Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ides of March

What have I knit this last week? My hat- I was waiting to post after I took a pic. oh well. Too long between posts. Am still working on the sock and peach shawl. Found a Christmas project for my secret sister, I need embroidery needles and my hoop. That one should go fast.

Had mom over for dinner last Monday as it was her b-day. We gave her bamboo chimes and she ate fried mushrooms and onions on a Hamburger. Was so good.

Well I am off to knitting will post more later.

The weather has been warm, serious melting. So much better than the cold we had a the start of this month.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nice day off

I have been knitting like crazy this week. Am almost done with North Country Hat.
I am hung up on the last little bit of bo 6 st. then knit 12 place on st. holder than bo 20. How do you bo when your bo st. is on a holder? Oh well tomorrow is knitting at the library can bring that and the sock in. Princess said that the sock was hideous. Oh well it isn't for her. Bought Bumpkins needles and yarn today, we will see if she knits. Even if it keeps her out of my knitting it isn't a waste. Bought her a shirt pattern and blanket makings too. Think tomorrow is a sewing day. I forgot cording to fix my skirt. I think I will make a Joanne's list of things that I really need. That way next month I will be better prepared.

Today we went to open gym had a great time. Went shopping Bumpkin's had a meltdown- tried to get her out of the store. Nana was upset w/her for acting 2. That woman stresses me out- sometimes. Nana watched Bumpkins while DH and I went out. Had prime rib at Louie's- very good. Went to Veronica's to listen to music but Princess's dad was there so we left. Went to Kaladi Bros. instead- wish I had taken my knitting w/me. When I mentioned that to Nana, she became very upset and informed me that you don't take your knitting to places like that as it is inconsiderate. My thoughts are I am reading the newspaper and drinking tea, what is the difference between knitting and drinking tea? Knitting I am paying more attention. So now I need another portable project.;

Another nice sunny melting day. Tomorrow I need to clean out the cat box, wash laundry and bring in my soil to thaw. Almost seed planting time. Yeah

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is Here!!! Crows are nesting

Finally the weather seems to have broke. Yesterday and today blizzardy, but so much better than the -15 we have been waking up to for the last few weeks. And the crows are building nests.

Knitting: I am stuck on the heel for the sock. I have finished the heel flap and now to turn the thing. Will wait for Saturday for that. In the meantime I have cast on a hat (can't access the link right now.) using 10.5 needles and chunky wool/acrylic. I am so hoping that Bumpkins doesn't get another hat. I got this yarn for me.

Family updates: spring break here. Princess came home Friday and went back Sat. Then drove herself down on Monday and went back Tuesday night. (Blizzard warnings and stay off the road warnings.) We had a nice visit- it is always good to have her home. Bumpkins went nuts- Sissy, Sissy, Sissy. Monday night Thing One came over to visit w/sisters also. He stayed for dinner. DH went to band- missed out on the family being together. Later I went to Safeway- car overheated and we were stranded. Of course I had both girls w/me at 8:30 at night. DH didn't have his cell on him so I had to track him down. Tuesday more band practice. My work schedule this week is all over the place. Monday 9-12 then back out to the pool from 3-5. Then home for the night. Tuesday work 7-1, then formal dress shopping w/Princess (you should see the dress, can you say Lady in Red?) Wednesday and Thursday work 7-4, I really don't like those long hours. Spring break at the pool is insane. Yesterday we went to 2 guards at 1045 and stayed that way, we only had 2 guards in the bldg. There where 400 people in the water on Tuesday. That is alot of people. Today wasn't' that bad- 3 guards and I got to dispatch for a little bit. That was relaxing.
Well off to bed 530 is awfully early.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bumpkins is better

Knitting news first: I am on the foot of the Dobby socks. I had to put them on hold for a few days as I didn't like the join and then lost a needle. I found the needle in the chair and I knit like crazy at bible study tonight. And yes I did pay attention- the topic was bitterness and unforgiveness Ephesians.

Bumpkins has been so sick- she had ear infections in both ears. She was coughing so hard that she would throw up the meds. We quarantined her at home for almost a week. That was hard juggling my work schedule and DH's, we basically wrote our own hours. She has been so clingy to me. Most of the small children that are Bumpkins daycare have RSV. I guess that it is running rampant throughout our state. So maybe it is a good thing that Bumpkins stays home w/DH every day now.

DH told Thing One that he could have a bed from our house. Not sure if that is a good precedent to set. On the other hand I told Princess that I would pay for her gas to come down here for Spring break next week. The up side of me paying her way is she has to stay with me and visit with me.

Well off to bed after I feed the cat.
Temps are cold. I am sick and tired of the bloody cold. minus temps w/wind chill and clear. Where is the warmth? The sun lacks heat.

Friday, March 9, 2007

End of traumatic week

The week is over.
Knitting: where am I? As for both of the prayer shawls- tabled. The socks for Hufflepuff- frogged yarn will become a hat. So I started a house elf sock- only problem is the ribbing fits around Bumpkins thigh. So onto an experimental pair of leg warmers. (dress up clothes if anything.)

Bumpkins has been so sick this last week. Took her in on Wednesday- and was told that she has ear infections in both ears. On top of a horrible cold- she coughs so hard that she throws up. She hasn't been able to keep her meds down- tonight she did. While trying to keep up w/her medications I am forgetting to take my own. I have a sinus infection- doesn't help that I have to continue to swim.
My work week has been so messed up. Now I have to make up lessons on a Monday of Spring break. That is going to bad. DH's last day of work was today, I am kind of stressing about money as my check is the only one coming in. Thing Two is suspended for 10 days- he won't be gong back for 3 weeks. What a vacation. To bad we aren't on the continent- road trip. Here a road trip is out of the question. It takes two days just to get out of the state and we don't have passports for everyone. More repercussions of 9/11.

Recipe: ButterBeer- butterscotch schnapps w/cream soda, very sweet, but smooth and yummy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I didn't realize that I haven't posted anything for a few days. I have been busy.
Friday after work, Bumpkins and I stayed home vacuumed, and just hung out. It was nice. Saturday I did go to my knitting group. That was fun- Lou showed me how to join in a round again. Then Saturday night DH and I went out to celebrate our anniversary. We saw Beauty and the Beast production. It was very nicely done. Had no clue where Nana was until the second act. DH found her immediately, I never can find her. Bumpkins went to a friends house. She had fun. Stayed home on Sunday, didn't go to church. I frogged the sock I was making and restarted w/other colors.
Monday did errands early as Bumpkins got up at 6 and stayed up. She took her nap around 3. Long day for her. I went to the dentist as I had a tooth that was extremely painful. After a full panel of x-rays it is determined that I have a sinus infection. My sinuses sit on top of the roots of my teeth. My face is way to small for everything that goes in it. Did some knitting there at the dentists. I really like knitting in the round it is so much fun.
That brings us to today. A long day. Bumpkins is sick- she is teething so lots of saliva, mucus and it is running down her throat. So now she is congested and coughing to the point of throwing up. She has to go to daycare as I have to work and DH quits this Friday. I spent two very long and cold hours in the pool teaching lessons. Tomorrow I must bring more food. I am trying to make all calories count. So not alot I can eat there. High protein and low carb. But I still need the carbs for fuel. As I was so cold- It took me almost two hrs. to warm up my core temp. soup- filling hot and low carb. and a sandwich to go w/it.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Almost Friday

What a busy day. No knitting or anything else fun.

Today Bumpkins got up at 715 way to early for me. I cleaned the upstairs bathroom looks and smells good. Swept and mopped. Did dishes and planned dinner. Princess called and said she wanted her mother. That was so sweet. Bumpkins was like later mom when she went to daycare, yesterday I had to peel her off of me. What a difference.

Work was rough tonight- I really don't like these 9 hr. days but we need the money. I did some bad judgement calls. Water Aerobics was good for me.

temp 14 and clear skies (almost a full moon- do you know where your seeds are?) but very windy. Today 40 percent humidity- it is super dry
Well good night all