Thursday, May 31, 2007

Snowbirds are returning

Knitting: I figured out what I was doing wrong and now have 1 elf slipper almost done. Need to re-read the directions as DH has been hogging the comp lately. Forgot where I was on the peach shawl and did an extra row. Did another set on the blue scarf, it is now 1/3 done. Allright now is the time to disclose yarn shopping. Did go to Joannes yesterday and bought 4 skeins of yarn to make my Hufflepuff shawl. Also got embroidery and tapestry needles. Forgot the pattern- oh well. I did buy some cute pink and butterfly material for Bumpkins. Had to confiscate it after she fell asleep otherwise she would have taken it to daycare today as a blanket. Been thinking about other non-knitting projects that I need to get done. (even before reading Ami's blog).
Here are my summer non-knitting goals:
  1. keep plants watered and weeded
  2. harvest rhubarb and currants and strawberries
  3. conquer garden
  4. work on counted cross stitch cross
  5. finish Bumpkins doll quilt
  6. June's goal- find quilt material for mom's wall hanging
  7. July cut and sew mom's wall hanging
  8. August quilt and enter into fair said wall hanging
  9. make a scrap quilt for July
  10. find blue wool for DH's scarf
  11. Finish one unfinished sewing project a week.
  12. Sew some clothes up for Bumpkins
  13. POP my bubble on what I want to do vs. what I can actually achieve.
So that about sums up what I have unrealistically set myself up for. Besides regular chores of cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, recreation and taking care of family.

Bumpkins sleep is all over the place again. She went down tonight around 730 pm. early- what is a mom to do when child sleeps that early? Ahhh finally I can blog and knit. I am so anxious to finish this shawl- I am so borrreeeddd with it. But refuse to pull it off the needles or even buy another needle. So onward I go. I can't sew because, Bumpkins will wake up.
Tomorrow starts summer break out at the pool, slide and all. My summer hours aren't all that great. Tuesday through Thursday 7:30 -12:30 and Fridays 12-5, I hate open swim. The kids don't listen, we are a drop off babysitting place. And I am quite sure OSHA noise levels are exceeded. Oh well, I better work on swim lesson plans tomorrow and it looks like it is take Bumpkins to work later tomorrow night.
Tuesday there was a lady that winters in Kentucky at the pool. She said that she has a small farm in Kentucky. Ok in my book 30 acres isn't small, what I would do w/that much acreage. Horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, fruits and veggies galore. Tomatoes grown outside, corn, beans, eggplant, peppers, real apples, plums, grapes (wine) peaches, pears the list could get very long. But the summers would kill me- way to HOT!!! Hmmm... commuting wouldn't be to bad, trailer the animals, have someone caretake the garden. Oh well my life is wonderful here. The hooligan are running, salmon not far behind. Lynx in my backyard, Eagles overhead everyday, very few neighbors. No tornado's. Need a passport to drive out of state. Ahh.. the good life.
Am reading a very good book, (wish I had started it sooner as I have to return it on Monday) Mothering your Nursing Toddler. It explains so much, right down to her tooth decay and super independence and I am only on page 48, 240 more pages to go.
Brats, baked beans and salsa salad for dinner again tonight. Gotta get off of this brawt kick as I am putting weight on. Hot dog buns were $.25 for 8 great deal. Darn I was at the store and forgot pilot bread for work. I want some kind of bread that won't go bad to fast. And well pilot bread it is did get marmalade though.. yumm.

Rainy and cloudy warm (60's) kind of day. Leaves are out on the apple tree- no blossoms yet. The currant bush looks like the moose hit it really hard over the winter will see how that recovers. Rhubarb needs to be picked- I forgot jell-o to make jelly, guess I forgot sugar too. So much for shopping w/o a list.

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