Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Soltice means parties

My current bush. Last year it was alot bigger but the moose pruned it back hard. The snow was so deep that they reached over the fence almost like it wasn't there. But there is alot of flowers so there should be lots of berries. Currant Jelly yum.
Knitting: I haven't done anything on my Hufflepuff shawl for almost a week. Maybe because it is to hot and I don't really like it now. Oh well I will start working on it tomorrow.

Solstice is here. Last night we went to a shindig that was very strange. Because of the forest fire the sky was this yucky brown color. Then we parked our mini-van in a horse pasture when we opened the door there were horse piles and the cows were still in the pasture. Am waiting for DH to come home so we can go to another one. This one is later as yesterday was a fish day. This one will be way more fun as there are these homemade drums made out of trees and moose hides. Very primal- there might be as many as 8 drums being played around the campfire. Have to bundle up warm as it is very windy and kind of chilly.

Thing 2 might be living back at home. Last night he took DH's car and didn't do what he was supposed to do. Returning a game to blockbuster doesnt' mean take car seat out and put half/pipe rail in. And he still forgot the game and he smoked in the car. Then tonight I come home to a messy house and tv was left on.

Forest fire: Caribou hills and lots of acreage burned. This am I thought I heard that 5400 acres were burned. By tonight it was up to 20,000 and someone else heard 50 thousand. When will it go over the mountains and hit the Gulf of Alaska. As it is one of the Russian Villages is in the way.

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