Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Princess is 18

Happy birthday to Princess. I can't believe it was 18 yrs. ago that I was holding a brand new baby girl. Her is all growed up now. Sniffle sniffle sob sob. My baby is gone. i sent her a box, thankfully she had a knife to open it with, lots of packaging tape. Thing one went to Anchorage and spent some time w/ Princess.

DH and I are married 3 yrs today. What an amazing 3 yrs. we are hoping that life settles down a bit. But doubt that that will happen.

Thing two didn't go to school today. Athena is walking on the comp again. She feels neglected.

Work today was boring pool shut down again. So today I cleaned the laundry room, 4 loads of towels and guard clothes. That is excessive. The only people that should have wet towels is Nigel, myself and any guards that go swimming. And right now there are no lessons and pro-active guards are dry guards. I also scrubbed the spectator chairs they were disgusting. Hopefully tomorrow we have blue water not green.

My hufflepuff socks are very slow going, I keep frogging. Maybe I will get someone else to cast on and join in the round, I can do the rest. Hmmm... actually just join.

Temps are still cold, only 5 above this am. tonight supposed to get -20 with wind chills.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday work day

What a day. Errands, laundry and work. Did get 3 loads done this am. should fold and dry tonight. I am to tired to even knit now. And even way to tired to watch Sorceror's Stone.
Long work day. The pool was closed when I got to work. Yeehaw. It stayed closed for 2 1/2 hrs. I was able to put together my lesson plan for water aerobics. It went very well. No deep end work though. Super closed the deep end due to low visibility and wouldn't open it up for aerobics. So what if we can't see the bottom. For some unknown reason chlorine and iron make green. I don't know chemistry.
Bought bread at the bread store today. Was able to give Sharon lunch- she had pb and j w/o bread. Her sandwich made me gassy all day.
So sad Bumpkins went to bed w/a regular milk bottle tonight. She was already asleep when I got home around 945. I miss putting her to bed.
The Harry Potter book on tape is bad- I have to read it. Someone messed up the tape. Well off to fold laundry and then bed.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Bumpkins turns 2

Sorry Kazul, Heavy on the pics.
This party was almost cancelled because it was -15 Sat. am. Way to cold for this time of year. But we went and had a great time. The pool was crowded, 3 guards on deck. There were at least 3 bday parties, and people were being turned away. I was so glad that I wasn't working, Hmm... that is why I don't do weekends. (except prom)
Bumpkins was so tired, she didn't even move when I put her to bed. She slept hard. DH will have to take her swimming more often, and especially to swim lessons. She has no fear of the water, I didn't even show her where the diving board was. The imp would have made a run for that thing for sure.

Bumpkins, DH, Megan and Jacob under the mushroom. Bumpkins loved it but Jacob hated it.

DH and Bumpkins under the mushroom.

kind of dark, but Bumpkins and I are waiting to go down the slide.

Bumpkins and I going down the slide. We were going so fast, I almost dropped her when we got to the bottom.

Juice boxes are so yummy.

Bumpkins, Jacob and Jon opening presents.

I figured this thing out. With pics. you post your blog backwards. Also I can knit as pics are being downloaded. Just remember don't delete anything- you will have to start all over.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Finished Projects

Well this first project was supposed to go to Princess for her
Birthday. It is a Coif
by knitty. It was made with size 6 and 8 needles. Started
2/24/07 and finished 2/25/07. Very fast knit.

This last picture is a finger puppet that was supposed to be a bear. Well use your imangination.
Started 2/10/07 finished 2/11/07

Friday, February 23, 2007

Still is very cold, I hate this stuff

No knitting again today, am more willing to sleep instead of doing chores and knitting. Not that knitting is a chore, it is so very relaxing. But this week has been hard and exhausting. Next week won't be so bad as I have already done my first week. So maybe I will be able to incorporate more knitting into my days.

Bumpkins is adjusting finally. A sleep deprived tot is no fun- they don't know how to shut down when they are over stimulated. Thank God for teething tablets and pedia-care. She does have a cold- it happens whenever we take her outside to play. Maybe she just needs to go outside more, then she will build her immune system up.

Princess is leaving for Salem, Or, tonight. Hope that she has a good flight. She is so cute, Bumpkins was hitting me and yelling. Princess told me to put Bumpkins on the phone and then proceeded to scold Bumpkins and told her to be nice. Bumpkins stopped, but the cute part is that Princess will yell at me and sometimes not be nice. But Princess will not tolerate that behavior from her sis. So obviously Princess knows better- I feel like I did do something right. Yeah mom.

I had a couple of strange compliments this week. One was re: nursing Bumpkins, I was told that I was hard core. I guess that I am, but these kids grow up way to fast. I am not ready to totally lose my snuggle time w/her. The second was at work. We were at 2 guards and wanted to drop down to one, I said that we needed the supervisor to ok the decision first. To that I was told that I was old school. Yep and that old school stuff works.

It was bloody cold-15 below next to the house at 8 this am. Come on, it is the end of Feb. it is time to warm up. I shouldn't enjoy going to work, because it is warm there and I am supposed to wear shorts, tank top and flip flops. Even my house is cold. Low humidity. No wonder I am thinking of knitting sweaters.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New job Midweek

No pics. tonight. I am way to tired. No knitting for the last couple of days either. I do have needles and yarn in the van now. Have to keep track of my stuff- I can't leave my things in the van and use as needed. I share the van w/everyone. Pain in the neck.

This new job is rough on all of us. Bumpkins is not taking naps, which she needs. She stayed up until 1130 last night and got up at 845 this am. She isn't nursing as much anymore either. I write that as she is attached to me for the 3rd time since we got home at nine. I bet she nurses all night tonight. Separation trauma more than needing the nourishment. She is taking a bottle really good now. Avent don't leak as bad as the others.

Worked 9 hrs. yesterday and 6 today. Tomorrow is another 9 hr day, by the time i get home it will be almost 11 hrs that I am gone. On tape 5 of Sorcerer's Stone. I think knitting Weasley sweaters is going to be easy. Only thing said so far is that the sweater's are hand knit and warm and that non-family members get better quality. So any easy knit sweater is in, as Mrs. Weasley knits one per family member and there are 7 kids. Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny that averages out to one a month. So not alot of shaping so simple and fast.

Temps in the below 0 at night and into the teens in the day. Starry skies and crescent moon. Bumpkins points out the moon as she goes to bed. She also says drive safe.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Some pics of Bumpkins

All right here are some pics. if you haven't seen any for awhile. Bumpkins in the bedroom trying on clothes is from November. She was so proud of herself, just realized that little outfit doesn't fit her anymore. Also our room doesn't look like that anymore. THANK YOU FLYLADY!!!

A new conversation with her regarding releasing gas:
Bumpkins "POOP"
Mommy "Do you have to poop?"
Bumpkins "No frog"
Bumpkins "Ribbit"
And then she jumps across the room.

No knitting today. And temps this am were cold 0 degrees at 10:30 this am. BRRR

This other pic. is from January. Bumpkins is eating chocolate ice cream w/o any Happy Birthday (that is what she calls cake.)

I best be getting off to bed very long day tomorrow and I have only expressed 3 oz. of milk. My daughter is either going to starve or get weaned. She wouldn't go to sleep earlier today. Maybe that is from the donuts w/red dye.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Here lets see if this works. This is the dog that the eagle went for last month. Bumpkins is riding the dog like it is a pony, complete w/ holding ears as reins.

I thought about the eagle incident, because Bumpkins and I went sledding today. I must have walked about 9 city blocks. We did find some hills and she did enjoy herself, even though she lost her mittens and got cold. But anyway, she was walking and said birdie. There were 2 eagles up in the sky being chased by ravens. I kept close to Bumpkins after that.

The other pic. is of our cat Athena. The creature that should go to Hogwarts. She is so much more obedient then the dog. She comes when called and looks for the spider to eat. LOL

No knitting today or even sewing. Am upto Chap. 9 in the Sorceror's Stone. Did laundry and played xbox 360 w/DH. That was so nice. Went out for ice cream instead of going to church. Thing Two went to church, he got home around 915. Bumpkins is going to have a difficult adjusting to this new schedule. I gotta pump milk to go in a sippy cup- all the bottles leak really bad. I have to put up about 12 oz. for her and I haven't even started pumping. I am running out of time.

Today sunny temps. in the mid 20's slight wind. Beautiful blue sky. So nice to be out. Errands tomorrow will try to take her outside again. She needs the fresh air. If we were in Norway she would never be in.

What's in your Carport?

Here are the pics. These were taken last month but am just now posting, as they were in there again today. The straw is getting all over the place. This moose is the baby- yearling, mama is even bigger. The car is a Nissan pathfinder parked about 10 feet away from the critter.

I don't understand this blogger picture stuff. First you have to choose your pics. then do your blog. But make sure your pics are going in last one first otherwise they are out of order like mine.

Lot's of knitting this weekend. Last night I stayed up late knitting another 1 1/2 rows on the peach shawl one more row until a drop row. Finished the plastic bag bag. Pics of that very soon. Knitting group today- learned how to co using long tail method also now know how to knit in the round w/4 needles. That is so much fun. I made a finger puppet for Bumpkins, I now need to learn how to put wings and a beak on it. Went shopping at Jo-Annes, big sale. Bought 2 skeins of cha cha, one sable and the other a brown, 2 skeins of Bernat Baby softee and a pattern to sew a knitting tote.

Cleaned Thing Two's old room up a bit and did a fair amount of laundry. So much more to go.

Pretty sky tonight temp in the 20's. No northern lights yet though, solar flare activity must be down.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dramatic Thursday

What did I knit today? I picked up the plastic bag to finish, started to sew the strap on didn't like the way it was going and took it apart. Will finish when? Before Saturday as I want to show it to the knitting group finished. I need to allocate my time better.

Princess liked her Valentine Box- she got it Tuesday. She didn't care much for the Cupid's poo. (Craftbits) Bumpkins is quite the daddy's girl. I almost couldn't get her to sleep, then when she was almost asleep she started screaming. Her leg hurt- arnica rub and sweet dreams. That stuff is amazing. DH did laundry today, that was nice. Thing one decided that he didn't quite like DH's rules, and chose to live elsewhere. Thing Two now resides in Thing One's room. That drama would explain Bumpkins behavior tonight. Toddlers are very perceptive to changes in households. But now all doors have to be locked and windows latched. DH now has a music room- he is a happy camper about that. His room is almost as big as my craft room, but he doesn't have to share space w/a sink and fridge.. It would be nice to redo that room. In time.

I got the job- start next week. Crazy schedule- but we will cope. Through lots of prayer. Nice day again. Temp in the 30's. Up to tape 3 and chap. 6 or 7.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day. Did I knit? I think that I frogged. Oh I put the seam back in the tribble. It is now absolutely finished. Not sure of what to knit first for this Harry Potter KAL. I want to make a bag, that would help me not lose stuff. A Mrs. Phiggs bag- made out of natural fibers, can't see a squib using anything else. Thinking old jeans, oversized, sturdy. But also wouldn't fingerless gloves be good to, I was actually thinking something along the lines of an ice scraper glove. Because Hogwarts's classrooms are probably very cold. Especially Potions. You would want your hands warm- but still have use of your finger tips. Maybe wrist warmers. Back to the ice scraper, your hand is covered but there is a hole that allows the ice scraper/ or even a wand to slide in.

Busy day. Had an interview at 11 am. then had to be back at home by 12. When I got here discovered that Bumpkins had thrown up all over the place and was unable to tell her dad that she didn't feel good. Before the interview, I made cinnamon choc. chip scones very good. And fudge- I need that cookbook. The recipe that I did was terrible. Maybe I didn't beat it enough, it is still sludge and has lumps. Very yucky. After nap, I had to go to work, so back out to the pool. Good news is I am now on Chapter 6 of Sorcerer's Stone. I just started listening yesterday. Then church tonight late night didn't get home until after 9:30. Then dishes and put Bumpkins to bed. Thankfully tomorrow is Thursday, no where to go until 2 ish. I got the job also. So that is going to make this place even crazier. Thankfully I have started implementing Flylady stuff. Just have to work it into routines.

I feel so bad that I have misplaced my bible, hopefully it will turn up soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pictures Finally

Here are my works in progress. This Blog thing is stupid. My pics are everywhere.
The Brown ball of eyelash is the beginning of a bear/tribble finger puppet. It was cast on Saturday afternoon and finished that night. Knitted on 6 needles. Yarn unknown bought at the thrift store and unmarked.

The Pink is actually more peach, and that is being knitted on 10 cn and it is 1 set of Sarah Blanche shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. The yarn is possibly wool- acquired from my mother's stash. Unknown make, the plus to using this yarn for this shawl is I won't have to learn how to add yarn. Wonder does this then qualify for one skein item?

This next one is the same pattern of the shawl, but in a scarf width, size 6 needles and double stranded. I started out w/a sample swatch and decided that I was going to make a scarf. This also is on a cone spun by unknown purchased on e-bay. This is actually a Navy Blue. It appears that I like my cones of yarn. Very economical and you never run out of yarn. Downside projects are definitely not portable.

Ok enough of the pics. more tomorrow. Last night I was bored so I joined two more knal. What on earth am I thinking. One after getting more info I probably won't do, not enough time. The other is a Harry Potter knal. That one is going to be fun. I already know what I am going to knit after I get the finger puppets done that is. A knit bag that Mrs. Phibbs might carry. I am kinda cheating as I'm listening to the books on tape instead of reading them. The commute is great now.

DH is off work for a week. Dr.s orders and has to go to physical therapy. The fall really messed him up bad.

The crockpot is my friend, another good dinner pork country ribs in a soy sauce, molasses sauce. Crud, I don't remember where I found the recipe and it is a keeper. Recipe is same place as short rib recipe from Sunday.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Long time no write

Well I figured out how to get color back on this blog. Now I just have to wait until DH can show me how to download pics.

Now onto knitting, I have several pics of works in progress. I decided that one a blog is BORING w/o pics. Kazul was right. And two I want to do monthly progress reports of my stuff. I was 2/3 of the way done w/the coif. But frogged it because of gauge was off. It was very pretty. I bought a set of dpns. and worked on the peach shawl. My theory worked. Yeah. I am almost done w/a complete set- 7 more to go. I bought a stitch holder and put the scarf on it. I cast on and finished a finger puppet, it was supposed to be a bear. But since I used eyelash yarn- DH calls it a tribble. I will finish a few more and post them altogether. There was a knitting group at the library on Sat. that was fun. I will go and learn something new each week. It is only 1 hr. but better than nothing. I am using my new 7 cn today and am going to practice knitting in the round. This beginner is bored w/ordinary stuff.

I didn't work or post on Thursday because DH fell on the ice at work and was transported to ER. I didn't go to work either. I was on my way when I got the call. He is ok, but very stiff and doped up.

Took Texas brownies out to the camp on Friday night. Need to jot the recipe down so I can give it to the youth pastor's familia. I also need to jot down the fudge recipe and make it. Homemade fudge is so much better than a box of pot of gold. Sent Princess her box today, she isn't answering her phone and she isn't online either. I hope that she is ok.

nice today, temp in the 30's sunny.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Work week over Yeeha!!!

Knitting today. Did some, not on any shawls as I be bored w/them. But started a new project for me for Christmas. I am making the coif from knitty. I am 1/3 the way through it, it seems big. Had a rough start on it, broke the yarn while trying to do a m1. Found an awesome website - oh no I didn't bookmark it. Hope I don't have to frog the hat. It is sized for an adult med. I am an adult petite. Have many incentives to have it done by Saturday. That is when the knitting group at the library is. I am going to take it in and the bloody calamari bag. I am so going to finish that.

Started to go to work today, But got a phone call that informed that DH was transported to the hospital. Had to cancel lessons make up is next Friday. boo hoo. DH can take Bumpkins during that time. Maybe swim w/her. She'd like that. DH is fine, he fell on the ice and knocked himself out. Doc gave him vicoden and percosides, he will be feeling no pain.

It snowed yesterday, and that is why it is so slick out. temps in the 20's again. Here it is midnight again and so off to bed. NO More knitting for me today.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

1/2 way through the work week

I did do some knitting today. But frogged it after I did 2 inches ( couldn't remember if I was purling or knitting) I was only doing 2 stitches- I was also using my 6 needles that still have the scarf on them. So that was my knitting today. Last night's ephiphany site was actually from crazy aunt purl. I don't even know how I got there. I will figure out this link thing eventually. but not tonight.

Work- have mixed emotions and thoughts for there. Need to meditate for awhile. Hmmm.. that takes us back upto the previos paragraph. KNITTING!!!! That is what I need. But I need sleep more.

Church- Bible Study. I look forward to Wednesday nights not only to learn about the Bible but also because Theresa and what's his face cook dinner for me. My one night of being pampered.

Bumpkins is having a hard time transitioning at daycare. She will adjust- took out the breast bottle. Glad that I still have it, hope it helps for naps and bedtimes.

I still need to do someting for my secrud sis.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Another work week started

No knitting for me today. Did do some surfing though- not sure which hat I will do. Found this really pretty hooded scarf over at . I am just learning how this html stuff works. Also found coif at knitty . Not sure which would go with my velvet cape better though. If I did the coif I could also make a muff. I have 2 skeins of chenille to use for this project. Visited the yarn harlot blog today. Was it hers or someone else's? Anyway her epiphany became mine. Everyone is different, we all use different fibers and create different stuff. We also knit at our own speed. And yes knitting is cheaper than therapy, and a great stress reliever. I really need to buy some stitch holders, that and some dpn will be this months purchase as I need to support my fabric habit also.

DH's schedule is hard on everyone. Bumpkins has to be at daycare until 630 and then home for 30 min. of loving. I couldn't even eat dinner- she was so distraught. Tomorrow is an even longer day what w/church.

I did very little of routines today. Laundry, lunch, dinner and dishes that was all. Took Bumpkins to open gym that was fun (all 20 min), my rebate for my razr phone came in today.

At work made a little guy cry- oh well he'll learn to like going under the water. Just realized where most of my bruises come from- it is from the little guys grabbing me.

I made an awesome dinner one of my favs. Hamburger helper cheeseburger it is even better w/sour cream. Maybe that is why bumpkins is gaining weight- she will eat sour cream plain. She calls it is ice cream.

Temp today in the 20's, perfect no jacket and sandals weather. Did wear warm socks though.

Monday, February 5, 2007

monday, Monday

Oh I got to knit today. I am so excited. I only got 1/5 set done but that is way better than nothing. The blue scarf is now 13 inches long. I also dug out my chenille to start my cap- but I really need my sixes. I looked for my stitch holder to put the scarf on but couldn't find it. So it looks like I need to finish the scarf asap. I want my hats and finger puppets. I have to find a portable project w/another set of needles.

Flylady would be proud, I put up a 3X5 card w/morning routine and did them all. Then I put up another card w/Monday routines, did that one too. Am considering writing up a bedtime one also.

Went to the store and forgot the main thing that I went in for. Of course it wasn't on a list. Ziploc bags.

The moose are making a mess in our carport, they are now knocking down the lumber. Thing one is going to find parking his car difficult.

Bumpkins said to me today "Potty please mom" so cute.

Well off to shut down the house then bed for me.

Weather today 5 degrees and foggy this am. warmed up to 15 by noon. I need mittens my fingers are so cold getting Bumpkins buckled in and getting myself in. Cars don't get warm if you don't turn the heat on.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

Today is Sunday. Superbowl and Youth pastor appreciation day. No knitting today- wanted to but played video games w/DH instead. Did you know you cannot effectively watch TV and play games at the same time. Even w/2 TVs, so no commercials for me.

I spent most of my weekend w/my DH so no knitting. Saturday I did my zone cleaning and finished my HB. I just have to get the schedule down, esp w/me working.

Friday, cleaning and open gym day. Friday night Emmaus gathering- not so much fun. Should have stayed home and done family night.

Thing one pierced his ear w/a fork. Thing two needs prayers for his thoughts that females are less then. Princess needs to go to church.

I wish I could knit at night but not w/the blue. Bumpkins was so cute, I cleaned up her room and threw a bunch of stuff away. I forgot to remove the plastic garbage bag- she pulled a balloon out of it. When I saw her w/ the balloon I commented that it had been in the trash. She replied "my trash" and put the balloon behind her so I wouldn't take it away.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The work week is over for me

I am so glad that this week is over. Tuesday it starts all over again. Found out today that I still get unemployment- every bit helps. This weekend I shall start weaning Bumpkins. :( I don't want to but have to for work. Wish I could find something where I only work ams. that would be great. But then we would have extra hrs. in daycare. I went down the slide 2x by myself today- kept banging my elbow. I used to get more spins in, not now. I am also incredibly hungry.

Knitting today was a set on the blue scarf- I messed up a few rows, but it looks OK. So 5 sets done so many more to go. It isn't even as long as my forearm. Oh well just keep knitting. I need my 6s for Bumpkins bday gift. She really needs those finger puppets, will be perfect for church and other places that she needs to sit still for.

Bumpkins went back into a diaper for daycare- she had a poop and just wouldn't go. At home we would have just ran her to the bathroom every ten minutes. She must have went because she never said anything more about pooping here at home.

Cleaned up alot of paper clobber today. I was looking for Thing one's social card. Surprising that I didn't put it back after I used it. I was actually surprised that it only took me 45 min. to go through all the different piles. Tossed out alot of stuff. More surprising was that I knew where all the piles were. Finally found it in my purse in another envelope- go figure.

Wow I am tired, all this exercise and getting up early is getting to me. Have to keep an eye out for fido- she is out running.

It was 43 degrees on my way home, Nana said it was 49. This February in Alaska on the Kenai no less. Must be getting the pineapple express. Drives are icy, maybe I will take Bumpkins out sledding tomorrow. Have to listen to a weather update.