Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wow Wednesday!

Ok it is Wednesday and I missed Random Monday and strange stuff Tuesday. My only excuse is I am tired and busy.

Monday: I spent sewing little black and white squares for DH's guitar quilt together (when at 45 degrees out I should have taken Bumpkin's and knitting outside). Yep 45 degrees- the snow is GONE! Then Bumpkin's and I went to the library where I checked out Arctic Lace a book on knitting w/qiviut. (a girl can dream can't she?) Then the grocery store and back home for a while. Bumpkin's went out to Nana's and played w/Obi while I went to work. Another thing that I did was destroy the alien lifeforms growing in my couch. ( I vacuumed the inside and found 60 cents and a pair of socks).

Tuesday: After a long night Bumpkins didn't sleep well. I went to work for one of my long days. The last set of swim lessons before Christmas started. I am in the water for 3 hrs each day- 3 different sets of beginners swimming lessons. (I no longer shower at home!). No knitting or sewing on that day.

Wednesday: 3 loads of laundry, cooked 2 turkey carcasses down for soup. Work and then church.

Knitting almost done w/another pouch. Think that there is only 5 rows left to go.

Random website: An interesting way to help others and enrich your vocabulary. Free Rice! My highest vocab level is 35. What is yours?

Strange Stuff: And because there are only 26 days until Christmas presents have to be done. For the next few weeks I will be posting fast strange gifts for someone (maybe!).
Thee first one takes a bit of work and some money and scrounging for parts. ipod Retro Radio.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

L is for.......

Limits: There must be a weight limit for ironing boards. I have to reorganize the material shelves for my newest material. I can't buy anymore yarn until I use up some- there is no more room in my yarn tote.

Love: Everyone loves Athena.

Lists: I have started my cookie and candy making lists.
Cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, monster, clove.
Candy: Fudge, Kahlua, Rum balls, Bread: Scones (oatmeal, cinnamon chocolate chip) gingerbread.
And the list of doom (what definitely won't get done for Christmas). DH scarf will get done if I do 15 inches a week. 3 sets of doll baby clothes and the main body of the jack-a-lope slippers. Also one sock for DM.

Weather: 40 and windy/ cloudy. All the snow has melted, the trees are starting to bud w/leaves and there is ice in the puddles.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend highlights

DM came over for Thanksgiving
dinner- we had a lot of turkey. Then
later I called Kazul because I saw that on her blog that T came home for Thanksgiving. Princess and T talked awhile. They haven't talked on the phone in a long time.
Princess, CC and I got up and went to Fred Meyer's for the 5 am opening. We then went to Jo-Anns. What a long wait that one was. We got Jo-Anns around 6:30 and didn't get out of there until 8:30. Flannel was 99 cents a yard- the cutting line was long! But I got some nice flannel for DH's quilt also got some Patton's wool for $3.00 a skein. Princess still needs to pick out her fabric for her quilt. I returned home before 10:00 after a quick stop at Gottshcalks. DH then went to Home Depot. He returned almost an hr later w/lights.

DM and I went to Kenai's craft fair where I got more Alpaca yarn. Bumpkins kept saying she wanted to see animals. (Think she was remembering the fair where all the animals and wool where).

And after a nap- we took Princess to the airport and then went to the parade.

Ok kazul- sit down. Little bitty city of Kenai has a marching band again. Actually it is a Drum line... and they braved the 35 degree w/misty rain to perform. Kind of strange seeing people in the parade wearing jeans and tennis shoes. Last year it was 10 below zero. Alaska- where people are happy for global warming. (Just kidding- kind of.)

DH went to the other end of the strip w/us and then left us. There was a worship team playing at Kings Cross (a local Christian Bookstore) and they needed DH's help. So he stayed there until Late.
Bumpinks and I went to the Fireworks. She really liked the pretty lights.

Today Bumpkin's and I
went shopping for ice cream cake, and really good steaks all for Thing Two's seventeenth birthday. We also stopped in at another craft fair- a Thousand villages. That is something that needs to be added to the Friday after Thanksgiving stops. Bumpkin's found something for Princess for Christmas- now to see if she will willing to part with it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

strange stuff Tuesday

Bumpkin's has had a busy week!

And this is what I came home to last Tuesday night. A blue dresser and blue colored bathroom doors (the doors were white to start with!). It took 15 minutes of scrubbing w/soft scrub to remove the coloring on the dresser. The bathroom door will be painted.

And this is what a cat looks like after it has had a shower. Yes I know cats don't like water- but they don't like to be covered in baby shampoo even better. Bumpkin's decided that Athena needed a bath w/soap. So she put baby shampoo on her. And the last picture is of Athena stealing Bumpkins gingerbread waffle.

Breakfast: whole wheat pancakes, eggs, and sausage.

Strange stuff Tuesday: And because everyone stuffs their turkey with something, how does this sound- a turducken serves 15-25 and if that isn't big enough how about a stuffed camel serves 80 - 100.

Monday, November 19, 2007

K is for ..........

Knitting: Lots of it!

This is an enjoyable scarf cast on November 16 with size US8 needles and worked with US 7 needles.

Drawstring pouches- these are so addicting! Knitted each one in a week and w/size US 6 DPNs. Stash acrylic yarn.

Edited: The bag on left was knit w/ salmon fish egg colored acrylic yarn and off white. the bag on the right was knit w/ a mauve variegated acrylic yarn from 1988. (Stash busters!).

Finished the Sara Blanche Scarf. Knitted w/US 7 needles (does it need blocking?).

Kontests: (ok so it is Contests) and there are several! First Jane's with her 300 th post. And there is Lucy's 150 posts. And another one Dandy with 500 posts ( now that is alot of blogging!) And Dandy has links to even more contests!

Random website: I sure could have used this brush last night for Athena.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have now joined the knitter ranks!

Knitting: Cast on for Secret Sisters scarf this morning found an awesome pattern over on (ravelry) gasp! Also did several rows on the new drawstring pouch. And now to explain this posts heading. A coworker saw me knitting during break, and said "I would so love a pair of long, soft, squishie, warm socks." I umm say "Do you want me to make you a pair?" The answer was yes! So I turned her loose on Raverlry and she found a pair that she wants me to make. Can you say easy? Think I will bring in some Lion's brand lambs wool for her to see if she likes that yarn, then find out how much will be needed and then let her go get the yarn for me to knit it up. Also a lady a church gave me several skeins of acrylic yarn (red heart) including the camo that I have been looking for.

Another long day at work. Did get trained to be supervisor next week. Got out of work late- the boys were sloooow cleaning tonight. Also I don't like winter. Not only are the roads slick, but the grit to make sidewalks less icy- is nasty to clean up. We are mopping the floors at work 3 times a day, the locker rooms have to be hosed 2X's a day. And that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Works in progress Wednesday

DH hooked the other laptop up to a monitor- so now we have pictures again. (I am so spoiled- the other laptop is upstairs in the music room and I am used to blogging in bed at the other end of the house).
So for Jopal and Lynn some snow. Taken this morning (if you look closely you might even see the snow falling). Winter is now here.

And this is a work in progress for DH for Christmas. I still need to outline stitch almost everything. Somehow it is already full of mistakes. First the quilt square isn't big enough- I cut it out an 1 1/2 inches to narrow. And then didn't reverse the templates. Oh well- the best thing about a quilt is almost anything goes!

And finally DM's socks- frogged for the 3rd time this am. I lost track of where I was in a K3 p1 sequence. I really like the way the colors go together. It is DM's colors. Has anyone else noticed that sockotta is kind of splitty?

Not pictured but cast on for a scarf for my secret sister at church. (I needed some bible study knitting). Also have cast on for another drawstring bag.

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Thank you all for hanging in there with me while I have no pictures. Also, I have lost some of the blogs that I read. Jopal, Tucker's mom, Quiddity, Purple is a fruit, if you have links to these or are the link please help to recover them. Also if you notice that I am not commenting on your blog, then it is more than likely that I lost that link too.

Knitting: Cast on for another drawstring pouch (man those are addicting!)

Well I am tired and hungry and Bumpkin's finally went down to sleep. Maybe I will find a way to post pictures tomorrow.

Strange Stuff Tuesday! And for all of us that will need an apron next week- how about having our kids whip this one up for us. When we are done w/dinner just throw it in the compost heap- I love the no mess idea.

Weather: Today was snowy, rainy, sleety and I did see some clear skies. Roads were Nasty! Very slick! Did I mention the wind? I was trying to convince my co-workers to do a power outage dance (no power for 20 min.- pool gets shut down!).

Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Website Monday

Knitting: Finished the Sarah Blanche Scarf-wove in all ends, found the 2 dropped stitches (surprising that there were only 2 of them what w/losing needles and what not). DH helped block it. Also finished a drawstring pouch- only 4 more to make. CO on for DM's socks and messed up the ribbing so I frogged it. After casting on again w/bigger needles, Bumpkins frogged it.

Kazul sold her house. She now needs to find one in the Pendleton area (Hopefully really soon- would be nice for her to have a new place fo for Christmas).

Princess is back from a debate meet at George Fox University in Newburg, Oregon. She said that she did pretty good- broke into semi finals. That is awesome!

Today was spent doing laundry, lots of it. Thing Two was asked twice yesterday to bring his laundry downstairs. Well he didn't do it until 9:30 and I don't do laundry that late! So today I did 3 loads of his stuff and then started on DH, Bumpkins and mine. Thing Two comes home from school and asks can you do laundry for me tonight. ARGGG! Another load. So now I am 2 loads shy of being done- which won't happen tonight. I am tired, and still have to fold the load in the dryer and have one more in the washer. On the other hand- the bread that I baked in the bread machine last night rose and wonder of wonders Thing Two liked it.

And now for my Thanksgiving Day dinner Menu:
Turkey, Mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, bread, green salad, green bean casserole, steamed carrots in honey and nutmeg, sweet potatoes, squash and apple bake. And for the dessert pies: apple, pumpkin and sweet potato with whipping cream. Drinks: eggnog, spiced cider, coffee, soda. We will be serving DH, myself, Thing Two, DM, Princess, Bumpkins and whomever Princess drags home. Now what did I forget? Princess you will be the only one the brussel sprouts.

Random Website: This is an excellent way to get through the holidays, moving, or even just cleaning your house. I LOVE HER! She has helped me soooo very much! I bring you FlyLady! Seriously give her a chance to help you- however little you do it will make a HUGE difference!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

J is for .....

Last Tuesday I backed my car into the brick wall at work. Then Wednesday when I went in to work, Rod said "Hey, I don't know what you did, but it was bad. Big Boss wants you in her office". Ok so I head up that way instead of going into the locker room to change. I walk by the front counter and the secretary says "I already said a prayer for you". So I knock on big bosses door. Big Boss says " Come in, have a seat and shut the door." Oh yikes, so I sit down next to Nige (who also is sitting in the office). Big Boss says " So you backed into the building last night, I spoke to Risk Management and we need a copy of your drivers license, proof of insurance." I say "ok". Then Big Boss continues "Also you are on leave without pay until the results of a UA come through. The Medicenter has an appointment available at 12:15, so if you leave now you will just make it". I reply "You are joking". Big Boss said "No" I responded with "What about lessons?" (Nige and I are the only certified WSI's in our facility). Big Boss said "Nige is working on that one". When I glanced at Nige, he turned away like he was consulting a notebook. I then say "Next time I won't tell anyone that I backed into the bldg." I started to cry realizing that I would be on unpaid leave for indefinite period of time. And kept repeating "leave w/o pay?". Finally I reached for my bag and was proceeding to head out the door when Big Boss said " Janet we are just joking! You don't have to do any of that". I was absolutely stunned in complete shock. She then asked " What was I thinking when I backed into the bldg". I backed into it because well my mind was going 20 different directions and I totally forgot that the wall was behind me until thud.

Later that night someone else put a rubberband around the sprayer at the sink. And when Rod turned the water on, water sprayed everywhere. Needless to say he is out work for a period of time. And I had to fill in for him on Friday 7-11 am. Silver lining in all of this: not sure for Rod, but for me- I now have keys and the code to enter into the bldg. and was properly shown on how to check for chlorine in the water. As I am a.m. supervisor on Tuesday.

Took Bumpkin's swimming on Friday evening- she had a blast as usual.
Had a strange experience at church today, during the message I got a high pitched buzzing in my ears than I heard voices (garbled and full of static (like a radio station not tuned in right). No one else heard it. Very odd.

Got a box from Kazul. A Happy 40th birthday box. In it were 40 cheerful stickers to keep you in smiles, 40 tiny tropical buttons to add a spot of color to the 40th year your enjoying, 40 caramel candies to keep you sweet this year, 40 chocolate truffles- abunch of tasty hugs to start off your 40th year, 40 inches of elastic- to help keep you flexible in this 40th milestone, 40 inches of fiery red velcro to help you keep things together- a definite must after you turn 40, 40 quotes (in a little box that says cheerful quotes, there a 40 in here).

Well those are my friends, family and co-workers. I hope that all of yours are nicer to you on your birthday! (I didn't tell my co-workers when my birthday was or how old I was going to be- they would have gone wild w/the black stuff!).

Weather: Rainy, snowy and icy roads

Ediditedon 10/12/07: I really liked Kazul's gift box. It was very thoughtful and delicious!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wednesdays works in progress

Works in progress: I have pictures... but the Dell laptop died and we can't find the cables for the camera to talk to the other comps. So there will be some long posts w/o photos. Sorry!

Knitting: Bumpkins leggings 2/3 done. DH quilt square: working on the outline stitch.

And now the meme from Lynn 7 random facts about me:

  1. My girls are 16 yrs apart (there is only 4 days between their birthdays).
  2. I was running slightly ahead of time for work (unusual) and after pulling my shirt over my head. The pronged sequin lodged itself into my nose like a piercing. I had to have assistance to remove shirt from sequin than ask permission to go to the dr. Boss Nige thought that I was joking. My head boss asked if I had been running late- for it to be under workman's comp. No such luck- and HR didn't get that interesting incident report!
  3. Got vinyl letters stuck in fax machine at work. (Seriously the machine ate the letters!)
  4. I don't like water in my face/eyes.
  5. My favorite nut is the Macadamia (one meme I won't be doing is the nut one!)
  6. I am not allowed caffeine while at work (something about a high metabolism and getting hyper).
  7. In 3 years I will have lived in Alaska for 40 years. Yes I am a bona fide Sourdough!
So there you have it 7 random things about me. If you want to play consider yourself tagged!

Tuesdays strange stuff

Bumpkins picture of horses from last night. She was very busy last night, first she drug the coffee table from the living room into the kitchen so she could stand on it. And proceeded to pull all the magnets and notes off of the fridge, then moved to the microwave where she discovered the sugar bowl. Later the high chair was pulled into the kitchen and the front of the fridge was dismantled. The paints came later and were not as destructive. So what my floor is different colors now- she was entertained.

Knitting: nothing, spent hours on the internet w/Kazul looking at properties in Eastern Oregon.

Strange Stuff to make: The ultimate gag gift... everyone needs a roll of toilet paper though.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I is for....

Illness: I seem to be getting better finally! This last one was a sinus infection. The reason I am getting sick so much this year is because of my job. I am in the water so much w/no week of down time to recover. And little kids spit in my face all of the time!

Irritating: This is the most recent loaf of bread out of my bread machine, note the size (coffeepot behind is a 12 cup). The bread didn't rise. Also irritating is that somehow e-mails are going to my yahoo box instead of gmail. And that there were over 2k e-mails in my yahoo all on one day. (somehow my file got corrupted.) And phone calls that come in right at the start of nap- so the naptime is delayed than not done at all.

But Athena and Bumpkins like the bread.

Imagination: This will be turned into an herbal garden within 2 yrs.

Knitting: found some really cool patterns in ravelry (frogged one already). Also have decided to just start the socks for DM and will just make some basic socks w/no real pattern. Using sockotta yarn which is a fingerling. Have also started a quilt square for DH, I will have to make another one for my secret sister at church. But need some applique backing (you know the stuff that is sticky on one side and you peel the backing off of).

Random website:
I have never known someone that had a showcase home before. So here is Kazul's house- her house is selling for more than we paid for this one!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Project updates

Another boring post w/o pictures. Haven't taken any lately. No snow still. YEAH

Knitting: am almost 1/2 way done w/the second leg of Bumpkin's leggings. Took it with me to the Dr. yesterday. The Dr. said "she brought her knitting, that isn't a good sign." My reply was "no, how much I got done isn't a good sign". Poor guy was the only Dr in the clinic and it was kind of busy. He did give some wonder drugs and told me not to go to work until Tuesday. That is good and bad... the extra hours won't be there, but I get to stay home and sleep (?).

DM came by today, and said that the only way she knew that I was alive because I posted to my blog. I haven't even been doing that lately, just surfing the net.

So onto the projects:

Completed in October,
Kazul's gift
Knitting bag
and that is all folks... yikes time to get very busy.

Weather: sunny and in the 40's