Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day at the Fair!

Bumpkins petting a pig at the fair- only picture on camera as batteries went dead.
I bought some locally grown Alpaca yarn. This picture isn't doing it justice- as it is an odd variegated, very pretty though and soft!! 110 yds. and 1.75 oz of superfine alpaca wool . (it was sent to the states to be spun as the Alpaca lady doesn't have time to spin anymore).

"Mommy take a picture!"
Knitting: Finished the tree- didn't turn out as well as my last one. While DH drove to the fair I knitted 2 sets on the Sarah Blanche Scarf.

Busy day at the fair- we saw horses (rode on one too), sheep, donkeys, goats, steers, dogs, pigs (lots of pigs), rabbits, ducks and chickens. I have pictures on my cell phone- but lack the technology apparatus/paraphernalia to down load them. While at the fair I looked at the exhibits- sad displays, as no one is entering anything. (me included) The biggest turnouts were for the quilts and home canning (preserving and brews), do you think the 2 go hand in hand? I should have entered my jean quilt, there were no recycled quilts there at all. (I would have gotten a blue!) One quilt was outstanding in my mind- an attic window w/Alaskan animals in the windows. A lot of knitting- but not much fiber. In my mind, the fair is going downhill and not really worth the 8 bucks per person fee. DH spent 12 bucks on a sandwich and soda- over priced. But all in all- a nice day. We had maybe an hour drive to get there and Bumpkins could almost run free (until she decided to enter the rodeo arena). Small somewhat safe environment. And thankfully there was no deep fried twinkies, there was fresh fruit from the West Coast and fresh veggies from the valley.

Weather: cloudy and temps 60's


Kazul said...

Which fair, Jake? Ours was pretty low for exibit turnouts, too. Especially in sewing. Which is why my two 'costumes' got ribbons. Kids sew for 4H and then wear readymade after they grow up. Bummer deal.

Kazul said...
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Kazul said...

I deleted my comment, because I pushed the comment button twice and I thought it was silly!