Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Quotes

Our Christmas Day Brunch:
Gingerbread Waffles w/poached pear slices
Monkey Bread
Chopped pineapple w/orange wedges
Hot Spiced Cranberry Apple Cider

Our Christmas Tree
after Santa had been......

Our Christmas Tree
the way it looked for many

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.
~Author Unknown

Knitting: still attempting to finish DM's socks before the new year. So I cast another cowl onto the loom, using more stash yarn. Beautiful shaded black and grey, super soft also.

Has been super cold today. was -15 F... brrrr Hugo really like it outside. Maybe it was the moose that was hanging out in our yard all day. Oddly he only barks at other dogs, DM, Bill, snowmachiners and moose, he leaves everybody else alone. Thankfully to, as he has a big dog bark. Today decided to see how much he weighed, so I stood on the scale and attempted to pick him up. Never could get him all the way up, but he stood strechted out almost as tall as I am. And the scale only read 40 lbs. uh huh right that dog weighs more than that! I am guessing an easy 60 lbs. and he is only around 6 mos. So much for our little lap dog that DH wanted.


So boring with out pictures...
so no sky
still trying to update
computer to even
recognize/ accept
the picture card.

Knitting: am still working on the socks- have only about 5 more inches to go before decreasing for the toes.

DH got me a knifty knitter loom for Christmas. Upon opening it, I was thrilled... (about as much as if he had gotten me a roll of toilet paper. If it had been underwear I would've been super happy, shoelaces hey that is way cool too). So I have spent much time surfing around looking for what to do with this thing. Discovered that leggings for Bumpkins will be super fast on this. And attempted to make a hat, didn't like how it was going so kept going until ran out of yarn. Anybody want a small cowl/neckwarmer? I say small because it barely goes over my head! somehow the bind off is super tight, as in absolutely no give at all.

Princess was home for a few days and that so enjoyable, as I had taken off of work for most of the week too.

Made Meat pie very good!
Christmas Eve dinner:
Cranberry Pork roast in the crockpot- delish! Spinach Salad, and oven roasted veggies. Parsnips, rhutabage, turnip, carrots, yam, sweet tater and the beets were cooked seperately. Now to use the leftovers in Sheperd's Pie.

Christmas Day:
was a grab as you are hungry type thing.
Gingerbread waffles
poached pears
pineapple chunks
orange slices
Hot spiced cranberry apple cider

Then later was cheese ball, crackers and veggie tray.

Meat Pie.... ground pork, ground beef and mashed taters in a pie shell. YUMM!

there was a lot of snow so DH had to snow blow after gettting off of work and opening presents. DM came over with Obi and left with Princess before it really got dark out.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"Look! an airplane cloud"

"I want to lay big and make pictures"

in colder temps the airplanes leave
a vapor trail behind-
Today's was really long!

Bumpkins wants me to hold her
until she falls asleep.
Dreams are making pictures.

No new pictures. Kind of depressed- lost all of my pictures when the hard drive crashed. So what ever isn't uploaded to flikr or Picassa are gone.

The tree is up and an angel put on. (learned the hard way to not stand on the arm of the chair to put something on the top of the tree). yep= the chair started to flip over into the tree. Still need to put up stockings, and other decorations. Minimal as Bumpkins and Hugo wont' leave anything alone.

Knitting: these blasted socks are really doing me in. If ever you feel challenged to do two at a time socks. First master short row heels and use stitch markers to mark what is done. Still have 2 more ends to tie in for Bumpkins scarf and still need to block it.

quilting: have ripped out the quilting so many times on DH's guitar quilt.

Thank you for all the well wishes, i am feeling better. Still get tired very easily, but no longer am coughing super hard.

Temps have dropped back down to the single digits.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catch up (again).

no new pictures, the laptop is dead (hopefully will be working again tomorrow). The dell is available except today, have to use The Apple tonight.

Knitting: have almost finished Bumpkins scarf, putting a garter stitch border around the whole thing, as the stockingnette is curling really badly. also have 2 more rows of striping to go on DM's socks before turning the heel.

been working a lot of hours at work as has DH. We celebrated Christmas last night w/Thing 2 as he leaves Saturday.

went to the Dr. today and i have Bronchitis. so not much happening.

gotta run, time is up on how long Bumpkins and Hugo can sit still in a confined area.

Monday, December 8, 2008

catch up!

Weekly Hugo and Bumpkins shot...

mini scarf w/button
specifics: Cast on Wednesday Dec 3
finished Thursday Dec. 4 2008
Used US 15 Needles for garter stitch rows
US 13 for the Moss stitch.
Knitted using 13 stitches.
aprox. 24 inches long.
.5 skein of chenille gone.
Used pin for closure instead of button.

Gave away for gift exchange.

this is secret sister's scarf...
basketweave pattern
almost out of 1 skein of wool ease.
US 10 needles.
40+ inches long already.

Knitting: started teaching a knitting class. So now my Saturday's will be filled with teaching. pretty good money for now.

Sewing: attempted to quilt DH's guitar quilt, but the backing puckered and now I have to rip out some seams. AAARRRGGG!

DH has been working very long hours- w/o a day off. And now has come up with a new harebrained idea. (his words not mine). Will post more when it comes to pass. Life could get really exciting around here soon.

No new decorating for Christmas- but have lots to do tomorrow as next weekend we celebrate Christmas with Thing 2. He leaves the 20th. Did check out some books on menu ideas... not sure what we will eat though. Probably something different and hopefully easy/delish.
Any ideas anybody? we got both brunch and Christmas Eve dinner.

well that's all folks! thanks for reading. have an awesome week.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Website Monday

these are destined to be a pair of socks...
obviously I can't read a pattern
that says Knit 2 Purl 2 not Knit 1 Purl 1.
Also the original pattern
Fred and George
is for toe up socks.
So I try something totally new
2 socks at a time.
and no I am not frogging 2 inches of ribbing.
The socks are the way they are.
And hopefully will be finished by the end of this week.Specifics:
Woolease 2 skeins
Been a little bit busy around here. Last week there was a shooting at the local Hospital, the shooter was shot by AST (Alaska State Troopers) and a male Radiologist (who was shot by the shooter). A lady was also shot, she has been medivaced up to Anchorage where on Sunday she came out of the Medical Induced Coma and has spoken with her husband (as of Sunday). Margaret attends the same church as I do. Also sometime in the immediate future the school bus drivers are going on strike. This affects our family as the Security company DH works for is being utilized to provide security. So tonight DH work the hospital shift, then comes home, sleeps and then heads out to the bus barn to protect the buses. DM is babysitting Bumpkins after she gets off of work until I can pick her up after I get done at 9 pm. This should be a very interesting week.

Thanksgiving was nice. Princess came down with her cat, and was very surprised that cats don't get along very well. Easier to get a dog and cat together than 2 cats.
Our dinner consisted of 2 10 lb turkeys (lots of turkey leftovers for everyone), spinach/mandarin orange salad, cranberry sauce, Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, instant mashed taters, gravy, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, cranberry stuffing and the pies. Sweet potato (w/o crust) apple, pumpkin, forest fruits wonderfully baked by Sarah Lee and Safeway.

Friday nights parade was super short. And Kenai has a color guard! Finally I know what they do... March w/a flag to the beat of a drum. Poor kids, it was starting to rain. The firework display was beautiful. Bumpkins loved it all. She even got up to go Black Friday shopping with Princess and I. What a trooper, only complained when we were in JoAnns for 2 hours waiting in the cutting line. But I spent 50 dollars and saved over 100!

Today Bumpkins and I decorated the house with the Advent calendar wall hanging, the Nativity banner and the wreath. (yes Princess the Easter Decorations are still up).