Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Website Monday

bumpkins stirring our latest
batch of "eyebrowns".

Another quilt from the quilt show..
a friend made up this pattern.
(If you do a close up, you can see
a bear, fish, cabin)
Knitting: am going to finish up the foot part of the sock tonight.

Today was a busy day... first got up and made phone calls so Thing 2 could get a physical for football. While making those arrangements got another phone call from work saying that there was training today. Didn't make it to that. Honestly didn't think that there was training because we had it last week. Got Thing 2 to practice went grocery shopping and the library (still no Kool Aid swap package). Came home and lounged. Made pizza for dinner. DH picked up Thing 2 from practice and went to DMV for a drivers permit renewal. Now the only things still up in the air is waiting for a phone call from Red Cross and to determine where to take my car to for a new windshield. And waiting to see what happens w/DH's new band. So how was your Monday?

Think a trip outside is in store for all of us.

Weather turned nice and sunny.

Random website: It is absolutely cute pictures of animals. (appropriately called Cute Overload!)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Update

Ok blogger isn't being my friend today. Not letting me do anything fun, like pictures, italics, or even centering. So this is going to be a boring post! Almost not worth the work.

Thing 2 came home this am- not scheduled to arrive until midnight. (come to find out it was 12:15 pm not am anyways). Everyone is excited and all routines are shot out the window.

It has been rainy here lately, except of course Friday it was over 70 F but I had to go to work. And by the time I got home it was rainy and 65 F. Tonight it finally got nice around 7:30 pm but couldn't convince Bumpkins to go outside.

If you are following the news about Alaska's State Police Commissioner, it has repercussions all the way into our house. We will see what happens.

Quilting: still working on this quilt border.

Knitting: am almost 1/2 way done w/the first sock that I am testing the pattern out for. Learning lots.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday Sky and Sunday Quote

"Softly the evening came."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(actually this was July 18, Thursday night at 11:45 pm)

My Kool Aid dyed yarn... in hanks
apricot acrylic wouldn't take dye,
gray now green w/2 pkgs of lemon lime Kool aid
Natural Mar now pink w/1 pkg of Slammin kiwi strawberry
and one pkg of watermelon cherry

a close up of the pink.....
there is some places that aren't as pink
but pretty good job for first try and home dye stuff.

Finished project
Swamp Witch Scarf
Knitting: finished up the Swamp Witch Scarf.
Specifics: yarn1 skein of black fun fur, 1 skein of white fun fur
1/2 skein of white acrylic and 1/2 skein of black acrylic
Cast on 12 w/US 19 needles
Garter stitch 4 rows than followed pattern until almost out of yarn.
sold for $30.00

Cast on for another pair of socks, this time as a test knitter. Interesting pattern. Be sure to check it out when she releases it. (will let you know when)

Been cleaning a lot this weekend and just relaxing.
Weather has been super nice high 60's F. And sunny, had to convince Bumpkin's that it was ok to be outside. Her favorite thing to say is "Daddy says no, go inside".

Friday, July 18, 2008

Prize box

I got this in the mail on Thursday...
a prize box for Monthly Adventures over in Ravelry.
Prize was from PalomaBella
in the CAL portion.

the contents:
a wonderful card, a book on afghans,
Interweave Crochet, a soft handle crochet hook
and a delish candle that she had applied
a picture to.

Also had lots of crumbled up Target ads....
Which entertained Bumpkins for over an hour!

Knitting: almost 1/2 way done with scarf. Have to finish it this weekend.

Quilting: ripping out as fast as I sew these blocks together. My new sewing machine is very hard to determine 1/4 " seams on. No I cant use tape because the tape would sit on top of the feed dogs.

Enjoying my vacation weekend, we are halfway through swim lessons! And school starts in 4.5 weeks.

Well that's all for today- will be posting more tomorrow.

Weather: mostly rainy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I saw on Mulberry Street

Another interesting thing seen.....
(of course it was at the Parade)
what a motorcycle that has 2 wheels up front?

Knitting: nothing new.

Quilting: still working on the Round Robin Quilt- it was supposed to go out in the mail on Tuesday, well looks like another couple of days will do it. Bugger it.

Almost had to cancel lessons today, the power went out at the pool last night and shut down all the comps. that run the pool equipment (the circulation pump, the hoppers for chlorine). No one was around to reset them. So most levels were off this morning- no one was in the water at 7:30 when I got there. Thankfully all was well by 8 am so we could run lessons as scheduled- I am taking a vacation day on Friday, and that would have been a bad day for me if I had to do make ups.

well gotta run out of here early tomorrow... paperwork out at the pool needs to be done.

Strange stuff: Sometimes the recycling bug can go a bit too far- like in the case of this purse.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Website Monday

the dress I am making for Bumpkins,
the front.....

The back...
(complete w/ Bumpkins saying "I Cute!")

Knitting: the above dress is a Ravelry download pattern that is being heavily modified.

Quilting: stayed up until 3:30 making blocks for the border of the Round Robin quilt. Still more work to go on it.

Sent a Resume' out for DH today- will see what comes about on it. Today is a sunny day! Temps in the mid 60's. Still can't convince Bumpkins to go play outside- she is such a girly girl. Yesterday while we drove over the bridge, she had an absolute meltdown. Over a skitter being in the back of the car w/her. She screams bloody murder if a Carpenter Ant is on the stairs w/her. And her brothers don't want her to be a girly girl- they think it is me that makes the girls that way.

Random website: And because you have always wondered about their site.... Glaceau Water- Hydrate Responsibly.

ETA: Didn't realize there was a rainbow in the Saturday sky until Boogeyman's Wife commented about it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday Sky and Sunday Quote

Saturday sky.....

"The Sky is the daily bread of the eyes"
by Ralph Waldo EmersonKool Aid dyed yarn...
Stuff on the right was Natural Mar by Patons
Dyed w/1 package of Slammin' Strawberry kiwi
and 1 package of Watermelon Cherry
the stuff on the left is acrylic and wouldn't take the dye.

Knitting: almost finished with the front part of Bumpkins dress. Should finish it up tonight and tomorrow she'll have a new dress to wear.

Sewing/Quilting: nothing new. But have a deadline on Tuesday, so tonight will be spent cutting and sewing blocks together.

The weather has been warm lately 60 F. But Bumpkins thinks that that is too cold! While I have been convincing her to stay outside, the brush around the front yard has been attacked. Yesterday I found the rusty handsaw and took out 6 trees w/a diameter of slightly bigger than my wrist (4").
Today was spent out at a picnic and it was COLD! While we were sitting around outside eating and listening to bluegrass music, a comment was made that we could be in Kentucky for the atmosphere. My reply was "if we were in Kentucky it would be WARMER". Then further discussion was that this weather would be similar to lets say October, November, February, March. 50 F is chilly- and I was wearing long johns today. Especially when I work in 80 F w/ 80% humidity. Took Bumpkins out on a paddle boat ride today- she had fun. Hmm... she didn't complain about it being to cold- oh yeah that is because we already put a Homespun hooded sweater on her.

Recipe: Rhubarb dump cake: 4 c rhubarb, 1 c sugar, 1 3 oz pkg of raspberry jello mix, 1 box of yellow cake mix (dry), 1/2 c melted butter, and 1 c water. Layer in greased 9 X 13" pan than bake 50 min at 350 degrees F. It went fast! Everyone loved it, and there was a lot of rhubarb being displayed at the potluck. (For the butter drizzle over the top of the mixture for even coverage also drizzle the water over it all for even coverage.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And to think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.......

On the way to work today....
I saw 7 Police Cars in less then a
1 mile radius!
(didn't realize there were that many
Kenai City Cops and State Troopers on at 7:15 am!)

And other things seen on Mulberry street.........

(Yes the above pic is a DeLorian
aka: Back to the Future Car)

Below is just another really old car
that doesn't even have windows.
Hmm... early A/C?

Question of the Day:
How would you wax a 120+ foot long slide?

A) Put the wax on all of it and then go back to the top and buff it out?

B) Put the wax on in sections and buff it in sections?

If you guessed B, you were correct.

Today between Swimming lessons sets much time was spent sitting on
towels going down the slide to remove the excess wax.
Best results were achieved when hot tap water was poured down
the slide, then slide was turned on and more towel sliding commenced.

Knitting: Cast on and am a few rows into this... market bag. Not sure if I am liking it, and I am going to run out of yarn for it also. This is not a Sugar and Cream one ball knit.

Sewing/ Quilting: nothing.

Made brownies w/Bumpkins tonight. While mixing the brownish mixture, Bumpkins said "Mud". Later she asked to eat the "eyebrowns". Translation is Brownies! So her bedtime snack was fresh "Eyebrowns" and warm milk w/a drop of vanilla extract.

Strange stuff: Last night while surfing around and getting Bumpkins quieted down for sleep, I surfed across an interesting free knitting pattern site. Well Bumpkins decided she liked these- and no she isn't going to get them!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Random Website Monday

Everybody has a job to do...
(the pooper scoopers from the parade).

A new Bistro in Kenai.....
"The Funky Monkey"

Knitting: nothing finished. The chenille is very hard to frog because it likes to stick back upon itself.

Sewing: nothing today.

Another rainy day, so no outdoor play group today. Went grocery shopping instead and the big purchase of the day was.... door knob protectors. You know the ones that stop chilluns from opening the doors. Well Bumpkins doesn't like them- she thinks the doors are all locked (from both sides!)

Well that's about all folks.

Random website: And what time is where? One of the official Greenwich Meantime Converters.

Dinner: baked potatoes, with cheese, broccoli and sour cream. Bumpkins ate carrots, broccoli and sour cream and a 1/2 pint of chocolate milk.

Another recipe: Cornish Game hens stuffed with 1/4 of an apple and glazed an orange marmalade mixture. 2 T orange marmalade, 2 T soy sauce, 2 T Teriyaki sauce and 2 T butter. Heated up in micro until warm and melted then spread 1/2 of glaze over 2 game hens and bake uncovered at 325 for 1 hr. After 1/2 hour spread more glaze over hens. This also can be prepared in crockpot- just use more liquids.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday Sky and Sunday Quote

"Eagles don't flock,
you find them one at a time."
H. Ross Perot
(if you click on the above pic.
you will see lots of seagulls flocking..)

And now my wonderful smelling
Alaskan Wild Roses.

Knitting: Cast on and started another swamp witch scarf. But have frogged it yet again. Cast on and frogged a top to a dress for Bumpkin's. Note: chenille and fun fur don't frog nicely!

Sewing: nothing new lately.

Quilting: did some sewing and cutting. Realized that the cutting was done w/o allowing for seam allowances. Arg!

Just had some low key laid back days this weekend. Nothing much really accomplished.

Couldn't play outside in the yard for much of the day on Saturday. There was a Mama moose hanging out w/her little calf. Bumpkins and I did go out for about an hour, until I heard a "whoosh" in the woods. Mama exhaled air! I scrambled to get Bumpkins inside. Athena brought in and released another mouse into the house. (this one didn't leave the dining room). After DH got the mouse and tossed it up on top of the carport, Athena decided to catch, kill and start to consume a bee. I put a container over the bee before she actually ate it. Hmm... maybe she needs to be fed some cat food. DH and I ate dinner outside at the picnic table, the sun finally came out!

Sunday there was a Thunder storm. Our temps have gotten warmer- last week we hit 70 F, and today was around 67 F. Nice little rain storm, didn't see any lightening though. (yes I went outside to look for it, but didn't leave the overhang of the house roof). Before the storm DH, Bumpkins and I went to a park in Soldotna.

Recipes: chocolate graham crackers spread w/marshmellow creme. Delish.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Another quilt from the show....

A close up of a circle...
looks like a center of a flower...
but look closer
it is a FACE!

Knitting: am done with the yoke of the baby sweater- now to do the lacy body. Attempted to cast on for another Swamp Witch Scarf, that was frogged when the fun fur knotted up on itself. So wound that all into one largish ball (2 skeins of fun fur and 2 skeins of acrylic- black and white).

Quilting: discovered a way to make the quilt border... you know that you have been looking at quilt books to much when you dream about putting different quilt squares together.

The second set to swim lessons have started. Soon we will be 1/2 through the summer. Well best be off to straighten out the house for bed and then it is time to hit the sack.

Weather: sunny and 60's F.

Random website: Finally a site that shows a person the proper way to husk/shuck corn.

Strange stuff:
A very scary site... the Worst Quilt Wannabes. Do you have one to enter?