Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 reflections

As the year 2007 comes to an end, I find my myself contemplating what to write. How do I put the last year into mere paragraphs?

Beginning w/the projects finished.
  1. Knitting- I have come a long ways this year. At the beginning of the year I was just starting to learn to knit in the round. Finished the calamari bag, coif, finger puppets, Dumbledore socks, ski hat, elf slippers, Sara Blanche shawl, baby booties, Hufflepuff Scarf, tank top, Sara Blanch Scarf, and 5 drawstring pouches.
  2. Sewing- Hooded bath towel, Princess blanket, Hand pieced and hand sewn doll quilt, Knitting bag, book bag, and spa wrap, doll clothes (robe, 4 diapers, panties, slip, pjs, jacket).
All in all I did accomplish a lot. Even if I have 4 projects on the needles going into the New Year. And some of the sewing projects aren't completely done (think my new machine is broke).

I have met many new friends this last year, by reading and commenting on other people's blogs. Also met people through the Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap (that was a lot of fun) and learned a lot through joining Holiday Head Start, "Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows" and Elizabeth Zimmermann Almanac KAL's.

I will leave the personal growth/ family changes for my blogiversary.

Happy New Year everyone! And thank you to everyone who reads this and comments. You are all awesome.

Random website: and a true random website this is... random number generator.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

P is for........

P is for projects:
The blue is DH's scarf.

The green is my Secret Sister's at 19" almost 1/3 done. Hope to have it 1/2 done by tomorrow night. But at 4 rows to a 1/2" it is slow going.

P is for Pets:
Athena sleeping next to a sound board and on top of huge speakers.

Bumpkins playing in the snow w/Obi and Mackenzie.

P is for Princess:
(This is a bad picture, very difficult to take a picture of a picture.)
But this is what DH gave me for my birthday an 8X10 of Princess' Senior pic.

DH is out a gig tonight. Yeah. So I am uploading stash pictures to Ravelry. I am almost done. Then I will watch a movie and knit. Bumpkins fell asleep beside me on the couch tonight. She was one tired little girl.
Church today was interesting. The visiting pastor dressed up as St. Nick and told the tale of St. Nickolas. St. Nickolas was not canonized by any of the catholic churches and he was very Christian. Did you know that he was put in jail for 10 yrs. for preaching God's word? Reminds of the very early disciples who were put in jail for preaching.

In this day and time would you be willing to preach/worship if you knew you would go to jail?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Works in progress?

And this is the hot pad that Bumpkins made w/a lot of help.

This is the scarf for my secret sister. It has only 13.5 in. done. I intend to finish it this weekend. I will be a knitting fool.

This is what I have been uploading into ravlry. All of my acrylic that I have acquired not bought.
Bumpkin's saw it all over the floor and said "MOMMY! look at this mess. What are you doing? Clean it up. NOW!" And she drug me into the room and watched me clean it up.

Gotta' go play a xbox game (fishing!)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just another day at work

For Lynn who has 5 cats... and no Kitty Thursday pictures.
The box Athena is sitting in is an $8.90 flat rate postal box. And she jumped in there all by herself! Oops... forgot to crop out the unwrapped Christmas presents.

Knitting: Working on DH's scarf and still need to pick Secret Sister's scarf back up. DH can wait on his, but Secret Sister's scarf has a deadline (sometime in Jan.).

This is another of the drawstring pouches.
Details: Knit w/2 strands one of fun fur and the other grey acrylic.

And yes this was a Christmas present that didn't quite get done.
I did join a KAL in ravelry.... but for those of you not in Ravelry here is another:
Sounds a little better as you can set deadlines all year long ie.... Birthdays in Jan.

Today at work was interesting. A youth had a bloody nose- right in front of me. By the time I had tossed my tube and gloved up. There was blood dripping onto the deck. I controlled the bleeding and took her to First Aid. Did you know that lots of blood has a smell? It was horrible! The smell and all that blood all down her arms, face, neck, swimsuit. Nige again checked up on me frequently as I was pretty squeamish. I was considering going back to school to be a labor/delivery room nurse or midwife. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I could maybe be a Doula- but nothing else. I can't handle large quantities of BLOOD. And part of my job is dealing with large amounts of blood. I am counting one of my blessings- I have only had to deal w/2 nose bleeds (large amounts of blood) and both times the people knew more about what to do than did I.

All right for those of wondering/asking. Bumpkins and I are doing great! Today was the first day she didn't ask for "Lovins". We were already down to having 2 nursings (on weekends) one (on weekdays). So it wasn't to horribly traumatic to stop all together.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sunday Ramblings on Wednesday....

Christmas Eve dinner:
Lefse turned out really good- for having made it for the first time. Took about an hour to roll and fry 16 lefse. (Lefse is the Norwegian tortilla, except made w/mashed potatoes and flour).
From left to right:
Rutsu: Mashed Potatoes and turnips. Actually turned out very good.
Sweet and Sour red cabbage: Not very sweet/sour and very soggy. Prefer not to eat my cabbage cooked. Will make again as a coleslaw.
Hot Fruit Soup: very good over the Rice pudding. (Sorry no photo of the Rice pudding).
Lamb: No photo, didn't cook very well. 4 lbs. at 325 degrees for almost 2 hrs. still way to rare.
The lamb found its way into Shepard's pie the next day. (The Shepard's pie would have been a good place to put the leftover Rutsu and tater tots.)

Just some thoughts... After hearing the Nativity story twice. I was wondering why was there no room in the inn. In that part of the world there is the family bed (s) many people crowded into beds as possible. Any floor space can hold a mat to sleep on (as this was ages ago where beds where a precious item). Was it because when Joseph knocked on the door of the inn, he told the inn keeper "this chick is my girlfriend and the baby isn't mine. And she is going to have this kid any time, so can we stay here anyways? Dude". Or is it because Mary was probably in labor and there wasn't an area for her to have the baby away from anyone. (Gotta' remember that having a kid meant you went to the red tent. As per the Jewish law at the time). As I think about it- the reason was probably the latter one. And where in the Bible do the sacrifices stop? Such as having to go to the priests to perform the sacrifices for God.

The debate at work last week was why Christmas is held when it is. Is it because of the pagan holiday of Winter Solstice and the Roman Catholic Church wanted to draw people away from that tradition? Or is it because that is when Christ was born (not exact day but the winter season?)

Enjoy the 12 days of Christmas! Or the traditional Boxing Day.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All!
This is what our tree looked like just before going to bed last night.
A very country breakfast. And this is what we had for brunch.

Sourdough pancakes and fried apples.

Hash browns, orange juice and link maple syrup sausages.

Fried eggs: One for each person... 2 over easy and 2 Sunny side up. And real butter for the pancakes.

Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas! Safe travel to all.
(no random website this week).

Strange stuff Tuesday: I hope that you didn't receive this under your tree. Bacteria...... might be nice for a Science teacher though.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

O is for......

I meant to post these on Saturday for Saturday Sky. (Even though I am not part of that Web ring). These were all taken around 3:00 pm on Saturday. Just after we dropped Thing Two off at the airport to go to his mom's.

Optical illusion?

No this is really a picture of the full moon- taken at 3:00 pm. Just before sundown.


DH wanted to check out a local thrift store. This is what we bought for Bumpkins for $12.00. It is way to big, size 6 but so adorable. We also got a ? for Princess. Hope that she likes it. The thrift store was very impressive. You almost needed cell phones to just find each other. Each door you went through there was MORE stuff. Found a pea coat and some other clothes Princess may like. Also found a coat that had pleats like a lampshade. It was so bizarre.

Knitting: Have to finish up the drawstring bag for ?. That will actually be fast. Tomorrow during nap. Sewing: finish up jacket, slip and pjs. The dress and bonnet won't get done. I did lose a needle that was threaded somewhere in this house.

Cleaning: almost done. DH will clean Thing Two's bathroom tomorrow and dump the shop vac. I will mop floors and vacuum. Then onto making the lefse and going grocery shopping. Thinking about getting the little people house for Bumpkins (it is at DMs).

Bumpinks and I have gone cold turkey on the nursing. Tonight is the second night for not nursing (I am so full it hurts). Also this is the 3rd night she has been (stayed) in her own bed. I have had some really long nights though! Sitting next to her until she falls asleep.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas menus

We are doing Norwegian foods for Christmas Eve dinner.
Norwegian Marinated Leg of Lamb
sour cream DM's is bringing over. Hopefully I didn't mess up by marinating the lamb on Thursday. It was still very frozen when I started so it should be ok.
Norwegian Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage and Red currant jelly bought.
Rutabega bought.
Hot Norwegian Fruit Soup
1/2 lb. of each raisins, dried prunes, dried apricots and orange juice bought (except for the OJ)
Fried Apples
8 apples (bought)
Rice pudding
raisins, milk still need to get Lactaid
dough is setting in the fridge
Hot Spiced cranberry juice
don't think so

Christmas Day Brunch:

I had bought 2 pkgs but have lost one somewhere. DH says we will find it in about a week, depending on temps. Actually it isn't in the house, Athena would be going nuts.
Puff Pancake

Hash Browns
Ore Ida Hash browns- if I remember to buy some t0morrow. (Sunday)
Special Ground coffee- Kona blend
And leftover fruit from Christmas Eve's dinner.
And some kind of Sourdough pastry
Sourdough is fermenting as I write.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Memes

Here are some Christmas photos of our decorations. (The stocking one didn't turn out so well as the background is of boxes and boxes.)

Our Christmas tree- with decorations around the bottom. (yes Bumpkins does leave the Nativity Set alone).

Our advent calendar.

I found this meme over at Kaki's.
Favorite Christmas cartoon:
Frosty the snowman.

Favorite Christmas movie:
It's a Wonderful Life and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Favorite Christmas song (traditional):
What Child is This?

Favorite Christmas song (pop/modern):
Feed the World

Favorite Christmas cookie:
Baklava, and clove cookies
Favorite family tradition:
Going to church Christmas Eve and then driving around looking at the Christmas Lights.

I found this meme over at Sprite's.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bag?

Gift Bag and tissue paper. What could be easier?

2. Real tree or artificial?


3. When do you put up your tree?

As soon as we get the phone call that the trees are in. Early December.

4. When do you take down your tree?

Just before New Years when all the needles start to fall off (because I quit watering it).

5. Do you like eggnog?

I love hot eggnog (can't drink it as I am lactose intolerant- and the soy doesn't taste the same).

6. Favorite gift received as a child?

My tonka dumptruck.

7. Do you have a nativity scene?

Two- One under the tree and an ornament in the tree.

8. Hardest person to buy for?

Thing One

9. Easiest person to buy for?

Princess and Bumpkins

10. Worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Presto Pizza cooker (kids love it though).

11. Mail or email Christmas cards?

Christmas cards? What are those? Neither.

12. Favorite Christmas movie?

It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?

January and then watch for sales all year.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas Present?

Of course. Doesn't everyone...

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?

Fudge and Baklava

16. White or colored lights?

Colored- because that is what the family likes..... But one year I will have a white tree.

17. Favorite Christmas song?

“Feed the World"

18. Traveling for Christmas or stay home?

Stay at home- everyone else travels.

19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen (no google searching either).

20. Angel or Star on top of tree?

Angel ornament- looking for the perfect Angel for the top.

21. Open presents Christmas Eve or morning?

Christmas morning. With one opening on Christmas Eve (pj's anyone)

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year?

Open swim at work.

23. What I love most about Christmas?

Everything! The parties, the lights, gift finding/giving.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

N is for......

I have my computer back! And can upload pictures! No pictures of finished projects- but I have been sewing and knitting like crazy! Thankfully I don't have to work late these days and can work on projects at night.

N is for ... Not again! This was in my yard- and almost made me late for work. (I don't go outside when they are around, people have been known to be trampled by angry moose).
N is for Now what?

This is the down side to a front loading washing machine. The door opened up after the machine was full of water. (second time was worse!) Thankfully we had a wet/dry shop vac to suck up all the water!
N is for Nutritious: So these aren't all that healthy- but they are delish!

Cream Cheese Sugar cookies!

Molasses Crinkles

Clove Cookies, Chocolate Chip, And Jumbo Chocolate Chip Oatmeal.
Still have to make chocolate covered raisin oatmeal cookies and whole wheat apple oatmeal cookies. Than Scones and Fudge. yumm.....

Random Website: A link to send cyber Christmas Cards- (They also have Chanukah and Kwanzaa cards, I did look for sheep but there aren't any there).

Strange Stuff:
And for another odd Christmas Present- how about this. A wallet that possibly won't get stolen (no one wants another persons underwear). Also if you search around craftbits- you can find 3 kinds of seasonal poop. Happy looking!

The heating pad is on almost all day now as 1) I forgot to turn it off and 2) It is staying in the single digits. Tonight we plugged in our cars as it is COLD! Oh not so bad it is only -4. (Really thought it was in the negative double digits.) There still isn't any ice on the ice rink at work- and there is hardly any snow. We really need a lot of snow to keep the frost from going deep into the ground. When the frost goes deep people start having trouble w/septic and wells. Not to mention the plants don't have a protective covering on them (to bad the weeds don't die as well as the pretty plants).

Thank you for reading this really long post!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Good news! Dell called today and is sending the computer back all fixed. So by Tuesday I will be back in action. With pictures and other fun stuff. Also Kazul is slowly regaining her eyesight- no word yet on how the MRI turned out. Kazul has a cell phone! It has only taken her FOREVER to get one. And thankfully she didn't get a Razr. Had a nice chat with Thing Two- and he is "cool" with my reasoning. DH keeps leaving Bumpkins w/Thing Two. I am getting grumpy about it. I don't want to use Thing Two as a live in sitter. That isn't fair to him, occasionally is ok- Not every day.

Bad news now: Bumpkins has pinkeye. Took her to daycare and even after the director looked at her eyes (we decided that she was ok). So now all the kids have been exposed to this virus. Swimming lessons aren't over. I have 2 more days next week. The Christmas party for tonight was canceled (maybe that was good thing especially w/Bumpkins infection- she would have infected 2 other kids). And now my eyes itch. But thankfully we have medicine for eye infections.

Well off to knit- I am almost 2/3 done w/the red cross drawstring bag. But I don't like it. Do I have enough time to redo it? Tomorrow will be a stay at home day- as Bumpkins is contagious. So hopefully will get a lot done then.

To answer some comments about the litter box. The litter box is out in an entry way that isn't heated. The temps out there run about 20 or so degrees warmer than the outside temps. And since tonight it is already in the single digits. The heating pad goes back on (frozen cat poo- doesn't stink! but heated cat poo does).

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mid week update

Knitting: not much- work is so getting in the way of finishing projects. (Took my knitting w/me today and well forgot it there. Oh well- I have 4 more projects here at home). No sewing either.

No water aerobics tonight (no participants- one of my regulars was medivaced up to Anchorage with a brain tumor. Please keep her in your prayers). I want to knit but Bumpkins won't go to sleep! And it is almost 11 pm. ARRGGG!

As the temps seem to be dropping. Low teens- it is now time to turn the heating pad back on. Athena doesn't like to use a cold litter box. Something about frozen kitty litter just isn't right. Picky cat! (Someone reccommended that I sit on a heating pad for my sore hip- and they were kind of surprised when I explained where my heating pad was).

Dell called today and they have received my computer. So by New Year's I should have my computer back!

Tomorrow should be the last day of swim lessons. I am so excited! One month where I won't be swimming except by my choice!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday's Strange Stuff

I have been unable to blog all week. Due to computer problems, ie... every time I would move the laptop it would crash. So that made posting blogs and reading blogs difficult.
There will be no alphabet this week as my camera is holding pictures hostage (need a cable to retrieve pictures).

So a catch up on all that has been going on.
Sunday: Thing Two came bsck from Regions in Anchorage (it was a 5 hr bus ride- usually it is only 3 1/2 hrs by bus). The roads were bad- slick and white out conditions. I baked cookies- lots and lots of cookies. Have 2 more kinds to go and fudge and then my scones. And Christmas Baking will be done.

Monday: Picked up the tree (31 dollars shipping is so expensive) and the tree smells so good and the needles are so soft, the tree is so full (imported from Oregon). Went to Knitting group! Learned how to carry colors! Laundry (loads and loads). And baked more cookies!

Tuesday: Work- last week for water aerobics. Then I get some early nights. DH had band last night so Thing Two had to babysit. We have almost no snow- just about 1/2 an inch. Very hard to keep snow when the temps stay around 30.

Well the computer has already locked up once on me already. ARRGG!

Random Web site: These quizzes are fun! Desserts: Do you have a sweet tooth? I scored 8 out of 10 because I second guessed myself. Chocolate IQ Mine is quite low.

Strange Stuff: And for another easy (unusual Christmas gift)..... (gotta go find it) Do you know anyone who likes Pez and needs a USB drive? Well if you combine the two you get an interesting gift.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday update....

M is also for Milestones. This week was a big week for Bumpkin's first she is now in pre-school. (I know she isn't even 3 yet but she is ready and loving it.) Second- last night she spent her first night away from me and her dd. She stayed at Nana's for the first time overnight. She had a blast.

This week has been kind of busy. All the senior staff at work have had the flu. First Nige, then Rod and then I went home on Thursday early. Thursday I went in at 10:00 to cover for Rod then at 1:00 I was sick. I had to wait until Amb came in at 3 before I could leave. And that night threw me off. I did little bit of knitting but no sewing.

Friday night after getting off of work at 5 (roads were bad) I got home at 5:50. Showered blowed dried my hair and was ready to go by6:10. DH and I went to a church Christmas Party. Delicious. Prime Rib and more desserts and salads than you could shake a stick at. Had the most filling dessert ever. Some kind of walnut, raisin, chocolate chip pie in a pecan pie solution.

Gotta' run as I am to be at a wrapping booth in 15 mins. And we are celebrating Christmas next weekend. YIKES!!!!! Gotta' finish shopping!

You Are a Tree

You love every part of the holidays, down to the candy canes and stockings. And you're goofy enough to put a Christmas tree ornament on your tree!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Yikes! this Advent blogging isn't going very well. Way to busy!

Monday- I will post pictures later about the cons of having a front loading washing machine. (yep- it flooded the basement not once but twice). Made some awesome cream cheese sugar cookies (they made a lot like over 80 cookies). Went to the library and 13 books later (several are cookbooks for Christmas meals). Went to a La Leche meeting (our hospital has remodeled and now I have to read the map of how to get to anywhere!) Didn't sleep well as we are attempting to move Bumpkins into her own bed.

Tuesday: Washed dishes, put away laundry, prepared for the washing machine repair guy, and went to work. Work, did 4 sets of lessons (2 of them are private ie... one on one w/a child), supervised and taught water aerobics. We have a blizzard warning in effect (so a long slow drive home tonight). Have to go into work early tomorrow 7 am so need to go to bed now.

Prayer request: There was a lifeflight helicopter that went down somewhere in the Prince William Sound Monday at 5 pm. The search was called off due to bad weather, the flight crew are members of this community. Also Agrium is laying off 80 people from the local fertilizer plant on Dec. 5.

Random website: Bible readings for the month of Advent.

Strange stuff Tuesday: And for that person who wants NOTHING for Christmas. Fast and easy!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

M is for..........

M is for Music Studio. It is up and operational. (very loud neighbors now though). A yarn/quilt shop would be so much quieter.
M is for Men! DH requested sugar cookies for Christmas baking. No problem there.... he later says "I don't know what sugar cookies are -but they are buttery and have sugar on top." After I make the dough for cream cheese sugar cookies (delicious by the way- will post link after baking tomorrow) a lightbulb goes on that perhaps the cookies he wants are spritz. Yep. Spritz- so now DM gets to make them for him as I don't have a cookie press.

(Dove ornaments painted w/acrylic paint)

(do you remember these crafts- weaving plastic wreaths/candy canes through lace ribbon).

So for Advent today Bumpkins and I set out to go to church. Well after waking up at 8 am, Bumpkins fell asleep at 10:30 and slept until 12:30. So no church for us (wouldn't have been fun for anyone since Bumpkin's was crabby tired). So this afternoon, I decided to make us a Jesse tree. Good idea...... NOT! A Jesse tree is a tree branch that is anchored in a bucket w/ sand or dirt. The large branch and bucket were no problem. But the ground is frozen SOLID! There is no way that I am scraping enough dirt to fill a bucket. So we made ornaments instead. Now that was exciting. I taught preschool w/6 3 yr olds and used this paint. I never had the trouble w/those kids like I did w/ Bumpkins. Yikes! Thankfully she starts preschool this week.

Prayer request: Kazul has lost vision in one of her eyes and the doctors don't know what is wrong. She has moved to a new area and has to travel a great distance to go the specialist. Her husband can't take anymore time of off work at his new job to drive her.

Princess returned safely from Vancouver, British Columbia- her bag did not. Bag vs. baggage train. Bag lost big time. Thankfully nothing was smashed or lost.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Beginning of Advent Season

This month I will attempt to blog every day in regards to Advent. (the thoughts expressed here are mine and what I have gleaned from sources on the internet- please don't quote me but do your own research. I could be wrong about some things).
But first to explain what is Advent? Advent is the beginning of the church year for most churches in the Western tradition.
And what is the Advent season? The entire season is a celebration of the Birth of Christ. And anticipation of Christ's return.
More tomorrow.....

Knitting: Lots! more done on DH's scarf, Secret sisters scarf, finished another drawstring bag and co on for another. Frogged DM's socks again. Bumpkins is making some potholders for people for Christmas (she is knitting them w/a lot of help!).

Still no snow. Bumpkins had the flu for the last couple of days. Didn't go to work on Friday (she started throwing up around 4 am and was a couch potato most of the day). Baby Einstein is awesome! (kind of tired of baby Beethoven though after watching that 5 times in one day it got old fast). Athena got new cat food (went back to sensitive stomach- and she isn't hungry anymore.) ie... jumping up on the counters, scrounging for food, stealing food. Thing Two had a wrestling tournament today- his first. Regions are next week- he is impressed w/how well he did. Kind of sad that he spent the season ineligible. DH's studio is up and running, now to find the missing house keys. I put them somewheres last October.

Dinner: Turkey soup delicious (don't remember how I made it though!).