Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lowbush Moose Project weekly update

Tot and Hugo
first snow

Tweedles -African goose (female)
in the first snow

Winter quarters
for the small livestock.

we have run an extension cord
from the studio to the coop.
the light stays on for 14 hrs
unless the temps are subzero
(which we already have had -15 F)
the light stays on for 24 hrs.
and at that time we had some really confused
chickens. they were laying at 8 pm
Buffy was crowing at 11:30 pm.

going left to right:
small brooder pen,
chicken coop,
Sarge's pens,
lily, eyebrownie and Cinnabun's pens.

Winter quarters for the Tweedles
(will be used in summer as a greenhouse)
double lined visqueen hut with an
igloo dog house for the super cold nights.


Lily and Eyebrownie
(these 2 escaped their pen
and ran around the yard
all night! Caught them after
they decided to check out the geese pen)


and now an update about Thankful:
he was the most delish bird we have ever had.
didn't look pretty but was good.
cooked him in a bag, breast side down,
slathered in olive oil with a herb rub.

Princess was home for Thanksgiving.
DM came over and an early dinner was served.

Friday, November 20, 2009

RAKed with a JSW

(Random Act of Kindness)

sometime ago Femke a friend over in Ravelry
in the group Monthly Adventures
told me to
watch my mailbox...
cause she was sending

(from the Netherlands!)

opening box....

wow this is wrapped up really well....

now to log onto flikr to see how
she took it apart.....

after minimal assembly.....

the JSW
(janet's Spinning Wheel)

single treadle very nice.....

oh you need roving to spin with?

lookie what she sent!

the far yellow is yarn labeled Sunflower
the white is Swiffer Sheep (that she washed and drum carded)
Grey Sheep (washed once and drum carded)
Alpaca washed drum carded
Alpaca white hand carded
Alpaca dirty not washed nor carded.

So i sat down to practice treadling....
Tot is fascinated...
(until she decides that the wheel needs to be milked)

this is what i produced...

so i tried more....

have a lot of practice ahead of me
before there is enough to make a
wedding ring shawl.
But my hands are super soft
and smell lovely.
(yes i like the smell of lanolin!)

thank you Femke!
you are the bestest!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

serious update was neeeded!

well this is a much needed update.
what almost killed this blog
was the stupid farming games
over on Facebook.
they are major addicting.

so the animals.....
are all quite well
lets see what i've got...

Celia laid the blue one (this is one of her first eggs)
Houdini laid the big white one
and unknown who lays what.

sadly no pics of Little Britches are on the comp.
he got mean and became roast chicken.
leaving Buffy the only rooster.

this is BAR the night before he met
with the knife.

we now only have 10 chickens
2 geese and 4 rabbits.
We got snow on November 9 2009
up until then it was nice, frosty.
The horses are gone as well.
Patches could be found over on Craigslist.

The geese are having a bit of trouble
last night it was -7 F.
There is very little info out
on the internet about
raising African Geese through
a winter.

And finally Tot all dressed up for
Halloween trick or treating.
(it was on the chilly side).

thank you all for sticking with me.