Friday, April 27, 2007

65 degrees in April

Yep the topic heading says it all. Yesterday was 65 degrees, today was 50 when I got to work at noon.

Knitting news- finished one square for elf slippers and am working on the second one. Knitting it continental very loose. Put prayer scarf back on needles- need someone to look at it to make sure it is ok. Am writing a pattern for leggings for bumpkins. Might need to make those in 3 as this might be a warm summer. I really don't like the way some of my fun fur smells.

I have been very busy at work again. Next week will be my last water aerobics, this week was my last set of lessons until June. Then I will be doing 4 sets of 4- lots of high calorie, low fat food needed. Today at work it was very slow- so we did some training. What is it w/me needing to be rescued? Ok so I was at the bottom of the deep end for longer than usual. Joey and Fred were ready to jump in to save me.

DH and I took Bumpkins out to the pool to go swimming. She loved it again went down the slide. Great fun. We went to Homer on Sat. great outing. Bumpkins didn't like the waves they were scary. But did enjoy picking up seashells. Odd thing, there was alot of coal washed up on the Spit. Climate is getting warmer. Fido dug up my flower bed- I wasn't very happy. Luckily I hadn't gotten around to planting seeds yet. Uh oh- mom's day is coming we have to get her present started. Bumpkins is going to plant Marigolds in an OJ container. Tomorrow night is Nikiski's High Prom. Princess is driving down and is going. I have to clean up that room tomorrow. And go to work tomorrow night. Maybe I will find the missing library book. It is probably w/my missing knitting mag.
I haven't blogged lately because DH keeps stealing this comp. and water got into the internet cable and shorted out.

Good night and off to Knitting the elf slipper.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

No knitting done today

Knitting is going well. Have cast one and knitted aprox. 10 rows for hufflepuff houseslippers, they will be warm and cozy. I really like the pattern. Am contemplating joining another knit along, just for me, the theme is shawls. I really would like to make the What's it, for 2 reasons one I like the pattern, and 2 it would be nice to wear to the Harry Potter book release. I found a cute tam pattern to go w/it.

On the home front. DH had an interview today, it went quite well. Prayers for this to be the right job for him. Thing one and Thing two are hanging out at home. I did an oops today, misread the work schedule and left an hour early. That wouldn't happen if my schedule didn't change every bloody day. At least I made in to work on time- scheduled for an hour earlier than usual. Swam 10 laps today- sad thing is they don't count toward my 1/2 mile that I need to swim for work. And it was work related- had 5 swim lesson kids swim the length today. Yeah!!!! That doesn't usually happen w/beginner swimmers. Then went down the slide several times and stairs to go up- oh my gosh. Hmmm.... the walk, swim, bike count down would be a good one for me. This am I weighed 112 lbs. on our scale- so that means about 115 lbs. I have to stop losing weight- I want to gain muscle. Maybe I am gaining muscle as Nigel had to do a rescue on me in the deep end of the pool yesterday. I was reaching up to undo a life jacket, and was sinking. Next thing I know I was being helped up to surface of the water. Strange.

Snow is almost all gone, as are the mud puddles. Bugger it my seeds aren't' started yet. Maybe tomorrow night. No school tomorrow.
Well off to bed.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Where did April go?

What have I been knitting? The sock for my mom- otherwise known as Dumbledore's socks. I finished one on Saturday at knitting group. I now have a vague idea on how to kichner. CO the second one Saturday the 14, started the heel flap only to discover halfway through that I forgot to slip a stitch every row unknitted the whole flap. Then switched over to the serger. Sergered a shirt for Bumpkins, all that is left is to hem the bottom, sleeves and neck. Should go easy- am debating on whether to knit her a matching skirt or just knit some leggings. I have some really wild yarn. Am thinking about making Hufflepuff house slippers, and a bobaton beret w/shawl.

DH was gone all weekend at a retreat, I did nothing. Just knitted and played w/Bumpkins. Took Bumpkins out swimming on Friday- she loved it. Then went to Mom's, got a bunch of new knitting needles. I am so excited can't wait to try them out.

Lots of hours at the pool and not much else. It is late time for bed.

I do believe that the robin's are back. We had a very fast breakup this year. I can plant sweet peas tomorrow if I find me seeds.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Beautiful Spring day

Knitting today was another row in the peach prayer shawl, 3 more rows and I am halfway done. Yeah. This weekend was busy for knitting. Saturday found me knitting at my knit group at the library then Saturday night I was knitting while waiting for the dance concert to start. I also knitted before and during intermission. Then during the last few dance numbers- remembering what the yarn harlot said about metal needles and concrete floors. I didn't drop a needle, made up extra stitches though. I am now down to the toes that will get done this week.

Princess came home for Easter, that was fun. We ate breakfast at church, went to church and then home. Dinner was on the table at 2. I am proud of myself- very well planned out. Ham, baked potatoes, green salad, jello salad (made w/juice because Bumpkins is allergic to red dye) egg braid, brussel sprouts, green bean casserole and rolls. Lava cakes and ice cream for dessert.

The dance concert was excellent well worth the money. Bumpkins had an allergic reaction last night. Go figure- she was eating candy covered in red dye. (Peeps and jelly beans.)

Last night lots of melting, we had a lake in our drive yesterday. Today it was almost gone. I let Bumpkins play in the slush, puddles and mud 2x's today. She had a lot of fun. Got a new fish today- the other gold fish finally died last Friday.

Well off to bed, long day tomorrow. No cleaning done today- just loads and loads of laundry. DH did taxes.

Friday, April 6, 2007

April showers

I finished this hat March 25. Fast knit- I did it in about a week. With work. This week I have been knitting on my mom's sock and last week I got several more rows done on the peach prayer shawl.

This hat is a north country hat knit w/10.5 cn and chunky yarn. I don't really like the camo colors, but it does fit me and will work when I go skiing or biking. I submitted this hat as a Ron Weasley hat for the Harry Potter knit-along. Ron wears this style of hat in Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Now to get started on the next item. This hat takes care of many things- a hat for me, HP knit along and if I had joined the green hat along. But the sad thing is I now have a smallish ball of yarn for stash. Just when I am trying to get rid of stash yarn. I am very glad that I have forgotten my ebay login name and password. There is so much cheap yarn and needles there. Yikes.

Ok Now on to what have I been doing for the last few weeks. Obviously not checking my emails, am very afraid of what I will find in yahoo. I was sick w/the flu earlier this week and last week. Bumpkins had it and now DH has it. I am working very long hours, my 20 hr. job is bringing in almost 600 dollars every 2 weeks. So that means 28 hour weeks- next week will be over 30. That is working only 4 days also. Tuesday will be over 10, half of that time will be spent teaching lessons and water aerobics. (and the cow god wonders why I am not hyper.)

Easter is Sunday, I have my eggs boiled and dinner planned. Flylady would be proud. Tomorrow I will do a HB and go to knitting. Laundry is calling to me as well- but I can throw in a load tonight and dry it tomorrow. It feels good to just sit w/my feet up. So very relaxing.

Spring is well on its way- nice cloudy days, today was windy. The birds are mating and temps in the 40's.