Wednesday, June 20, 2007

23 hrs. and 47 min visible daylight and 82 degrees

Yes my headline says it all. Today there will be only 13 min of complete darkness, there will be dusk/dawn ie... drive w/lights on. And driving around Soldotna at 5:30 my car thermometer registered 82 degrees. Now that is hot. Way to hot- esp. since I was wearing black jeans. (can't wear short shorts to church and I own nothing more) Last night there were severe thunderstorm warnings in the Mat-Su valley, the weather here is changing. And we could see the big cloud of smoke from the forest fire in Caribou Hills.
Here are some pics of my flowers in my yard (what the moose haven't eaten yet).

The first on was wild Alaskan Rose bush. My yard is full of them, I want to move them some place else as they are considered a weed.

This second pic is Apple Blossoms. Yep apple blossoms. Last year the tree was loaded w/them but the moose got very hungry last winter and pruned this way back. So maybe I will get apples- still kind of sad to pick off the flowers so apples can grow.

Knitting news: Knitted several rows on the scarf and then lost 4 stitches. Will try to pick them up some other time. I am doing this KVVS and am having a very hard time finding Hawaii, Montana, Colorado, Alberta and DC. If any one reads this and knows whose blog they are, I'd appreciate the input.

Refilled Bumpkins meds today and learned that we go to drive-through to much. I got the meds at a drive up window, well when I drove away a little voice was saying "french fries". And then life got really bad when I had to say that there weren't any french fries. Well better go do laundry and then bed as I have to get up a 1/2 earlier than usual. Have to be at work at 7.


Lynn said...

This is the part that I always find amazing, how much sunlight there is in one day. My june 21st was long, but no where near yours!!! How do you get kids to sleep in that?!?

As far as the locations you are looking for, you probably already know that Hawaii doesn't have a blog (I had that one as well), and I remember seeing a Colorado blog, but I dont remember whose it was. Its somebody in the a-f or n-v group. That's as far as I've gotten. I'm looking for Maine, Ohio, Illinois and Mississippi.

And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kazul said...

Jake, you don't have to pick off the flowers for apples! I have NEVER picked off flowers and we have tons of apples. Also, the apples form under the flower part. Like rose hips from roses. That is just silly.