Monday, August 27, 2007

Random Website Monday

Mountains across Kachemak Bay in Homer Alaska. (Last June).

Plan B: was to ship this brown package for the KVVS . Because .........
Plan A: Did you know that it is illegal to ship alcohol/liquor in the mail? And that includes boxes that aren't wrapped- so it got wrapped.
Plan C: no pictures but watch for it at Lynn's. So what happened? After weighing in at 7 lbs. and $18.00 (priority 3 to 5 days - slow boat would have been way cheaper but 3 to 5 WEEKS!). The nice Postal Worker suggested.... the shipping boxes that cost $8.95! and delivery in 3-5 days. WOW!! With Bumpkins terrorizing the fish tank- I proceeded to break into Plan B (I really need to work on my love of packaging tape!) and re- pack it into a little bit smaller box. And it all fit (some of the packaging won't be as pretty- but it is all on it's way). So for those of you that do frequent swaps keep in mind the boxes from the Post Office (saves a lot in postage).

Knitting: another net hanging thing, learned how to read a chart (still doesn't make sense- reading the chart right to left and bottom to top!). Also am now motivated to finish up Bumpkin's tank top.

DH got a hold of my character in Fate (and really tweaked it- so now I don't want to play it).

Good movies: The Last Mizba, Good Will Hunting, FlyBoys,

Random Website: And this says it all.
Weather: Partly cloudy temps 60's


KaKi said...

If you buy the box from the PO it is cheaper? I never knew that!!! Why? (or did I read this wrong? have a headache which has held on for 5 days now)

Lynn said...

WOOHOO!!!! I can't wait for it to get here! And am amazed that a package can get from AK to FL in 3-5 days!!!