Sunday, June 24, 2007

busy weekend?

This is a pic of DH and Bumpkins looking at the horse on Thursday night. After we walked away she went nuts - wanted to ride the ponies. The sky was grayer than what is shown- had to use flash.
Knitting: Not much going on there. I frogged my Hufflepuff shawl, didn't like the way it was going. So now I need to hurry up and make a new one in little over a week. Think that I can do it? Found a better pattern for a shawl in Complete Knitting, learned how to do a yf. Am thinking that it is just like a yo. Knitting help shows a yo not a yf.

Friday night went to Q's Solstice Party. On the way out I discovered that would have been my 16th wedding anniversary. Wow went all day and didn't think about that wedding at all. My life is so much better now. Q's was alot of fun we got home at 130 am and the teens were like where were you? Do we have to answer to them? no parents are allowed out once in awhile too. Now I have Thing one's cold- I hope that this isn't bronchitis as I have to work. There is no one to cover for me. So lots of vitamin c and echinacea. (lol spell check doesn't like Echinacea.)

Finally it has rained, the fire has burned almost 81 square miles. Expecting high winds again tomorrow.

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