 60's

Dinner: tacos

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day at the Fair!

Bumpkins petting a pig at the fair- only picture on camera as batteries went dead.
I bought some locally grown Alpaca yarn. This picture isn't doing it justice- as it is an odd variegated, very pretty though and soft!! 110 yds. and 1.75 oz of superfine alpaca wool . (it was sent to the states to be spun as the Alpaca lady doesn't have time to spin anymore).

"Mommy take a picture!"
Knitting: Finished the tree- didn't turn out as well as my last one. While DH drove to the fair I knitted 2 sets on the Sarah Blanche Scarf.

Busy day at the fair- we saw horses (rode on one too), sheep, donkeys, goats, steers, dogs, pigs (lots of pigs), rabbits, ducks and chickens. I have pictures on my cell phone- but lack the technology apparatus/paraphernalia to down load them. While at the fair I looked at the exhibits- sad displays, as no one is entering anything. (me included) The biggest turnouts were for the quilts and home canning (preserving and brews), do you think the 2 go hand in hand? I should have entered my jean quilt, there were no recycled quilts there at all. (I would have gotten a blue!) One quilt was outstanding in my mind- an attic window w/Alaskan animals in the windows. A lot of knitting- but not much fiber. In my mind, the fair is going downhill and not really worth the 8 bucks per person fee. DH spent 12 bucks on a sandwich and soda- over priced. But all in all- a nice day. We had maybe an hour drive to get there and Bumpkins could almost run free (until she decided to enter the rodeo arena). Small somewhat safe environment. And thankfully there was no deep fried twinkies, there was fresh fruit from the West Coast and fresh veggies from the valley.

Weather: cloudy and temps 60's

Friday, August 17, 2007


Athena doesn't trust me.... and why?Well because I put her in this: oops, she blinked.
Better photo, "let me out".

Knitting: Made another net for hanging fruit on the tree. Super fast and easy. CO for another tree. It is knitted in one solid piece, then folded in half and kitchenered down the center. Same concept as for hooded sweaters. Bumpkins tank top has 2 dropped stitches somewhere- will find those on a weekend nap day.

Today was the last day of most of the swim lessons, but because of last Wednesday- I have to go in at 10:00 on Tuesday to make up lessons. I went up the slide so many times to day- I could feel the burn. Bumpkins didn't take much of a nap today- she fell asleep in the car and when I brought her inside she woke up. So nothing got done on my designated last nap day. So much was planned: find stitches in Tank top, watch Star Trek, conjure up something for my kvvs pal, and blog, blog, blog, blog.
Hmmm... my KVVS pal is leaving all kinds of clues, I really wonder who she is.
When people get on ravelry- their own personal blogs will suffer. Why? it is very difficult to do 2 blogs at once.
It is 9:30 and I am ready for bed... I really must be getting old. Bumpkins has been asleep since 6:45. Oh! she slept almost all night- I had to wake her up to feed her (only because I was full and if I did any diving today it would hurt bad!).

Went to take a pic of the mountains this am, but the camera said no card. Uh-oh, must have left in the laptop, looked there and ..... no card. YIKES!!! Looked in the camera and found it- was loaded wrong.

Dinner: egg foo young, rice, egg rolls

Weather: sunny, rainy, sunny 60's.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another rainy day- finally

Food storage, the Alaskan way. Also known as a cache- bear proof when further off of the ground and ladder removed.

Knitting: these projects, skills I have learned are the Emily Ocker circular cast on and the kitchener stitch.

Details: the net thing is knit w/ US 10 dpns and sugar and cream yarn remnant. Another EZ project. Doesn't show up very well- because there is a white Styrofoam ball inside.
The tree is knit w/ US 8 and green cast iron acrylic (from stash).

Yesterday- I was so sick. Didn't even make it through all my lessons. I showed up in Boss lady's office dripping all over her carpet and said "I can't do anymore". So I went home and now have 2 lessons to make up on Tuesday. :( Also went to buy Cream of Rice cereal at Safeway and they don't carry that anymore, have to do shopping over at Fred Meyer's. Felt better today- didn't eat any dairy. So tonight I ate Mac and Cheese, I am very lactose intolerant again. No dairy whatsoever for me. This weekend I will try milk chocolate, but for now no cheese, yogurt, ice cream or milk. That means no Pizza.

Bumpkins is getting big. :( Last night she went poop by herself, flushed the toilet (that was scary) and she also turns knobs on doors (So most of our doors to the outside are dead bolted). And she is sleeping more in her crib- she doesn't sleep all night, but goes back to sleep w/rocking or back rubs.

Princess is selling her car- it broke down on her again. Thing One still doesn't have a job. And there is a shrew in the walls of our house- have to watch for dead things as Athena is on a stake out!

A co-worker says that I am un-American as I have an extreme dislike for Elvis. Elvis had some ok songs but I am not going crazy over him. I can honestly say that one place I have no desire to visit is Graceland.
Weather: rainy temps 60's

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

What a good kitty! She has 6 toes on each paw and this what we use those knitted washcloths for. Blankies!!!!!Bumpkins really likes her animals, now this is one big puppy! A 2 yr. old mastiff (not ours though).

Knitting: NOTHING, no sewing either.

Today I was not feeling well, so during naptime I slept. I only have this week left for naps- then my work schedule changes to afternoons. BOO HOO!!!!! Bumpkins has pink eye- so no daycare for her today. DH stayed home until I got here then he went to work. I did practice my typing speed- have to maintain 55 wpm. am going to apply for another job. Same place, better pay and more hrs, downside is more hrs. less exercise, and no more 3 day weekends, also have to take showers at home and no work uniform.

That is all, oh please comment if you read my blog. I'm feeling kind of lonely again- like there isn't anyone else out there in the universe (blog land).

Strange Stuff: Not another purse. It is a good cause, and I wonder how well a nursing bra would work. Hmmmm........

Weather: rainy (or are the clouds from another forest fire) and temps 60.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Road Trip!

Another view of Redoubt.
Knitting: nothing. Took a roadtrip to Homer w/DM. She crocheted.

Very nice day for a road trip. Took Bumpkins and left our house by 9:15 got home around 5:30 pm. Long day. DM had an eye dr. appointment so while she was there, I put Bumpkins in the stroller and we went to Paul Banks El playground. She had so much fun, there was a slide, swings, teeter- totter, and merry go round. Then we went in search of lunch. We ate at the Sourdough Express (slow service and there was a sandbox for Bumpkins to play in.) From there Homer Brewery and then the local Quilt shop (I didn't like their material very much). And then Ulmer's (material, yarn, souvenirs, books, house wares). And then the last stop was the book store. We also visited the Pratt museum (didn't go in- as Bumpkins really isn't old enough for that place. But the botanical gardens and homesteader cabin were good.)

Random website: Bear Cam (it is only up for another week and requires a plugin.)
Weather: Sunny and mid 60's in Homer.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Princess Gone! Boo-Hoo!

On Princess's last night- Athena strikes again. (DH banned her inside today, just so no treasures were brought in.) Note: Do not send a 2 yr. old to tell her dad to come take care of mouse. All she could say was Athena, mouse, upstairs over and over again.
Knitting: Still visiting the frog pond on Bumpkin's tank top.

Princess left today, I am so sad. She won't be home until Thanksgiving (maybe she will come home earlier- if I have Kazul's Christmas gifts ready to go.) Should start those then. Princess's car broke down again- thankfully she wasn't on the North Road or even on the road to Anchorage.

Did laundry and got ready for Callie's wedding reception (Fred is in so much trouble- I talked to her yesterday and she failed to tell me that today's dress was very casual. So I was dressed up in heels and nice clothes.) Nice picnic reception- the actual wedding was in South Dakota. The view from Cal's mom's new house is exquisite, but the drive is going to be very scary in winter. Narrow windy drive with a very steep windy hill, I just can imagine that hill in winter all covered in ice, YIKES! Not for the faint at heart- and Cal's mom's car isn't 4 wheel drive.

Tomorrow road trip to Homer w/DM.

Weather: Sunny and mid 70's

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busy Saturday!

My girls: Princess and Bumpkins w/Athena. (I know that Princess's head got chopped a bit- still learning the digital).
Saturday market shopping: Found nothing for my KVVS pal at the market. Since Saturday Market is in the parking lot of the Kenai Visitor Center, I went in there. Found ?. Bought these veggies from the farmers market. They were picked last night and driven down from the valley. Fresh peas are so good... Bumpkins ate about 3 handfuls for lunch.
Went to the Library book sale and bought these books for under $5. I was looking for Alaskana books- but they were all sold out. Needed to get there yesterday for those, there was a knitting mag (Vogue 1985). Didn't like any of the patterns.

Knitting: did you hear the frogs? I had to rip back 3 rows on Bumpkins tank top. I so want that done for tomorrow. Not much more done on the jack-a-lopes, but they do fit Princess and she will wear them. Even though she really doesn't like the colors. Went through all Princess's material- she liked alot of Bumpkins stuff. Princess really liked the pink, now to find the time to make the stuff.

After all that shopping, I came home and got DH. We then went to Soldotna for the grand opening of the Music Box. Strange thing happened, my name got drawn for a $20.00 gift cert. DH is really into music- me not so much. Guess that takes care of DH's small Christmas gifts. Bumpkins had a bad wet accident- and we were w/o the diaper bag. Thankfully I still had a diaper in the glove drawer in the van.

Weather: Foggy and 54 this am, but got sunny and over 70. I dressed for cool weather!
Dinner: Chicken and pasta salad w/fresh peas.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Princess is coming home tonight!!!!

Bumpkins goes Hawaiian.
Knitting: Learned the Emily Ocker cast on method. Attempted to make a Net for Fruit- couldn't make it w/my dpns (Nothing big enough). So I made another star and am now 1/2" from finishing the back of Bumpkins tank top. Decided to modify the slippers- Thank you for my serger. The top will be serged together.

Today makes the 1/2 way point in semi-private swim lessons. Alena and I are both exhausted. Bumpkins wasn't feeling well today- so DH only worked 1/2 day. While I was at work- another play yard showed up in our yard. (pix tomorrow). Thing Two made Varsity on the Football team (actually he will play swing- that is both varsity and JV). That is exciting. Tomorrow he has a scrimmage game (he is ineligible- having failed 1 class last semester). DM came over today for awhile- Bumpkins loved it. DM finished up some of her projects that were for Bumpkins. DM stayed for dinner and she brought me a new Quilting mag. from McCall's and some scrap sugar and cream yarn. Princess called and said that she was leaving Anchorage at 7 that should put her in our yard around 930/10:00 depending upon traffic. I am so excited, she hasn't been here since spring PROM. Lots of pix this weekend. Tomorrow is the book sale at the library and Saturday market (fresh veggies). Couldn't go outside because of Bumpkins takes a long nap (1:30- 4:00), DM got here and then had to make dinner. No going outside after dinner because there are nasty bugs that take chunks out of your skin. Bumpkins came in last night covered in blood from them and I have a nasty bite on my shoulder where my swimsuit strap rubbed it all am.

Dinner: Zatarain's (what did I do before Zatarain's) red beans and rice (added alot of rice that was leftover from last night) and corn bread made w/buttermilk. What to make for Princess tomorrow? Ahhh... Salmon and seaweed

Weather: Sunny and hot (was supposed to get to 80 today)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

What do you see each day?

This morning I stopped on the flats to take this pic. Big mountain in background- I think is Mt. Redoubt. But this is what I look at every morning as I go to work. Can't believe that is taken me all summer to start taking pix.
Same mountain range and picture taken at the same time (6:55). Today they weren't as pretty as they have been. Homesick yet Kazul?

What is that wire doing there? Must figure out how this works. (Happy now Princess?)

Knitting: 1 1/2 inches left to go on Bumpkins tank top. Hope to finish that today. Another project for naptime today is making a pithy net for the EZ knit-along. Update on UFO's- have to seam rip 2 seams on slippers, hope to get one almost completed w/o design on top, today.

Kaki started this wine. Young adults who don't have a job and drink all of your beer. Who make more of a mess than a 2 yr. old. Eat all of your food and don't contribute to the household, by cleaning, mowing or volunteering to do anything. And school starting in 2 weeks doesn't matter because he dropped out. Now I have to find my cheese (to go w/the wine.)
Princess sent me this link it sounds kind of interesting.

Now trying to answer questions of the last few weeks. Fiberchic asked how much water a rubber/latex glove held. Answer is ALOT!! actually depends if you leave it in the pool or take it out. Kazul said that it was time to have another baby- not happening. How does Grandparents sound? (NO PRINCESS IS NOT and neither is Thing One.)

Weather: Sunny and 70.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More yarn

What do you do with this?
Well you can make this: t-shirt yarn. I needed this website to finish, as I couldn't remember how to make the yarn.

Todays update: Got to work and the pool was closed. We had no domestic water- and what is domestic water. Domestic water is showers, toilets and sinks, there was water in the pool but the pump for the well burned out. Replaced that and had water before 8. Good lets run lessons, 7:55 no water again. The switch burned out. So back to being closed, in the meantime what are we going to do about lessons. Well we ran them, no showers and no bathrooms, I don't know how many kids peed in the pool today. After lessons were over Alena ran down to the rec center to shower and I drove- she was already showering when I got there. The upside- is it is nice when there is only 6 people in the pool and it sure beat cleaning.

Weather: sunny and 70 again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

reality check!

Here is my Yarn stash... I didn't put in my 2 cones of yarn or my box of remnants.Bumpkins: 1 skein of Jiffy (variegated), 1 skein of Homespun (fushia) 3 skeins of Cottontots (purple), 2 skeins of Bernat baby softee (variegated), 3 balls of peaches and cream, 1 skein of thick and chunky chenille (purple), and 4 balls of Lullaby- one is missing (3 fushia and 1 black).
My yarn for me: 4 skeins of Wool- Ease (green), 3 skeins of Thick and Chunky chenille (green and off white), 2 skeins of Jiffy (yellow and black) and 1 skein of ? (I have the label somewhere).
Baby yarn: 3 balls of Cottontots and 1 green skein of baby yarn. (unknown brand)
Misc. Yarn: 2 balls of blue ribbon trellis, brown cha cha, black acrylic (wintuk) and recycled t-shirt.

And these are ones that if I could only have 2 "skeins" of yarn what would I choose. I could knit off of these wools for a very long time indeed. (forgot to add them to the overall pic)

Knitting: Nothing yet... didn't feel like doing anything. So I took reality pix, and I didn't/won't win. She who dies w/the most yarn wins. And for this I think my family is thankful.

Weather: sunny and 70.
Strange Stuff: Just another bag or is it?

Monday, August 6, 2007

Random Website Monday

Twinkle, twinkle little star.....
Specifics: Knit w/size 6 (US) needles, stash acrylic yarn, and snowflake beads. Another star for EZ.
Knitting: Put Bumpkins tank top back on the needles and removed the lifeline. Now some stitches are twisted, because I didn't realize what was going on until I was halfway through the row. So I knitted 3 rows on that. UFO sewing: put buttons on the dress from eons ago (yes it still fits- actually fits better now.) Will have DH take a pix of me in it- wish I knew how to do hair flips, as that would complete the look. Better have a looksee for the pattern- that will be rough. Dug out the next UFO to do- what was I thinking? I cut out everything except 2 key pieces- hoping that I still have the material. Otherwise I have to cut out a lot more. Slippers really ought to match.

Laid back kind of day, was supposed to work but Nige canceled training today. I am so happy. Went grocery shopping- food is so expensive. 2 stores later and still forgot the sugar cubes. There is a La Leche picnic tonight. DH may go w/me (chicken for that) and hamburgers w/buns for the boys. I stashed the mushrooms- I really want fried mushrooms on my steak tomorrow night. Wow- I did a partial menu. Tonight hamburgers, Tuesday- steak w/mushrooms, potatoes, salad, Wednesday- tacos, and that is all.

Random website Monday: Nice kitty.... I so would like one too.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mommy look at the Beagle!

This is Bumpkin's Beagle- an immature eagle that was screeching in our yard most of the day. It is very cloudy- so no blue sky.
These are flowers from the wedding yesterday. Aren't they beautiful? I just love the orchids. The bride gave me these. I am so honored. Oh well she doesn't have a clue as to what she is getting herself into w/the band. BAND WIDOW!!!! Her husband is the drummer for one of DH's bands. Strange wedding, the bride is my age almost 40 and the groom is 52, neither of them have been married before.

Knitting: Finished the beaded star, will show pics later. When making the stars I have to be careful to remember to slip a stitch when I am supposed to. These ornaments that I am making this month will be nice to hang off of Christmas presents. NO MORE STARS!! I have other things to do like... put buttons on a dress that I made 10 yrs. ago. (Question is will it still fit?) Hope so as I really like the pattern and the material. Last night I went through my material stash- yikes, must not buy anymore material. The shelves are full. And I am off-loading some 1970 era stretch knit hot pink. While in that search mode only 2 UFO's appeared (and they were ones that I already knew about). Reorganized my yarn stash this am and found all my dpns (after stabbing my hand w/a pair of scissors that were lurking). Went through a box from the move and found odd stuff. Reorganized that box to only have mending. Lots there.

DH took Thing One and Thing Two to Anchorage for clothes shopping. I thought about going but decided that I didn't want to be in the same car for 3 hrs w/2 teenage boys and a toddler. So Bumpkins and I are cleaning instead. Vacuumed upstairs and down (still have the stairs to do), swept entryways, and cleaned one bathroom. Still have floors to mop and one bathroom to do. Completed 4 loads of laundry and 3 more to go. Want to bake something to- not sure what though.

Weather: Rainy (no internet this am).