Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New acquistions

We have babies.....

6 baby roosters
and one
the turkey's name is Thankful.
Athena wants to know if they
are for her.

(the assorted bottles are collected from
many different people and will be
going in my garden to be used as
solar collectors).

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Sky.... not....

Sorry no pics
left the camera in
the van.
(and if i went to go
get it, the computer would
be used by someone
else by the time I got back).

Got a beautiful shot of the sky last
night with Redoubt's steam plume.

today got a wonderful shot
of my back tail light broken out.
(got backed into while at the track meet).
also today got a Geography lesson in Alaska.
There were teams from all over
participating in the meet.
Kenny Lake, Juneau- Douglas,
(just to name a couple).
And it snowed this morning.

Our driveway is just about bare of snow.
My garden has snow from when it slid off of
the roof.

This week have passed up the
opportunity to buy baby geese,
Baby rabbits, baby chicks, and baby turkeys.
maybe next week.

Work has been extremely busy.
DH is now employed at the census borough.

and because i haven't done one of these for a bit
somethings are just wrong.
Woman makes clothes out of her own hair.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Sky....

Saturday evening sky.
taken at 7 pm.
(here is take 2 of Saturday pictures.
somehow my card needed to be reformatted.
lost everything.
but almost everything was uploaded already.)

The view of our drive

Well guess we finally have
a water dog.

this year we needed to put
up sawhorses to prevent people
from going into the lake
beside the house.
(it was deep slush)

Hugo wading in the "lake"
over by the apple tree.

this week has been extremely busy for us. DH's car has a cracked head, and i am working a lot of hours.

Knitting: redoing January's BOM. had it 1/2 done and realized that it was to big. Also have discovered a cool website with Pern shawl patterns. Princess said she didn't want one. Kazul... do you want a Pern inspired shawl? choices are Ruatha, Benden Weyr, Healer, Harperhold, Bubbly pi, shipfish, 1/2 circle, to name just a few.

the weather finally has turned warm. around 48 F most days this week. Today started out with snow but later we had rain.

have discovered that we wont be doing a pig this year. As the shoats are ready to go home and we are nowhere near being set up yet. Also pigs come in 2 and they are running 125 USD ea.
So chicken tractors are our best bet. have plans for 2. Princess has suggested goats, we do have the acreage but i don't have the time come winter. Also i will want fiber goats, rabbits wont' be to bad either. But they have a downside also, need to buy a bred doe and then raise the meat from there. really want to do free range animals.

no new interesting recipes.
Mt Redoubt is building another dome.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

The dyeing of the eggs.......

Along with the dyeing of the snow...

the basket....

lookie eggs!


outside in the snow.

the yarns being dyed with the leftover egg dye.
(read up on how to do this. leave yarn for several minutes or overnight. Until dye is exhausted- kind of like kool aid.)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Sky.... not....

Did take pictures...
not of the sky.
(which started out snowing this morn,
then mostly blue/cloudy).

but of Bumpkins dyeing
Easter Eggs, then
we dyed yarn,
and then the snowbank.
(will post piccies
hopefully in the am.)

Friday after work,
Bumpkins and I went with
friends swimming.
Finally Bumpkins will go into the
deeper section of the kiddie pool
and is willing to jump in.
now to work on arms, legs and floating.

went out knitting this morn.
was talking to one lady who also is on Ravelry.
And found out that she listens to Destiknit's podcast.
(she talks about knitting and spinning a fair amount).

i am off to bed now.
Princess is staying in Anchorage for Easter.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Sky....

Saturday Sky.
Mt. Redoubt puffing away.
(love the digital camera- took loads of
pictures but am only using one).

Knitting: this is a bunny rabbit.
some folks say it still needs a tail and face...
what do you think?

Knitting: still am knitting on DM's socks. But have
cast on something entirely for me!
a shawl. Already have 2 repeats of 10 done.
hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be done.

working lots of hours.
and we got more snow on Thursday night.
(several more inches).

Trying to come up with another contest.
anyone up for another contest?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Happy April Fool's day.
(enjoy the jack-a- lope
a much sought after critter
and my patronus).
even better this is an egg cozy.

as i was surfing tonight i discovered this...
meatloaf cake.
And for dessert
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

bon appetit'
and we are having normal food
oh maybe another coke cake would be good though.