Saturday, June 9, 2007

Kenai River Festival Weekend

Knitting: 6.5 rows left to do on the peach shawl. I so want that done- I have a deadline on the next shawl. And I really need the needles (I didn't work on the peach shawl much this week as I am so booorreeed w/it. But as I plod along I learn that the lady that I am making this for needed prayers last week. So every time I pick this up and seriously knit on it- I say a prayer and think about her, but by golly she REALLY needs the prayers and thoughts at that time. If I didn't need the needles so bad I would continue to knit on this- it isn't like I am going to run out of yarn. This shawl could be considered a one skein knit. (The yarn is on a never ending cone.)
Work was rough yesterday- lots of stealing. And we didn't have a lot of strange people wandering in and out. Very strange. Last night was an Emmaus gathering down at the beach. All those knitters who are on Virtual Vacation and say that they knit at the beach. I wonder. As there is sand EVERWHERE and it will get into everything. Also I don't want my yarn smelling like campfire. Yes we had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, choc cake, potato salad, cookies and s'mores (wannabes) I forgot the graham crackers. I did remember everything else. Actually Hershey kisses work better than Hershey bars, you just unwrap the kiss and then stuff the kiss inside of the marshmallow and put between graham crackers. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. This weekend is Kenai River Festival and also something is going on in Soldotna. But I didn't go anywhere as DH said that it was raining in Kenai and I didn't know where I was going in Soldotna.
I do wish that I could do buttons and links from my post to the side bar. Oh well.
I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

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