Sunday, June 3, 2007

Finished Project

This is the finished sewing Project that I tried to post yesterday. Super easy but the material was slippery and very fuzzy. I just love the flannel- not sure what I want to use it for. It has been stash for almost 3 years. Time to use it.
This is yarn for my Hufflepuff shawl. I will be starting as soon as the Peach shawl is done.

Knitting: Did 3 more rows on peach shawl and 5 more on the blue scarf.

Ok Princess here are the shoes. Let me know how to get them to you.

Today was Sunday busy day. Church this AM Pastor Jon's last Sunday- tomorrow they leave for Indiana. Tonight church- strange, I had a thought during song worship and the thought was How do I know when God calls. Then the sermon was on exactly that. Still not sure what to do when he calls me to do something.

Beautiful sunny day.


Fiber_Chic said...

cute shoes! Good job on diminishing your stash, however little amount it decreased..

Ami Scott said...

Looks like some great yarn for the shawl! Can't wait to see it posted at the KAL.

You've been tagged for the name meme!

Janet said...

Oh fun I've been tagged. But I can't get your web page, Ami.