Sunday, July 1, 2007

Comfort shopping

Knitting: This is what I am knitting, a seaweed wrap (but in Hufflepuff colors). I had to stop because I was watching a movie and then realized that my yarn went very skinny. Yikes I ran out of yellow/black. I am knitting this in yellow and black fun fur and yellow and black acrylic worsted on 19 needles. I am getting the hang of all of the yos. But sometimes can't remember if the previous lace row was started w/yo or k2tog. Oh well. Off to the LYS if it is open today. I couldn't get there before work yesterday (spent to much time at Fred Meyer's).
Got to the LYS and since the yellow that I was using was discontinued, no one has any. So to the frog pond it goes. To be made into a scarf (same pattern w/fewer stitches co).

So the Hufflepuff shawl became this. It wound up in nicely in 30 min. and it took several hrs. to knit it up. DH said that he was sad.

So onto my comfort shopping:

And I got this at my LYS. Clearance lullaby black to go with Bumpkins fushia Lullaby yarn. Sad news on the lullaby, Berrocco has discontinued that stuff. I also bought Bumpkins a pattern. No yarn for my KVVS pal because the LYS didn't have any local yarn to sell. And I want to send Alaskan yarn to my new friend. I have the land to raise merino's but not the time or money. Someday I will have sheep, spinning wheel, loom, and I will be very happy. So I bought this at JoAnnes for $1.97 gotta love the clearance sales. Just hope that you get enough or else you are doomed for all time.

To update on what is happening here. Thing 2 went to camp. YEAH!!! Thing 1 might have a job at Subway. Princess is trying to utilize Fly Lady routines. I am so proud of her- (I certainly did not teach her how to keep your house from overwhelming you). Bumpkins is getting bigger :( she says refrigerator and it is so cute. Right now she is refusing to go down for her nap, she is tired but since I am running out of milk I can't nurse her as long as she wants. That and she is getting so big. Can't hold both her and laptop and type. I have been working some strange shifts lately. Friday 10:30 am to 4 pm and then Saturday 3 pm till 9 pm. Joey tried to tell me that there was rental and I wouldn't get out of there until almost 11. Yeah right, I read the schedule (sometimes).
I can't believe that this very important info didn't get put in my KVVS questionnaire:
  1. My most favorite flower in the whole world is Sunflowers. Ok I collect them, to the extent that the top of my wedding cake was a sunflower. My wedding colors were yellow and cobalt blue. Almost all the flowers were sunflowers. Now try to get fresh sunflowers in February. Now I have lots of silk flowers.
  2. I truly love fresh salt water taffy. Not the stale stuff that we get here.
Movies watched recently: Willow- excellent, old but still very good. Bridge to Teribithia- excellent, sad but stayed pretty true to book. (I read the book at least 10 times, one of Princess's favs.) Fountain- good, strange and hard to follow. Very deep.
Weather today is rainy. Yesterday was hot and sunny 68.

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