Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is today Monday?

Athena is a killer. DH commented on a funky odor in our room again. After investigation this was found under the crib and wrapped up in a quilt. Surprisingly it didn't plug the toilet up. But now the stench of dead rodent is in the quilt- not sure how to get the smell out. Right now the quilt is soaking in 2 gallons of cool water and 1/4 c baking soda (quilt is for a cradle).

Bumpkins modeling her new butterfly towel. I made this for Christmas, but it turned out so bad she will get it now. Just have to finish attaching the hood. To much material to serge or sew through.

The back of the butterfly towel. This pattern was Simplicity pattern 4175. Used 2 bath towels- this is My Tuesday's Strange Stuff!!! If someone else made this and theirs turned out- please let me know.

Knitting: nothing yet, been busy doing other things like dismantling my serger. It works now- it was threaded wrong, actually the needle was in the wrong place. Fixed that then lost a screw in the machine- had to totally take apart the machine to fix that. Works now. Finished the towel and put a rolled hem on a blanket for DM.

Today was the last day for dip netting (we didn't go, so no fish for us) and today was also the last day summer camp got to go to the pool. So that means slide. I am so sore from yesterday and everyone else is beat. We played way to hard yesterday. Paid registration on mom mobile that was 1 1/2 hrs at DMV, some people were waiting over 2 hrs.

Weather: was foggy and a cold 50.

Dinner: tuna helper

Monday, July 30, 2007

Lifeguard Olympics!

Bumpkins on her new swingset. As she played I kept smelling something dead. Later I discovered a "stick" wasn't a stick- but the leg of a dead baby moose. Question is how did it get to the middle of our lawn. Bear, Dawgers or another dog.

Knitting: nothing today, I really need to put something in the car for when I have time to knit. Twice today I could have knitted but had nothing. Did baste the hood on the butterfly towel for Bumpkins. Hope to finish and post that tomorrow. Serger is still messed up- it is a white 6400. When I go to thread for rolled hem the stitches aren't forming a chain, but when I put thread for 3 needle serging w/needle on other side a chain is formed. Strange, as I have used the rolled hem before.

Lifeguard Olympics today: so off to work at 8:00 (DH woke me up at 730) w/Bumpkins in tow. My team's extrication time was 42 seconds, Brick retrieval (from the bottom of the pool 11'10") was 25 seconds, and treading w/the brick was 5 seconds. Almost drowned on that one. Afterwards there was a picnic for all employees- Bratwurst and onions. Yum!!! Then we played water balloon toss w/rubber gloves filled w/water and had a watermelon eating contest.
Bumpkins went to DM's for the day. At DM's I fixed her laptop to go online and made bookmarks for Kazul, mine and Princess's blogs. Also cleaned up her comp a little. And took 4 pieces of material that were around 1 yd. each. Now to sew them up into something.

Random website: brought to you by fiberchic about the "cuts" of fiber sheep. Scroll down a bit.

Weather: Sunny and temps in mid 60's.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Athena strikes again!

Bumpkins goes vintage to church. I love these older dresses, this one is size 3. They don't make dresses like they used too.
As I was blogging Athena brought this into the room. Guess it is time to shut all the doors. After I took it away she went back outside and then started meowing for this thing. Note: it is hard to flush a mouse down the toilet.

Knitting: Picked up the Sarah Blanche scarf and knitted 6 rows. It is more than 1/2 way done. Then I switched gears and went for the serger. The tension was off- so now 1 hour later, the whole thing is messed up. Can't get it to form any loops at all. Will unthread and rethread it all back up tomorrow night. Joined Pattern Review, maybe this will help me w/my sewing projects and stash.

Went to church (methodist) w/DH and Bumpkins. It was potluck- salads and smoked salmon. DH went to work painting afterwards. Then came home and painted our hallway. I will reserve judgment on the color until I see it in the dark and light. Poor guy is grouchy, not at me though I hope. I asked Thing One and Thing two to let the dog back on her run (she was tied up so she couldn't get in the paint). When Thing Two went to go outside I asked him to put shoes on. He dawdled around long enough so that I went to go do it. By that time DH was headed out w/o shoes to do it himself. Moral- I should have taken Bumpkins w/me and done it myself. If I don't ask them to do something they won't blow me off. Oh well I can endure anything for 3 more years. Then both Thing One and Thing Two will be over 18 and possibly making their mark on this world. Oh that is scary!!!! The future leaders of today. With enough prayers anything can happen in 3 years.

Dinner: Pizza (canadian bacon and pineapple, chicken and broccoli fettuccine) and beer. Bumpkins ate a whole slice for dinner.

Weather: Sunny and possibly 70.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

100th post!

How appropriate for my 100th post- I started this blog thing to document knitting projects and today I get to post knitting pix (Ok they are just books but wonderful books they are.)

I tried to unbrighten this pic and really messed it up. Now it is way to dark. But this is what came in the mail today my Elizabeth Zimmerman "Knitter's Almanac" and "Knitting w/o Tears" books. Now I am ready for the EZ knitalong that I am doing. I was so excited that I opened up the box in the post office parking lot. Now what am I to do when my KVVS package comes in? I must show self restraint- to get it home and find camera and take pix.

Knitting: nothing new, am working on a sewing project that will be posted on Tuesday what not to make.

Yesterday was my last day to guard open swim for the summer vacation. yahooo!!!! Patron's were good, co-workers vindictive. Oh well the nasty one will be quitting for the school year.

Today, mixed blessings day. Callie Ware is getting married in South Dakota (she has 1 more yr of college). Kelli had a baby shower (she isn't 21 and not married) that is a very rough road that she is headed down. Kelli loved the baby booties (she loves shoes anyways), and I am so glad that I didn't make a hat. She received about 8 of them- crocheted. And DH set up Bumpkins swing set before he went to work. She loves it. I was going to post a pic of that- but my Elizabeth Zimmerman books came in.

Dinner: steaks, mashed potatoes, veggies

Weather: Sunny and 68.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hop On Pop?

No, you must not Hop on Pop. Dr. Seuss
Knitting: nothing. Did cut out (partially) a butterfly bath towel for Bumpkins. Not sure if this will be a Christmas Present or not. I finally found the right towels to use- I love lost and found and the pool. Have gotten some really nice towels. Washed them really well too.

Not much going on. DH fixed holes in walls- next rainy day he will sand them and start to paint. Thing Two is going to football camp. Thing One working cannery. Princess called and said that not only is the starter out on her car but the tumbler is gone also. DH advised her to fix and then sell before tranny goes out.

Found this quiz over at Laurie's . What kind of wand are you? I am.......

Your Score: 11", Willow, Unicorn

You scored 31 wisdom, 16 bravery, 31 emotional, and 33 martyrdom!

A willow wand signifies that you care deeply about emotions, art, and intuition, and that you have a particular knack for charms. Your unicorn's tail hair core means that you are pure of heart and care deeply for your loved ones.

Should have known about the martyr thing. Have to work on that one. LOL

Weather: Sunny and 60's
Dinner: Spaghetti, garlic bread. Used Fancy dishes- even Bumpkins.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Will the Kitty eat a carrot?

Bumpkins, (age 29 mos.) trying to feed Athena a carrot- that has been dipped in tea. The cat will eat most everything, but not carrots.

Knitting: ran the lifeline on Bumpkins tank top so now to put needles back in and knit. Will try to finish that up for Saturday, so she can wear it to the baby shower.

Not much new today, DH didn't go to work again. Bumpkins has a cold and football season has started. The bad thing about the pool no longer being a pool, but a recreation facility is that we have a football camp going on in our field. Not just one team but 3!! Nikiski, Skyview, and Bartlett. And the added work that is now up to us to do. A new sign on the door says "NO CLEATS in BLDG!!!!" Thing Two's camp started today- but he will go in on Monday when the season starts, only 4 more Mondays until school starts. YIPPEE!!!

Prayer request time: Princess has a lot of friends entering the military. Cousin T- who is in Boot Camp (Army), Robert Burns- boot camp (Navy), Nick Whitaker- boot camp (Navy), Arik- was supposed to be deployed to Iraq in 9 mos, but now is to be deployed to Afghanistan in 12 mos. (Army). Derek- whereabouts unknown (Army). There are many more but these are who are on my mind the most, 3 of these boys just turned 18 in the last month. Please keep these and the kids that you know who are now serving in your prayers. Thank you.

Weather: Rainy and 50
Dinner: ? possibly leftover chicken into a casserole. Thing one and Thing two don't like casseroles- tough for them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Comfort cooking

I was a little bored last night- so after reading Scandinavian Cooking. I made this....
The dough is 1/2 c. shortening and 1/2 c butter w/ 2/3 cup boiling water poured over to melt. Then added 2 c whole wheat flour and 2 c white flour to make stiff dough. Into the fridge that went for 1 hr. After 1 hr I divided the dough into 8 segments and rolled each one into aprox. a 10 in circle.

The filling mixture: carrots (1 cup chopped), 5 medium potatoes (chopped), 1/2 sweet onion, 3/4 lb. of thin sliced steaks (next time use 1 1/2 lbs of stew meat) salt and pepper. Put one cup of this mixture on one side of each circle. Folded other side over and crimped edges and poked vents in top..... for it to...........

Become this: Finnish Meat Pasties. Very good, relatively easy started at 7 ish and pulled them out of the oven around 10 ish. Made 8 very large pockets, could only put 3 to a pan. Baked at 350 for one hr.

Knitting: No new stuff. Will be knitting later tonight- if I run the lifeline in on Bumpkins Tank Top.

I am bored.... so that explains last nights cooking adventure. All done w/o help from the one- eyed monster (tv). Bumpkins made a mess- but she had fun and stayed out of my way. While preparing the experiment I also got my house cleaned. Vacuumed upstairs and down, swept entryways, porch and laundry room, mopped bathroom and kitchen. Not to mention washing of dishes and laundry. Work today- 1/2 way through this last set of lessons. Thankfully I have really sweet kids in this set. DH didn't work again today as we are having almost monsoonal rains. If this keeps up, we discussed him painting inside our house. We have the paint and the time. He can paint in the afternoon when Bumpkins is napping. Give him something productive to do.

Random web site: (I forgot yesterday) Boggle on line- very addicting.

Strange stuff : Nice artwork... but not for me. Lemmings anyone?

Dinner: Chicken cooked on stovetop, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and veggies.

Weather: rainy and 50's. (Have to hurry and post this as I am not sure how long internet connection will last!)

Monday, July 23, 2007

I finished something!!

Knitting: This is what I have knitted since yesterday. Wow, co and knitted and sewed together complete w/chained ties. Super Easy!!! Baby Slippers
Essentials: Size 8 US straight needles, Worsted weight yarn (stash- so no tags for colors or anything). CO Sunday, July 22 and finished July 23. Adapted pattern: Knit 12 rows garter then 7 of garter for top. Perfect for the top of a baby gift on Saturday.

Remember this UFO?

It is now this. It took almost no time to hand stitch together. Just have to even up the sides and put on edge blocks and borders/backing. Should be done by next week- just in time for July's finished Christmas Present for my Holiday Headstart.
What have we done this weekend? Well lots!!! Finished reading Harry Potter Book 7 at midnight on Sat. VERY GOOD BOOK!!! A must read and very well written. I think that it is one of JK's better books. DH and I went to look at the swing set and Bumpkin's loved it so much (she wasn't even out of the van before she was saying "swings, Daddy, Swings!!".) I couldn't even put a jacket on her- she was gone that fast. Originally the plan was to go to church yesterday and talk to someone w/a truck about delivery. Welll..... that didn't happen. Thing One and Thing Two slept most yesterday (got called in to work- they didn't go). Poor things are tired of pitching fish for 12 + hrs a day. The internet was down so I couldn't read blogs or surf the net. So I did projects. Worked this am (rescues- training). Bumpkins went out to Nana's. Princess got her wisdom teeth out on Friday.

Dinner: Bratwurst. Yummm

Weather: 50's and rainy. (that is why no internet- no satellite in the rain).

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows

Not much happening as I read the new book, am currently 1/2 way through (no spoilers though). Went to the book release last night, tons of people and I didn't bring my camera or my new scarf. Could have used it- it was kind of chilly. The highlight of the evening wasn't any of the games but watching the bats come swooping out of the bldg. Our bats up here are very small.
Here is Bumpkins eating noodles.
See "I eat noodles".

Knitting: Nothing going on as I am bored w/knitting and all crafts. Have completely weeded 1 out of control flower bed. That makes 2 flower beds that I have conquered this summer. I do have a baby shower to go to Saturday the 28 (only got the invite Thursday, so not much notice). I will see what I can come up with.

Friday update: Thing One and Thing Two got paid- not as much as they would have liked. And they didn't pick up their checks until almost 7, they couldn't cash them because.... banks close at 6. They are working tonight (sat.). At work I was told that when I tried to sit on the "raft" I missed the edge of the pool by almost 1 inch. I knew I was close. Almost worked as a dispatcher last night- money would have been good. Went for a long walk almost 4 mi. w/DH and Bumpkins last night.

Today: DH, Bumpkins and I will go look at a swingset that we may be getting for FREE!!! Hope that DH likes it.

Weather: windy, Sunny temps 70.

Dinner: Pizza, Hamburgers and DH made Breakfast: Choc. Chip Pancakes (use mini choc chips, they don't melt as much as the big ones).

Thursday, July 19, 2007

who says only cats sleep in the sun?

Bumpkins sleeping in the sun last week. She had been laying across the door frame- but by the time I came back w/the camera she was laying down here. Her words were "I sleep".

Knitting: Nothing new, haven't ran a lifeline or frogged anymore. Nor do I have anything calling me to put it on needles. Haven't even started any of my stitching, quilting, or jam making.

Have been in a funk lately. Kind of depressed. Yesterday was kind of crazy. Thing Two got into alot of trouble yesterday am. And 6:30 in the am is not the time to be mouthing off to your dad. And the trouble was all over video games- the amount of time playing games. Then today my day started out bad. Last night at 1:30 there was a request for a plunger. The request was worded thusly: the upstairs toilet is overflowing and going onto the pipes. The lad didn't know how to turn off the toilet if it was overflowing. So it leaked through the floor into the downstairs laundry room. I got up to a sink full of dishes in the kitchen and wet, stinky towels all over the bathroom floor. I had to wring out the towels finish sopping up the water and then wash the towels before work. Now I need to mop the floor w/a disinfectant as the water was nasty.
Thing One and Thing Two won't be working very long tonight (if they are even working at all) fishing has been shut down. Not enough escapement to the rivers. Thing One is driving to Anchorage tomorrow. He still needs to get his studs (studded tires) removed and insurance on his car.

Today there was a luncheon for women at church- I didn't attend as I didn't make childcare arrangements. Oh well. Finished the week one of this set of lessons. Some of these kids have been in lessons all summer, don't the parents know that the kids need a break (as do the instructors)? Today learned something else not to stand/sit on. Did you know that 3 long swim barbells can be put side by side and 3 more will fit cross wise on them to form a raft? Well Alena built one and pushed it up against the side of the pool. I then scootched my bum onto it (I didn't jump) and as soon as I plopped my 120 lbs. down on it. I flipped over. Everyone watching said it was very comical. When Alena went to try it, Nige saw her and said NO!! When he was informed that I did it, his response was "he wasn't aware of what Janet was doing and he still would have said NO." Guess I could have flipped over and hit my head on the side of the pool. I had plenty of first aid available (2 guards standing right over me and 2 in the water). That was fun.

Weather today and yesterday: sunny and in the low 70's
Dinner: hamburgers, fried onions, mushrooms, tater tots. (didn't have them on Tuesday night.)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good Kitty!

Athena bringing in her treasure. She had already jumped in the window, I was able to pick her and her treasure up together and throw them both out. Usually she brings the treasure's in alive and lets them loose in my room. But this one was already dead. She wasn't to happy about being locked out. (I think I will go wash my window).
Knitting: not much done as I had to visit the frog pond last night (with 4 in left to go.) Today will run a lifeline through and then finish frogging. Then onto reknitting the last 4.5 inches.

Movies watched this week: Because I said so (good movie of what not to do as a mom). Broken Bridges (excellent movie), Everyone's Hero (good kid flick, Bumpkin was really into it.)

Have been trying to weed my flower beds 15 min each day. I have 4 beds and 3 are out of control. I am not even discussing the garden- that is its own jungle.

Thing One and Thing Two didn't get home from work until almost 10 this am. They pitched fish for almost 16 hrs. lots of Overtime. big money night for them. Today I started my last set of 3 week long swim lessons. Good thing too as I am getting tired of teaching lessons all the time. 3 sets of beginners each day the kids kind of run together. I was subbing for Alena today and Fred had to do a rescue on one of the kids. The tyke let go of the wall and it was a pluck them out of the water. I didn't even know about it until Nige and big boss were discussing it as I went to leave. Oh well that is why we have guards. DH went to order my book for me (knitter's almanac) but the internet went down. He will order it some time.

Strange stuff: But it may generate some interest at Prom. Couple 3894 are from Nikiski Ak. I don't know if they won the competition or not. They did an excellent job on their outfits.

Weather: sunny windy and 70 degrees
Dinner: Hamburgers, fried onions and mushrooms, cheese and tater tots (anyone else hungry?)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Shopping Day

Finally pix of Bumpkin's Tank top. I am using size 7 long needles and making a size two. Already discovered an error in the knitty pattern. I am pleased that the colors came out very close to what they are. This is the front.

Here is the back of Bumpkin's Tank top. 1/2 way done didn't finish it last night will work on it more today. Do I block it before sewing the sides together? It is Berrocco Lullaby yarn. So soft and nice. Stretchy ribbon.
What did have I done today? folded laundry, have 2 more loads to go. Need to clean house, I will do that after Thing One and Thing Two go to work. I did go grocery shopping what an event that was. Went to a bulk food warehouse and it was Combat shopping. Very strange, someone else thought so too. While Bumpkin's and I were there we saw our Public Health Nurse, she commented on the fact that Bumpkin's is putting weight on. Nice day so I took Bumpkin's to a park to play that was fun. Went to McDonald's and bought Bumpkin's lunch and got DH a milkshake. Couldn't find him so I drank the milkshake. 1- McDonalds have gross choc. shakes. 2- They must use milk as I am now sick. 3- Lactose intolerant people shouldn't drink milk.
Now it is nap time and all is well. Except Thing One is asking for creamer (they went through almost 30 oz. of creamer in 3 days). I can't afford to feed these bottomless pits. They eat all the time. A large bag of cereal gone in 4 days- or was it two. They complain because there is no food to eat, bologna - they don't like, hot dogs- won't eat w/o buns. Lunch meat- need lettuce, tomato. Beans and leftovers- out of the question.
Oh great Thing One and Two are fighting. Thing One is Thing Two's ride to and from work. We are not getting up to pick him up from work at 5 am. Not when we go to work at 7:00 and 8:00 ourselves. Thing Two should have taken better care of his bike.
Will Link to Kazul's blog (when she gets her pix up) but nephew T is an Eagle Scout. Good Job T. (Kazul too, as you went through a lot of work also).

Random web site: What is this? A bathtub, or a chair, or an enormous dust collector?
Weather: Sunny temps in the mid 60's.
Dinner tonight- should be grilled as it is to warm for the oven.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Destiny Conference Starts

Anther pic of Bumpkin's taking a bath.
Knitting: Finished front side of Bumpkin's tank top (not really sunny enough out to take pix.) CO and have knitted 2 1/2 inches of the back. Hope to finish that up today. Wore my scarf to the new Harry Potter movie.

Yesterday was fun. Went to a class reunion (not mine- KCHS class of 1987) it was out at the fields by the pool. What a turnout they had, I am so glad that I went. Some of those folks were my close friends from 8th grade until I graduated. Hadn't seen some of them in 21 yrs. Talked about people who have been out of contact w/. One guy Sterling Strickler hasn't been heard from since he joined the Army band as a Bassoonist. What is the Army doing w/a Bassoonist? A trumpet player, clarinet, sax and drummer I understand those but a BASSOONIST? A few others were/are in Iraq, some of the guys had served in Desert Storm so that was discussed as well.
After the picnic, Bumpkins went to CC's and I went to the movies with DH. Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix was nicely done. Some wonderful knits- good portrayal of Luna. Didn't stay to close to the story line though.
I overdid yesterday as I am sick again today. Can't go to either of the 2 church picnics (one of them would have several of the people from yesterday). 20 yrs ago the Kenai Methodist Church had a very large youth group. The other church picnic is for Soldotna Church of God, kick off of Destiny Conference. Almost like a revival- church every night of the week. I am scheduled to do nursery duty on Tuesday. The one night DH doesn't have to go to church for music. So I might not be blogging very much this week.
Weather cloudy slight sprinkles
Dinner: ?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sick Friday

Bumpkins taking a bath. Yes she is in a rubbermaid tote- I can't use the big bath as the teenage boys use that one. And well it is gross, and I hate to have to scrub it everyday to use it. (The boys don't like to pick the drain, so they took the drain thingy off and all the hair goes down the drain and plugs it up.) We need to buy stock in liquid plumber.

Knitting: Have 1 1/2 inches of Bumpkins ruffle done for her tank. I am trying like mad to finish it tonight. Hoping to knit the ruffle on and do the straps so that one side will be done and I can post a pic of it tomorrow. (Here's hoping that it is sunny).

Didn't go to work today as I have the flu. Bumpkins shared with me. It is so nice to share. Thing Two brought home another salmon (which is residing nicely in my deep freeze 1 down 45 more to go). Thing One and Thing Two's laundry was really nasty today- imagine pitching fish for 12 hours. I almost threw up because of the stench. DH worked today as it was cloudy then sunny. He will work tomorrow if it is nice again. Took Bumpkins outside because it was nice out. Had to run off some of her excess energy.
I was having a rough night for awhile until I prayed for my spirit man to overcome my flesh man. Wow dinner was nice- no real complaints. And there were plenty before dinner. The power of prayer. It is 8 pm and Thing One wants to go job hunting, he also wants me to take him down to the gas station to fill up a gas can for his car. Not happening- one I was sick today and shouldn't go out. Two I am not transporting gas in my van w/Bumpkins. Way too dangerous. DH went to band.

Dinner: Taco salad, with corn tortillas or fritos.
Weather: Sunny temps must be in the high 60's.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Rainy day

Another Alaskan wildflower pic. These are pink irises.
Knitting: recast on and have knitted 2 rows on Bumpkins ruffle for her tank top. I was hoping to finish this up on Saturday but I am several days behind. Oh well it will get done before the end of the month.

Today was the last day of this set of swim lessons. 5 more weeks to go or two sets left. Big Boss wants to send me to Wasilla in Sept. for Water Aerobic Instructor training. I would like to go, but if DH goes to the slope than my pool hours have to change (can't be working 9 hr days w/a family to take care of). Okay not just 9 hrs but having Bumpkins in daycare from 1100 am to almost 10 pm. That is to late to be coming home to teenagers also.
DH didn't work again today (rainy) sad thing is he will probably be working this weekend. So much for our hot date on Sat. to see the new Harry Potter Movie. Oh well it will come out on DVD soon enough. DH and Thing One are going round and round. Thing One isn't liking our rules again. Oh to be 18 again. NOT!!!! Just hope that he can take care of all his bills and then go and get his GED. Than he can have a life (Go NAVY). Thing Two has youth court tonight- finally than he will go to work. Maybe DH will go to Blockbuster's and get us a movie for tonight. That would be good. Have to send Netflix back (if I can figure out where I put them yesterday).
Dinner tonight :? what will jump out of the freezer.
Weather: RAINY

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Flower pictures

Oh no the fireweed is already blooming. Legend has it that once the fireweed blooms then there is only a short time until winter and how tall the fireweed grows is how much snow we will get. Thankfully this a dwarf fireweed, so it is just a pretty magenta color. (White stuff isn't snow, just broken up sheetrock).Knitting: Finished 8.5 in. on Bumpkins tank top, have co for the ruffle but have to frog as my count is all wrong. I am modifying the pattern, only putting the ruffle on the front and using cc color for straps and 4 rows on the back. That way she can wear the shirt w/a cardigan. By the time that I am done she will have a complete outfit in this lullaby stuff. Shirt, cardigan, skirt, leggings and hat. NO SOX!!

Haven't blogged lately as DH hasn't worked and is on the comp. Also Bumpkins is having trouble sleeping (very difficult to blog when nursing/or with a tot that is awake.) I think that I am ready to wean, I hate the way her teeth feel against me, the way she pulls on me and is stretching me out, the way her hands pull my hair.

I have been working every day this week again. Thing one and Two have night jobs at the dock, so when they come home at 4 am they wake everyone up. They did bring home a salmon though (very tasty). DH called and woke Bumpkins and I up. She didn't go back down and she was asleep for maybe 45 min. Tonight is going to be rough. Overtired cranky two year old.

Since I missed my Monday random website: Crocs are taking over the world. They come in High Heels also.

Strange Stuff: Midwives and Ob's would like this.

Weather today: finally sunny and 65. The last few days rainy.
Dinner:(last night) Fresh Silver Salmon marinated in teriyaki, soy sauce, lemon juice, liquid smoke, and olive oil then grilled, side dishes: rice and mixed veggies.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sick Day Sunday

Bumpkins playing her drumset. I got these for her before she was even a year old. She has been playing them every day- drumsticks are wooden spoons. Wooden spoons are so versatile and can be used for everything.
Knitting: Have finished 4 inches of Bumpkins Tank top. Why is it considered a fast knit? I must be really slow at knitting. Have been looking for hair scrunchies as the time for those is fast approaching. No new work done on the quilt though- busy knitting and reading.

Today lots of laundry!! Thing 2 had 3 loads and DH, Bumpkins and myself had 5 loads plus the towels that were left over from yesterday's laundry. Last night Bumpkins generated A LOT of laundry. Nothing like getting thrown up on at 1:00 in the am, at least she did it in the bathroom and not in our bed. Today she is much better and I am sick. She slept in her crib from 2:00 until 5:30 this am and I slept on the concrete floor next to her bed. It was easier to grab her from there if she got sick again and i am way to old to be sleeping on hard concrete. My back was sore today, and I really tweaked it when I went to pick up Bumpkins.
Yeah!! Thing one and Two are working. They went in to work today- but tomorrow is a fish day. They were a day early. Thing Two called me to come pick him up and when I got there he was already gone. His reasoning was Thing One was going home so he got a ride w/him and he didn't know my cell number. On my way home after going over the bridge there was a baby moose bounding through the swamp toward the highway. So cute- but I was looking all over for the mama. Bad idea to get between mama and baby. Sorry I had no camera to take pix.

Dinner tonight: Chuck steaks marinated in soy and teriayaki cooked on the grill, mashed potatoes, and veggies.
Weather rainy, cloudy, sunny temps today went up to the 60's.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

weekend update

Since everybody likes pix. A neighbor's front yard full of daisies. I have none of these flowers in my yard. Think that I will go find some and stick them in my live or die flower bed.
Knitting: The last couple of days have been spent making gauges for Bumpkins tank top. Today I co w/8 us using the knitted CO method then knitted 4 rows of garter before going to 7 us for the ss. I want to get 4 in. done today but this is taking bloody forever. I am only up to 2 in. and if I spent all my free time knitting this then the laundry wouldn't get done and neither would my other unfinished projects. But have I mentioned how soft Lullaby yarn is? The down side is that it snags on my fingers (they are all dried out from work).

Worked yesterday am was dragging all day. I woke up after spending 2 hrs in the water. Thing one has a job that requires him to go to work at 5 pm, he got off of work at 2. He was supposed to call and he did, but he called my cell phone which is set to vibrate. So we didn't hear it and he walked home (3 mi aprox.) and got in at 3 am. Lesson learned- take better care of your car so you have transportation when you need it. But did he learn that? No. It is our fault (DH and I) for not getting the car fixed when he mentioned the problem. Oh well problem fixed now. Bumpkins is sick, she has the flu. Had to go back to diapers today, she really doesn't like them. But after going through 4 pairs of panties, diapers looked really good. Easy cleanup. Just hope that she doesn't throw up in our bed tonight. Last night she slept from 11 to 5:30 in her crib. Had a really bad scare though- Athena (the cat) woke me up around 1 and I checked on Bumpkins. I have quilts hanging over her crib rails to keep her sleeping area warm and draft free. Well Bumpkins had her face up against one of the heavy quilts and I was scared that she was suffocated. Needless to say that that quilt got moved here and now. I will hang it on the other side of the rail so that doesn't happen. Today I escaped over to my knitting mentors for a couple of hrs. She is still impressed w/how even my stitches are for a new knitter. And she has been through what we are going through w/Thing one. Big relief to talk to someone who has been there even though hers ended sadly. (Her oldest died of a OD in his own home).
Last night went out to meet DH's bass player of his new band, Danger Pig. (Long sad story in the name.) The house was where DH lived w/his 2nd wife, I didn't like it- too small. This world is so small. The bass player's Aunt is my old hairdresser, who we call Auntie Bonnie. She agreed that Bumpkins and Princess are not at all alike. And she told me that it was because of the different dad's temperaments. Bumpkins doesn't have to be perfect (just her self imposed tendencies) where as Princess did have to be good and perfect all the time (even from a very young age.) Bumpkins is so smart she knows some of her colors and count up to 11 w/minimal help.

Tonight dinner: Pizza and beer
Todays' weather was sunny this am, then cloudy and windy tonight.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Knitting: No knitting done. Am looking for hair scrunchy patterns to go w/the scarf. Need to weave ends in for scarf- I don't like the fringe idea. Will be co tank top for Bumpkins tonight. Need to use up some of her stash. Didn't realize how much yarn I had for her (until I went comfort shopping and bought more.) Went to the library and checked out some more knitting books. Domiknitrix (taking it back- it only has one pattern that I am interested in) and minnies quickknits for babies and toddlers.

Survey says: What makes a WIP a Wip and not UFO? Please comment!!
This is Bumpkins doll baby blanket. I took it out last night and discovered that I only needed to sew up one nine patch block and the border blocks to finish this. So why did I ever stop. This weeks goal is to finish this. I started this last winter and quit about the time I really started to knit. So this has been a WIP or a UFO?
Thursdays topics are now UFO to WIP days.

Today was a rough day, it was really hard to go to work after having yesterday off. My cleaning and shopping chores are so far behind. I only had Sunday and Wednesday off this week. I know I only work in the am but that throws my whole day off. So went to bulk grocery store tonight w/Bumpkins and also the library. Checked out knitting books, a cookbook (I love reading cookbooks) and a new Tea Shop Mystery Dragonwell Dead.
Dinner tonight was tuna helper. DH cooked.
Today's weather rainy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Knitting: I finished the hufflepuff scarf before midnight last night. CO the night of July 1 and finished at 11:43 pm July 3. It is knit w/19 (us size) needles and yarn used is yellow and black fun fur and yellow and black worsted weight acrylic. Not sure if I want to use fringe or not. Until I decide than the ends won't be woven in. Time to choose a new project what will it be? Should I put all my ideas on slips of paper and then draw them out of a basket? Or should I p/u some embroidery project that has been languishing in bags for years? I still have a scarf on the needles so there is knitting going to be done.

Here is a close up of the scarf. The open lace work can't be seen.

This is all that is left. Not enough for another set of stitches in the project but to much to discard. Oh what to do? Don't want to keep it in stash as I need to make more space for my comfort shopping.
I don't like blogger as you need to upload your pix in reverse order of how you want them to appear. Oh well. What happens when a 2 yr. old gets into 1/2 a case of creamers and opens one up? She also dumped the open one all over the remaining creamers inside of the box. Needless to say the said creamers get a shower, then are put on a towel to dry off.
Here are some of the creamers in my shower. She was a very busy girl tonight.

Today was spent watching a parade no pix as I forgot the camera. I have one on my phone but cannot retrieve pix from it yet. And to top it all off I missed the perfect one of Bumpkins meeting the goat. When we got home Thing one and Two were upset that we didn't take them w/us to the parade. I didn't think that they wanted to go as this parade was small town- they are used to Seattle parades. Then we went out to the camp for a potluck dinner. Bumpkins didn't nurse all day, she didn't eat either. Bumpkins ate a red dum dum and didn't break out. She was hyper and mean, but that could be from a lot of sugar and no sleep. DH is practicing songs for his new band. They have a gig this Friday. Ultimately they want to go on a USO tour. I say get a job!!!! But as a supporting wife blah blah blah blah I have to go w/what he wants. That isn't worded right. I will support him in some of his plans and pray that God has a hand on him.

Todays weather rainy, cloudy, rainy. The sun came out for the parade.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

Knitting: Hufflepuff scarf is almost 1/2 way done. I messed up the stitches again. And I signed up for another KAL. This one is Elizabeth Zimmerman Almanac. Sounds like fun- the firsts project is the pi shawl. Which I won't be doing as I can't find any of her books around town. Will have Princess look around where she lives.

Since everybody loves pics. Here is the Honeysuckle bush outside of my house. It seriously needs to be moved and pruned. You can't even see the window behind the bush. Just wish my crabapple tree was this big.
Thing One has a job at a cannery working Mondays and Thursdays, just hope that the fish run is good this year. Thing 2's friend was almost taken home late last night. The boys were pretty loud until late! Thing One decided that he needed to play the guitar w/amp at 11:00 pm. I get up at 6 am to go to work. That amp was not on long. Strange the only way that I got quieted down to sleep was to visualize the inside of my ball of yarn w/me inside. Oh how cozy it was. Thing One volunteered to watch Bumpkins instead of her going to daycare. Sadly enough I had to say no. He isn't responsible enough and he needs real work. The other night while I made dinner Bumpkins was very busy- she somehow opened an old kilz bucket and proceeded to put her sister's jewelry box (which Bumpkin's had taken all apart) in it. The kilz was dried up but there was some kind of liquid in the bottom. YIKES!!! So that is now outside where she can't get into it anymore. Work today went by fast- even though we were one guard short. The kid read the schedule wrong. Kazul is in Pendelton watching fireworks launch in darkness. The only time we get fireworks here is for the fair in August and after Thanksgiving. Nothing like watching a parade and fireworks in negative temps.

I decided that Tuesday's would be Things That I would NEVER consider making, I am surprised that someone did. So this is a Guy's What?

Todays weather was sunny 48 this am, rainy, and now sunny and mid 60s. Nothing is growing very fast except the weeds.

Monday, July 2, 2007

La Leche night

Knitting: the Hufflepuff scarf is as long as one arm. About 1/2 done. It will be done before the OTP comes out. Then onto my cross stitch as I can hear it calling to me. Hmm... unless I cut out this quilt and sew it.
More comfort shopping from yesterday. This material is for the lighthouse portion of DM's quilt. She really likes Cape Hatteras Lighthouse- so that is the colors that I will be using. I hope that she likes this, as she is old school in the thought that only one kind of texture/fabric goes into a quilt. ie.. only use cotton. Me on the other hand believe that anything can go in a quilt. If I can figure out to to sew knit items then handknits will be in quilts also. Can you imagine the different textures?
Busy day: Got to sleep in. That was nice (DH did set the alarm clock for 5:30 though). Brought Bumpkins to work with me this am. Alena had to teach lessons and I guarded for her. Her sister Racheal watched Bumpkins. They played outside for almost an hr. it was foggy out but warm enough. Then they played w/the ball and watched Shrek. One of Alena's classes is very hands on, glad that isn't mine. After work I delivered a bunch of outgrown clothes to a friend of mine. This friend has 3 girls, oldest is a mommy and married, middle is 20 pregnant, not married (the father of the baby is not a good choice for her), and the the youngest is 18 (same age as Princess). I visited w/the mom for quite awhile, she needed a mom talk. I just pray for the girl as the road that she is on isn't a good one. I know this because I was her. Then Bumpkins and I came home took a nap, and went to the La Leche meeting. That was so interesting, Bumpkins will be getting weaned here soon. But first to get her in her own bed all night. The interesting thing is Alaska is ranked 3rd on Breastfeeding in the nation. That's pretty good. What happened on the Delta flight wouldn't happen here in this state. One everybody nurses and two it is accepted. If I had been in a big city w/a Delta counter, I so would have been part of that sit-in. If I had been on the plane, we would have been kicked off also.

Thing Two has a friend over.

Random website: The Jackalopes cousin the Fishalope

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Comfort shopping

Knitting: This is what I am knitting, a seaweed wrap (but in Hufflepuff colors). I had to stop because I was watching a movie and then realized that my yarn went very skinny. Yikes I ran out of yellow/black. I am knitting this in yellow and black fun fur and yellow and black acrylic worsted on 19 needles. I am getting the hang of all of the yos. But sometimes can't remember if the previous lace row was started w/yo or k2tog. Oh well. Off to the LYS if it is open today. I couldn't get there before work yesterday (spent to much time at Fred Meyer's).
Got to the LYS and since the yellow that I was using was discontinued, no one has any. So to the frog pond it goes. To be made into a scarf (same pattern w/fewer stitches co).

So the Hufflepuff shawl became this. It wound up in nicely in 30 min. and it took several hrs. to knit it up. DH said that he was sad.

So onto my comfort shopping:

And I got this at my LYS. Clearance lullaby black to go with Bumpkins fushia Lullaby yarn. Sad news on the lullaby, Berrocco has discontinued that stuff. I also bought Bumpkins a pattern. No yarn for my KVVS pal because the LYS didn't have any local yarn to sell. And I want to send Alaskan yarn to my new friend. I have the land to raise merino's but not the time or money. Someday I will have sheep, spinning wheel, loom, and I will be very happy. So I bought this at JoAnnes for $1.97 gotta love the clearance sales. Just hope that you get enough or else you are doomed for all time.

To update on what is happening here. Thing 2 went to camp. YEAH!!! Thing 1 might have a job at Subway. Princess is trying to utilize Fly Lady routines. I am so proud of her- (I certainly did not teach her how to keep your house from overwhelming you). Bumpkins is getting bigger :( she says refrigerator and it is so cute. Right now she is refusing to go down for her nap, she is tired but since I am running out of milk I can't nurse her as long as she wants. That and she is getting so big. Can't hold both her and laptop and type. I have been working some strange shifts lately. Friday 10:30 am to 4 pm and then Saturday 3 pm till 9 pm. Joey tried to tell me that there was rental and I wouldn't get out of there until almost 11. Yeah right, I read the schedule (sometimes).
I can't believe that this very important info didn't get put in my KVVS questionnaire:
  1. My most favorite flower in the whole world is Sunflowers. Ok I collect them, to the extent that the top of my wedding cake was a sunflower. My wedding colors were yellow and cobalt blue. Almost all the flowers were sunflowers. Now try to get fresh sunflowers in February. Now I have lots of silk flowers.
  2. I truly love fresh salt water taffy. Not the stale stuff that we get here.
Movies watched recently: Willow- excellent, old but still very good. Bridge to Teribithia- excellent, sad but stayed pretty true to book. (I read the book at least 10 times, one of Princess's favs.) Fountain- good, strange and hard to follow. Very deep.
Weather today is rainy. Yesterday was hot and sunny 68.