Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Fun in the Midnight Sun

Knitting: Showed off what I was making to a lady that first taught me to knit. She really liked the yellow/ black capelet. I have one more row to do today. If I do an inch a day I should be done by next week. DH says yellow and black dont go together. My response was for him to tell that to a million bees. His reply was that the bees don't have a choice as it is genetic for them to be that color.
Sad day for Nikiski. I got a phone call at 10:30 this am from someone who doesn't usually call me. Well immediately I was going uh oh. I was told that Shayna Pritchard was killed in a car accident while in Colorado. She just graduated from HS last May, has a twin and I worked w/her at the pool. This is the second student that has died from that class. The first one died before the group even got to HS. I think that Princess was shaken up a bit as she knew her. I just wish that everyone out there that has teens just give their kids a hug and say I love you. Because you never know when you won't see them again.
So while DH steamed cleaned carpets, Bumpkins and I disappeared. We went out to Summer Fun. Bumpkins didn't get a nap and we didn't win anything. Both of us show signs of sun (me where I forgot to apply my spf 50 sunscreen.) and her shoulders. DH said not to put sunscreen on her as she is a dark Hawaiian.
Tonight I learned again why I don't make pies. While I was making pies to go to church tomorrow Bumpkins was very busy indeed. I did miss the a great photo op in this. Bumpkins got into the back entry way and our 40 lbs. of kitty litter. Now when a two yr. old has unlimited amount of sand and cups and containers.. ... you all know where I am going with this. She had kitty litter all over the floor and in the cat's food dish. She was feeding the cat. Now what to be thankful for: She did not put kitty litter in the open bag of cat food (science diet for sensitive stomach) very expensive stuff. Nor did she put it into the bag of Iams dog food- even though I found a pile on the floor next to the dog food bag. And the best one is she didn't take the litter out of the litter box and the cat didn't use the litter that was on floor, before I cleaned it up. Also the cat has a clean food dish now. But I did sweep 2 dustpans full of kitty litter off of the floor and dumped a bunch outside from what was inside the cats dish. And my 4 pies are done. One mock apple pie, 2 french rhubarb and one rhubarb custard. Hope that they are tasty and that they bless the families that they are going to.

weather today was sunny and the upper 60's

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