Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"I feel fine and comfortable with myself,
but not because I'm beautiful."

by Monica Bellucci

(the above is one of the many quilts that
were featured at Quilting on the Kenai)

my crabapple tree is my weekly yard pic.

Knitting: cast on today for a baby sweater knit on 2 needles by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Hopefully this sweater can be part of a set that gets sent out to Iowa for a flood victim.

crocheting: am almost done w/my Fashion First Aid bag out of the Happy Hookers book. Have run out of red acrylic yarn and so it is hibernating until more red shows up.

Sewing: cut out a dress for Bumpkin's and hope to finish that this week. (again no pattern)

quilting: this Round Robin quilt thing is kicking my behind. Spent much of the morning trying/attempting to create a template. Realized that the template is on the net.... now just to retrieve it.

Saturday DM, Bumpkins and I went to a quilt show. It was ok.. not sure if I will go again, the people wanted to charge Bumpkin's full price for admission. you have got to be kidding! Some of the quilts were exquisite. A few grabbed my attention and those will be featured in the coming weeks.

Today Bumpkins assisted me in doing laundry (I wasn't aware of the help!), she took the towels that she put in the wash machine yesterday out and placed them in the dryer. Later I went to wash the towels- thinking they were still in the wash machine. Wasn't very pleased when I went to take clean dry clothes out of the dryer to discover them wet.. and towels? Next thought was well what was in the washing machine then.. come to find out that my machine was washed empty! Did you know that in a front loader washing machine, soap bubbles will remain after the cycles are done when the machine is run empty.

I declared war on the Cottonwood trees in my yard. The brush pile now is HUGE! And more will go this next week. DH really didn't notice where I took them from until I pointed it out. Sorry no before and after pix.

new recipe: baked rhubarb. Take 1 part chopped rhubarb, 1/3 that amount in sugar season w/spices and bake in greased pan at 400 degree oven for 40 min. Serve over waffles. delish. (so to 1 c rhubarb add 1/3 to 1/2 c sugar)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Another meme...

I got this from Lynn...
a meme


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Knitting: nothing new is really calling to me... do need to cast on another pair of socks for DM for Christmas.

Sewing: unearthed an old UFO quilt square this last week. will post a pic sometime. But in the meantime I have been busy perusing the internet for a border pattern for the Round Robin quilt exchange that I am in. Did buy a wonderful piece of material to go with it. Now to definitely decide on a pattern so I can cut this out and sew it together. Bumpkins and I went to our LQS on Sunday (she did not want to leave! Bribing did nothing; ended up bodily picking her up and hauling her out of there!) Monday after training we walked over to a neighbor's and Bumpkins had a hey day playing in her batiks. Oh wow! what an amazing craft room- it took up the ENTIRE downstairs! Almost 1200 square feet!

Had training on Monday- Red Cross recerts for CPR. Did you know that the Red Cross procedures weren't on their website? You have to go elsewhere to find the official Red Cross guidelines for CPR.

Better be off to bed now... morning comes awfully early.

Strange Stuff: And this gives the term dial up computer a whole new meaning...

eta: and no it doesn't really get pitch black here at night. dusky dark yes but not deep dark. (and that was around 2:30 am. when the temps were down to 34 F again! even the grass doesn't want to grow this year)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday yard

The irises that are blooming this week.

Bumpkins riding on the white pony,
(see the blue sky)
Knitting: nothing new.
Sewing: received in the mail the new blocks for the Round Robin Quilt swap that I am doing.

Today was a busy day! We got up to hear the rain filling the bucket outside our window... thump, thump, thump. Finally the rain stopped around 10 ish, DH drove his car out to Summer Fun in The Midnight Sun. He was playing the music for the event, Bumpkins and I got out there around 12. The sun was shining, but there was a slight chill in the air. Come to find out that all booths had been moved inside the hockey rink. It was very noisy (lots of echoes), crowded but fun was had by all. Bumpkins did the fishing game and scoop the duck many times- there weren't any other games that she wanted to play. We rode a pony (Princess- Kara was helping out w/the horse rides). There was age appropriate activity time scheduled and Bumpkins ran faster than some of the 4 yr olds, we didn't win the bike :( Arrived home just before 6 pm tonight. A very long nap was had by many, dinner was made and DH seen out the door (he had another gig tonight).

There has been a bunny rabbit frequenting our front yard both this morning and again tonight.

Dinner: macaroni and cheese (DH didn't notice a difference- had to use powdered milk as we are out of regular milk) and chicken nuggets.

Weather: rain in the morning, sunny by afternoon temps mid 50's (don't think that it did get to 60)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Solstice Sky

Solstice Sunset
(photo taken around 11:30 pm)
after this shot the sky really was beautiful.

This is what happens when a can of
Rock Star is left w/in a small child's grasp.
9:30 pm and she discovered...
that she could climb up the walls backwards!
Knitting: made a keychain key fob but it isn't being my friend. (not felting after 4 washes on hot). Crocheted another key fob will be posting pix and links later.

Sewing: nothing.

Not really working much either- swim lessons and I have been exhausted! Bumpkins got up at 6 am today and I wasn't a happy mama. Put her down w/DH for a nap around 11 am as I left to go to work. Bumpkin's has been having a blast in swim lessons and is telling everyone that she went off the diving board. She didn't want to go, but I took her out to the end of the board anyways. I put her down at the end and asked her if she wanted to jump to Miss..... (meanwhile I was prepared to lower her in) well she launched her little body right off of there! Belly flopped right next to her teacher. She was in life jacket too... but now when asked do you want to go off of the board, she will answer no it is to scary. Well good news is she isn't afraid of the "snakes" out there anymore. And thankfully I have a different class and can move myself to another part of the pool so I can't see what her class is doing.

Well better be getting to bed.. tomorrow is a long day! Summer fun in the Sun out at the pool. Just hope that the weather stays nice.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Quotes and Random Website

Anyone can be a father,
but it takes someone special to be a dad,
and that's why I call you dad,
because you are so special to me.
Wade Boggs

The cake Bumpkin's decorated for her Daddy.

Princess and Papa....

Knitting: finished knitting a credit card envelope key chain, just needs to be felted better. Front loader washing machines just don't felt properly.

Sewing: DH's quilt is on hold until I can figure out how to quilt it.

Weather has been extremely nice- today was around 60 F. Decided it was warm enough to go outside w/o jackets on. Sunday the wind was chilly, we ate bratwurst, baked beans, green beans and homemade soft pretzels out at the picnic table.

Random website: Another you tube video.....Where does your blanket come from?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Another rhubarb picture.
(because the purple violet yard pic didn't turn out).
Saturday Sky
10:15 pm

Knitting: nothing new really. Met up w/other Ravelers for IKIP day (International Knit in Public) attempted to cast on for a sock there. This next sock I will endeavor to learn the Norwegian Cast On technique. It is supposed to make the cuff somewhat elasticky.

Sewing: Still pondering on how to quilt DH's quilt together. Have the sections sandwiched and pinned. Now what? It is not going to be done by tomorrow.

Today was a busy day... first stayed up most of the night because DH had a gig last night. Then one of his Supervisors for work called and said that DH was supposed to be at work at 8:00 am today. I replied "He wasn't supposed to be on the schedule until Sunday". So after DH came in at 2:30 am, all that was straightened out. Needless to say he got up for work at 6:30! Then Bumpkins and I got up around 8:30 for a gathering at Mugz for KIP day which started around 9:30. After which we went to Fred Meyer to get a wedding card and a Father's day card. While there discovered that cakes could be decorated for only $4.00. So Bumpkin's decorated a cake for her Daddy- what fun that was! We then returned home, and scrambled to get ready for a wedding. We missed the ceremony but got to the reception. Didn't recognize Nigel- he was really nicely dressed, Laura was beautiful too. Had a good time. Old boss Karen Kester was there and I sat right next to her. She hasn't changed at all! Ok so I was hob nobbin- sitting with board members, old bosses, current big boss, and little boss. After that we barely made it to the library to return books. Then home. All this before 5:00 pm! I was exhausted! Did I mention the laundry that was done? So now it is late and the sun is out (figures as the temps drop, the skies clear up).

So now I am off to watch a movie... perhaps the English Patient and knit something for a Keychain C/KAL. Am thinking about this little purse- but only felt it first.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers for the fire- couple of days ago found out that (on the day of the fire) one of my neighbors found and put out a hot spot near our house. The firefighters then found another hot spot roughly 75- 100 feet away from our house. If the hotspots hadn't been found and put out, the fire would have wrapped around the firefighting effort and blocked everyone into the subdivision. (Leaving the only exit of the river- as our house sits on the corner of the beginning of the subdivision, the building directly behind our house has a Huge propane tank outside it). God's miracles never cease to amaze me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Excitement at our house...

Tuesday afternoon we smelled smoke outside....
20 minutes later this was what was at the end of our drive....
The fire trucks and other vehicles already went down the road.
This was flying over our house every 5 min.
(not sure why objects aren't closer in the photos).

This what appeared overhead when the choppers
needed fuel.

Bumpkins saw "balloons- two of them".
(smoke jumpers).

And what is important to us.
I was ready to go- just needed the word
and the box for the cat.
(black case contains laptop).
And the clothes are wrapped up in a quilt.

The fire burned about 10 acres.
And the location was across the road.

We didn't evacuate...
Bumpkins was really stressed out.
Our house finally is almost smoke free.

Hope your summer is less exciting than ours.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Website Monday

A random photo of
Bumpkins after eating chocolate ice cream.
Knitting: nothing.
Quilting: didn't finish either of the quilts and DH comes home in 5.5 hrs.

I must get some sleep, but the house is slightly messy... Athena brought in a mouse earlier today and released it. It finally was trapped in the bathroom (interesting site, put Athena and the mouse in the bathtub and shut shower doors. Athena was scratching at the tub to get out and the mouse was right under her scratching.) Bumpkins and I released it into the yard... that critter booked it away from the house! Probably shortened his life span by a day or so. LOL
Cleaned out the girls bedroom, it is so much nicer now. Threw out a lot of stuff (empty plastic bags, a pair of worn out slippers, broken backpacks, toys). Had training today so was at work by 9 am and Bumpkins went to school. She got to see a police car and now has a police badge sticker.

Random website: Just the place to go to find out what kind of bug that really is. It is a pretty creepy site!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"In all things of Nature
there is something of the marvelous".
Aristotle(there are actually 12 legs in that photo- DH lightened up a lot!
Mama moose w/twins nursing next to my greenhouse)

Knitting: nothing new. Did pull out my new homespun to start a shrug (but didn't swatch so wondering what to do next).

Sewing/ Quilting: ran out of green thread for Nigel's quilt. Ripped out lots on DH's quilt, now to sew the blocks together and cut out more!

Stayed home today, Bumpkins is really missing her Daddy. We have 3 different cats hanging out in our yard (a black and white, pure black and a Siamese- No Princess it isn't the one that got lost). It was nice and sunny (cold w/the wind) so Athena went outside too. Very entertaining to watch her stalk mice- both were lost to the garden. Then later I heard the squirrel going nuts outside, and then Bumpkins opened the door and let the cat in. I asked her if she let the cat out. Think her reply went along these lines.. "well kind of."

Well that's all folks- work tomorrow and then get this house in order as DH comes home late tomorrow night.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Camera is out of state...
let's see what I can come with that is archived....
Athena is always good."But her needs to give me a hug!
'Cause I love her."

Knitting: Nothing new. Got a cool package in the mail from a keychain swap over in Ravelry. Will post pix as soon as I get the camera back. There is some wonderful Andy's Merino wool from Farmhouse yarns in an exquisite jade color. It just might be made into something soon....

Quilting: almost finished w/the rag quilt blocks. All have X's sewn, now to trim threads and sew into strips.

DH went to Crystal Lake, Illinois for a conference and Bumpkins' and I have been on our own for most of the week. Bumpkin's has spent much time out at DM's, Friday was so nice that she played outside for most of it.

The Eagle has finally vacated DM's property (aka Papa's car). When it was towed out, one of the front wheels stuck for quite some time. Another one of those "one man's trash is another man's treasure".

Bumpkins and I went to Kenai River Festival today. It started out nice, but then got windy and cold. We saw an owl w/one wing, an Eagle, and the activities were: painting a wooden fish, coloring the paper inside of a sippy cup, coloring a picture of a mountain sheep w/chalk, casting a fishing line. There was so much stuff- very well done this year. On our way out there was a hit and run. A lady on a bike was crossing a driveway when she was hit by a truck and knocked down. I observed her getting back up and thought that was kind of odd.. why is her shoe off? Ended up calling 911, a couple helped her across the street, a lady in a suburban gave a description of the truck, we got the city police there and the verdict is... truck got away, bike is messed up, but the lady is OK! Shaken up but ok.

Well that's about all. Hope to bring new pictures soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

The quilt square...
Thank you Kazul for helping w/the background.

Bumpkin's leggings..
And she will wear them.
Last night was a little cold and she put them on.

Knitting: nothing new.
Sewing: Have cut out almost 1/2 the blocks needed for my newest quilt. After cutting last night realized that 48 blocks weren't needed.. the whole quilt was 48", so that meant 64 blocks. Hopefully I have enough print material for the last 8 squares.

I go back to work tonight. Ugg. 5 pm to 10 pm, DM is watching Bumpkins as DH has to be at work at 10 pm.

That is about all folks, laundry, quilting and work.

Strange stuff: All pets need a home including your pet rock. And if you are having trouble finding a Pet rock this link might help. Very interesting if you read the whole article all the way through.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday Quotes and Random Website

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment
will spread beyond all boundaries.
Corita Kent

The carnage of Athena's bird...
And here is the poor soul.
(Just hope that it isn't the same bird that was released last week).
This was the second critter brought in w/in
2 days. Both didn't survive.
(the first was a mouse/shrew).

Knitting: finished Bumpkin's leggings finally!
Sewing: finished the quilt square, thank you Kazul for helping me figure out the background fabric. It turned out nice.

Geo caching: because everyone was asking. The first cache was hard to find (didn't know what I was looking for). The other 4 were micro caches and the first 2 were unable to find. One was broken and the last one was interesting. The places these are hidden is just amazing. DH assisted me in cleaning up the house and now my paper of coordinates is missing. And I have to log them into the geo cache website. We also only went to kid friendly sites.

And the blue sky at midnight, not sure why the camera turned the sky so blue when it was kind of cloudy. But no I didn't digitally lighten it up any that is just how the pic was taken.

Last week (Memorial Day) there was a forest fire just on the other side of the gravel pit from us (about a 1.5 mi) at the same time there was a fire out by DM's. All of them were man made starts- no thunderstorms here (and if the summer doesn't warm up we won't have any Thunderstorms!)

Random website: The top ten waterparks for 2007.. how come most of them are in Florida?

Weather: rainy cloudy and low 50's.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Saturday Evening sky...
picture taken at 12:30 am (Sunday am).

Beautiful spring flowers...
Alaska State Flower
Knitting: nothing finished. Bumpkin's leggings are about 3 rows from being done. (Dropped another stitch and need daylight to pick it back up).

Sewing: still working on the quilt square that was supposed to go in the mail today.

I have been taking time off of work for the last week and have finished nothing that I set out to do.

DM is doing better thank you for the prayers.

Friday night was Relay for life walk and it got super cold! When Bumpkin's and I drove home at 12:30 the one temp billboard read 45 F, the car was reading 46 F. And it got colder than that! Forecast was for 39 F, this does not seem to be a bean year.

Not sure if anything can go in my garden this year... very bad shrew/mouse infestation. I was using a pick axe to break up the sod and to stir up the soil and scared up a shrew! DH said that he saw about 10 shrews in there this AM and the stray cat was just sitting in the pasture. Not sure if I want to unbarricade my garden.. if I do the cat can get the critters and also the feline has the ability to leave undesirable items behind. So the search goes on for the removal of the critters. ( they will burrow into anything that I plant and if I plant potatoes they will eat them.)

All week was nice and sunny weather. Went geocaching on Tuesday that was so much fun. Friday went swimming. The rest of the time was spent at home.

Movies watched: The Golden Compass: Very good! 27 Dresses: to much like the wedding planner.