Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Bumpkins!

Bumpkin's is 4!

She asked for a Princess Cake....
So I attempted to make a cake in
a bowl. It didn't cook in the allotted time...
So DM made a pink bundt cake.

Bumpkins and I frosted it with Pink frosting
and put pink sprinkles on it.
then I left for work.
Bumpkins put her finger in the frosting
many times.

Now how to stand the Barbie up...
ah ha a trifle bowl.
(first time we have used the bowl)

Bumpkins loved her new Hello Kitty Toothbrush,
Barbie and Barbie puzzle.

(now to find stuff for Princess's bday).
DH and Bumpkins sledding on Sunday,

the best way to come up the hill is to have
Daddy pull you.
(they are sledding in the gravel pit
right next to the house).
and this was day 2 of sledding.

Knitting: started another scarf w/chenille hope to have it done by Friday. It is already 15" and it needs to be 50". Items finished but not posted on here are a market bag (used i-cord and 3 strands of acrylic held together. Also am in the process of making a patronus (only needs a face- watch for it over in Ravelry).

well that is all folks.... have a good day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Quotes

"Let sleeping dogs lie".
-American quote
(Hugo was a little tired after spending
much of the day outside).

Saturday sky......

And this is how Alaskan chilluns swing on the
(there isn't much room for swinging!
the snow is a tad bit deep).

Knitting: have knitted aprox 12 yards of i-cord. now to knit it into something else. Am involved in the Harry Potter House Cup and am researching for my patronus. Kazul says that a jackalope suits me whereas DH says a Narwhal. What do you think?Bumpkins starts preschool tomorrow, will attempt to let folks know what is going on. I have been a little depressed lately, but hopefully that is ending or getting better. It now stays light until around 5:30 pm and the temps are nice to be outside in. DH, Bumpkins, Hugo and I all went sledding over in the gravel pit today. It was fun. Everyone is already asleep.

Last night DH and I went out. Ate out at the Brewhouse, wasn't as good as last time. Then we came home and watched the movie "Two Weeks Notice". Very funny movie. DM watched Bumpkins, they had fun.

Dinner: Corned beef and Cabbage w/ buttermilk biscuits.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Quotes

Saturday Sky
(no Mt. Redoubt pic as the clouds rolled in)

"I'm smiling because your my sister,
and laughing because there is nothing
you can do about it."
author unknown

Happy birthday Kazul!

Knitting: During the Super Bowl I cast on and knitted a pygmy puff. Now to sew it together and stuff it. Used up some of my yellow fun fur. It is on the small side..... you'll see soon.

Sewing: tomorrow must cut out and sew some dog booties together.

Not much else is going on, except the whole house now has my cold. Hopefully DH and Thing 2 don't get this bad. I doubt they will as Thing 2 has been taking vitamin C's and fish oil 2X a day. And DH hasn't been stressing his body out.