Monday, August 13, 2007

Road Trip!

Another view of Redoubt.
Knitting: nothing. Took a roadtrip to Homer w/DM. She crocheted.

Very nice day for a road trip. Took Bumpkins and left our house by 9:15 got home around 5:30 pm. Long day. DM had an eye dr. appointment so while she was there, I put Bumpkins in the stroller and we went to Paul Banks El playground. She had so much fun, there was a slide, swings, teeter- totter, and merry go round. Then we went in search of lunch. We ate at the Sourdough Express (slow service and there was a sandbox for Bumpkins to play in.) From there Homer Brewery and then the local Quilt shop (I didn't like their material very much). And then Ulmer's (material, yarn, souvenirs, books, house wares). And then the last stop was the book store. We also visited the Pratt museum (didn't go in- as Bumpkins really isn't old enough for that place. But the botanical gardens and homesteader cabin were good.)

Random website: Bear Cam (it is only up for another week and requires a plugin.)
Weather: Sunny and mid 60's in Homer.

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