Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rainy Saturday

Knitting: did 2 rows on the peach shawl. My goal today is 4.
As far as goal (to do list) I am doing good. Tried to upload a pic but since it is raining we don't have a good connection (satellite). Of my goals I did 2 of the 4 loads of laundry, didn't get one bathroom cleaned. But did go grocery shopping for the week and finished an ufo. That is the pic. I wanted. Oh well, maybe it will be sunny tomorrow.
Yes we use satellite for our internet, it is usually faster than dial up. The only times when we have real trouble w/it is when it is foggy, rainy, snowy, and we are experiencing solar flares. The bonus to solar flares is the Northern lights are beautiful. (COLD) We can't get dsl in our area, to old, and it would cost alot of money to redo cables.
Blogger is not being my friend tonight. Maybe it is the slow connection but wouldn't let me add more side links, or change my web page layout. I discovered that if I use green for a font then my links don't show up. So when I tried to change my link color I couldn't save (no save option available). Oh well next time.
Dinner tonight was marinated Pork Chops (teriaky and soy sauce w/liquid smoke) baked beans, mixed veggies. Dessert Rhubarb cake (with last year's rhubarb). Bumpkins ate almost all of one pork chop.
Mostly rainy but warm. Put my baskets out to catch the rain (sure beats watering)

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KaKi said...

It was cloudy yesterday here too. Last night it rained just about all night. It was a good thing. We needed it something awful!! Can't wait to see the UFO. Your dinner sounded divine! Wish you were closer so you could come cook for me. heheheehe Have a good day!