Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More of my ramblings

The Homer Spit and mountains. Strange.. in all of the photos there aren't any Eagles. Usually they are all over the place.
Knitting: A full set on the Sarah Blanche Scarf. And now to make a new ball of yarn for the scarf- that is a daunting task as I will have to make one ball and then wind 2 strands together to get one bigger ball. Is this where a swift comes in handy?

I found this link today; Wendy's Modest Dress. It has stuck with me ALL day. Now why has it been on my mind? Get ready for some serious ramblings. Modest clothes: I have changed the way that I dress in the last few years (DH is VERY conservative!) and so I don't wear Daisy Duke shorts anymore or mini skirts. My dresses are longer, shirts no longer show much cleavage (if any). I do like the fit and flare type dress (haven't worn any for almost 3 yrs. due to pregnancy and nursing). My work shorts are less then an inch above my knee, (and it bothers me that my supervisor is wearing "cheer shorts"- very unprofessional) I wear tank tops because of the heat (regular t-shirts I get to hot in). Now where am I headed with all of this? Can I dress more conservatively? yes, I can drink more water and wear T-shirts (large size). Swim suit- I can wear shorts along w/my neoprene tunic (which is over a black regulation one piece swimsuit). Bumpkins even wears longer dresses- the cute 1940 and 50's dresses were really SHORT!
That is well and good; but what about head coverings? Head coverings- like the Amish and Mennonite? Yep.. 1 Corinthians. Now my thoughts- after reading several testimonies about women who wear head coverings, I thought whatever happened to hats? Back in the 50's women wouldn't go out of their houses or even to church w/o a hat on. Was wearing a hat back then just fashionable or was there some subliminal biblical message going on? Are head coverings really a necessary sign of submission to your spouse or to God? At work I am required to have my hair back from my face- but cannot wear a head scarf (bet I could wear a snood though).
Just my thoughts - would love to have your take on this whole thing and thanks for hanging in there w/me tonight.

Weather: sunny and 60's (this morning was cold... 39 - and I know that it was colder than that just before sunrise).


Lynn said...

Very interesting. I think there is a lack of modesty in the world today. I dont think we should go back to bathing suits from neck to ankle, but I do have a problem with clothing out there for my 5 y/o that looks very sexy. A 5 y/o should NOT look sexy! I also put her in longer dresses. She prefers them so there is never a fight, but while the short dresses with the bloomers were cute back in the day, today there are too many sickos and I dont want to give fodder to any sick fantasies that somebody can have.

And as far as head coverings, in day to day life, a woman doesn't need to wear a head covering, only when teaching in the church, synagogue or hall. That's my take on that.

KaKi said...

Wow! What has gotten into you and me lately with these serious posts? Just kidding. You raise some interesting questions. I need to start my comments by saying that I guess you would call me a liberal. I was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist minister's home, and now am married to a liberal Baptist minister. As the mother of a teenage daughter, I do have issues of modesty with her. I don't want her to look "sexy", yet I struggle because I also want her to feel good and proud of her body. I felt ashamed of my body growing up and it has taken a long time for my husband to help me see myself as pretty. I don't want to pass that message to her. So I struggle on this issue. How do you balance both? I don't know. But I am trying. (you also have to understand that I am raising a daughter with a facial difference. She is purple all over the left side of her body. So this "loving your body" has a whole different meaning for her.)

I guess, my feelings about head coverings and modest dress boils down to one thing - choice. If a woman chooses to do these things because she feels it brings her joy and closer to her creator, than GO FOR IT! But if she is doing it because she feels she has to - due to father, clergy, or husband. Than I so NO! In the environment I was brought up in, the man was always right and the woman couldn't question. This is what I guage these reactions on. I don't think men should tell women what to do. I want to raise my daughter to think for herself and how to balance that with partnering with someone else.

Okay, now I am rambling. I am not sure I made any sense, but those are my immediate thoughts.

Thanks, Janet, now I will be thinking about this all day! :-)