Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

Anyone up for some fresh brewed Ale? This is the Homer Brewery- DH likes it (I don't like beer).
Now the inside of the brew house. The last time I was in here the floor was covered in kegs. I wasn't ID'd but all of the Coast Guards dudes were (there were probably only 6 but it seemed like more). Homer has a Coast Guard station. Not sure of what ship(s) are anchored here though. Used to be Coast Guard Cutter Roanoke and some other really big ship (research).

See there really is a Kosmic Kitchen. Interesting place to get falafel (which is interesting in itself).

Knitting: nothing and sewing nothing. I am burned out for awhile. Will re-start tomorrow or so. When my projects don't go as planned all energy for them fades.

The other day, must have been Thursday (it is in the Peninsula Clarion- but as one must register w/password to read it online, I refuse- news should be free and available to everyone w/o any security stuff). Anywho- we had a thunder, lightening and hail storm. Nothing unusual in that except this is the end of August on the Kenai and some of the hail stones broke out car windows. Hello!!! this is Alaska- not Texas!! So much for global warming.

It seems like I am on a soap box- which I will get off of now. There is soooo much more- like lighted handrails on the bridge (it only gets dark in the winter- we don't need fancy patterns). Condo's in Downtown Soldotna- I mean no room for parking and what about yards or privacy? Can we say slumville? And that is RIGHT on the street- no luck in missing that one.

Dinner: Chicken (that took bloody forEVER to cook), rice and veggies

Weather: Sunny and mid 60's

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Lynn said...

Oh condos are BIG here. And zero lot lines. And its not like you dont have enough land to build on!