Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer is here!!

Knitting: I have done 4 rows of ribbing and almost 5 rows of ss on my capelet for Harry Potter Book 7 knal. Have broken my cn 2 more times.
Interesting morning: Bumpkins got up around 815 and said her ear hurt. Great, today is Friday. So I took her in and was told that she has another ear infection (she is still nursing, why is she getting so many ear infections?) So by 930 I was calling in to work to say that I wasn't coming in. Got prescrip filled and tried to go to a library. What library doesn't open until 12 on a Friday? So no library- we came home and Bumpkins was asleep by 1130 and she slept until almost 3. When I took her upstairs to go outside I discovered that Thing one and Thing Two had left the toaster oven on all afternoon. Lucky they didn't start a fire, so when I was asked later if they could have top ramen I said no. Someone ate some anyway. Went outside and got a slight sunburn. Bumpkins played in water and was wearing a hat. She also played with sidewalk chalk. Bumpkins doesn't like bugs of any kind. She just screams- kind of funny in a way. Also she has decided that 9 volt batteries are yucky. It was very nice out. Tomorrow is a busy day. DH has to steam clean carpets and go to the dump.
Well that is all folks good night.

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