Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More yarn

What do you do with this?
Well you can make this: t-shirt yarn. I needed this website to finish, as I couldn't remember how to make the yarn.

Todays update: Got to work and the pool was closed. We had no domestic water- and what is domestic water. Domestic water is showers, toilets and sinks, there was water in the pool but the pump for the well burned out. Replaced that and had water before 8. Good lets run lessons, 7:55 no water again. The switch burned out. So back to being closed, in the meantime what are we going to do about lessons. Well we ran them, no showers and no bathrooms, I don't know how many kids peed in the pool today. After lessons were over Alena ran down to the rec center to shower and I drove- she was already showering when I got there. The upside- is it is nice when there is only 6 people in the pool and it sure beat cleaning.

Weather: sunny and 70 again.


Jenni said...

That is awesome! Please show us what it looks like knitting up!

Wouldn't it make an awesome little rug?

Fiber Chic said...

t-shirt yarn.....hmm...I once made a little rug out of some grocery bags, scraps of yarn, and a sheet, but somehow I never considered a!
I sympathize with the pool being open, then closed, then open (etc..) Must have been frustrating!

Andreanalaska said...

Less knitty stuff more pictures of my sister and kitty

Lynn said...

I like this idea. I've seen rugs crocheted,knitted,braided out of cotton fabric before (another way to use up some other stash), but not with t-shirts. This would work just as well!

What do you plan on doing with it? Or will it sit in stash for a bit??