Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My KVVS Package!

After a very long day at work, I decided to swing by the post office. And I got a PACKAGE!!! and had to wait till I got home to the camera. (my car has to get gas tomorrow!). Thank you Lucy- my KVVS pal. She took me to Springfield, Massachusetts.

Here is what was in the packaging: maps, postcards, 4 skeins of yarn (3 Berrocco cotton twist and 1 wool hand painted), a yankee candle (she toured the yankee candle factory- and here I really thought that those came from China!), travel brochures. Oh my what fun!

This is a close up of the yarn, taffy, Cat in the Hat stuffed toy, Cat in the Hat pencil and some of the many postcards. DH asked for a piece of taffy- and reluctantly I gave him one. DH was "taffy? what is the big deal?" After he ate a piece he said " Oh my that is good stuff- it has flavor and is so soft. The stuff that we get all tastes the same and is hard." My KVVS pal went to Dr. Seuss's National Memorial Sculpture Garden. Cool place!

Knitting: nothing today or last night. Have to rip apart one slipper and cut out 4 more ear pieces for the slippers. Can't imagine what happened to the original pieces.

Today went to work at 10 and worked until 5. DH stayed home today, he did serious Daddy duty. I am so proud of him- he did laundry that includes nasty smelly football gear (for Thing Two), worked on Thing One's resume and took care of Bumpkins. Did I say that he cooked breakfast and dinner? Dinner was ready when I got home. But I did go through my package first.

Strange Stuff: Caution do not drink anything while linking to this site: Seriously this is something to not make, I am just glad that DM didn't decide that we needed these back in the 70's. Another school wardrobe must have (NOT).

Weather: Rainy temps unknown

Dinner: Steaks (expensive NY type), coleslaw and baked potatoes.


Lynn said...

What?? You dont want to make a Latch Hook Rug for Bumpkins??? It's all the rage you know! LOL

Lynn said...

BTW NICE package!!!

Lucy said...

What an awful idea to latch-hook a sweater - ulgh! Glad you enjoyed the package! I wasn't sure if the cat in the hat would end up for you or for bumpkins - and I could not resist throwing in the pencil. I was going for the sunflowers in the yarn colors... and now i need to go get myself some more taffy :) ...I just have to look through the Alaskan tour sometime!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

That was a nice KVVS package! How fun, the DR. Seuss museum!

Jane said...

What a fun package! As long as you are already in MA, I think you should skip up here to Maine - about a 5 hour drive - and visit me too!