Thursday, June 14, 2007

19 hrs. of daylight and 37 degrees

Knitting: I picked up the dropped stitches on the scarf and put that on a cn. Note: putting curly cn in hot water for a little while works wonders to get out the kinks. I am now 1/2 way done w/the scarf at this rate I just might finish it this summer. Tuesday my knitting mentor and I figured out how many stitches to co for my capelet. Formula: bust size (47) divided by stitches per Inch (5)= stitches to be cast on (172). Am on my third row of ribbing.

Today is a nice day: we will be having french fries, Hamburgers, beans, onions and mushrooms for dinner. Have to go to the store. We are currently at 19 hrs. of daylight we gain another minute tomorrow. This am when the alarm went off the temp was 37 degrees at the radio station (which is just down the street from my house.) It did warm up fast, but I think that sweaters and leggings are still needed.
Lessons are almost done. Yeah, only 3 more sets to go. I am so proud of myself- I have stayed away from the vending machine for 2 weeks now. I bring a protein bar from home to eat. DH found his father's day present in the car. It was a scrub brush for the grill- inexpensive but very much needed. Today at work I jammed my finger into the lane line. Oh that hurt, I am lucky I didn't break the finger. Note to self: use goggles or open eyes when swimming races. Supervisor wanted to have me write it up- no way. Work man's comp stuff is way to much paper work. I bet I can't wear my wedding ring until the swelling goes down (there is no way that anyone is going to cut my titanium ring off).
Well off to knitting.

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