Monday, August 20, 2007

Random Website Monday

Bathroom anyone? Yes that is an outhouse w/a sampler vegetable garden in front. Location: Homesteader display at the Pratt museum in Homer, Alaska.
Knitting: nothing today, but finished another row on Bumpkins tank top (I keep untwisting the stitches- thankfully this is the back). Sewing today was the jack-a-lope slippers, both main slippers are done and now to cut out 2 more ears (the other pair disappeared) and embroider the faces then sew them all together. Not much left at all- should finish this month. Washed the backing for Bumpkins Doll baby quilt- now to cut the border and stitch that on. If Bumpkins would go to sleep that could get done.

Worked today: training (Nige did the training on improving your swimming stroke- hello, aren't I the Swim Instructor? I should have been teaching it while he did backboarding skills. Fred, Ancel and I were on the same team. That was fun. Fred, Alexa and I are to short to back board standing so that left Ancel and lene. First go around Fred stabilized and Ancel and I back boarded (victim paralyzed- but we had great communication!) Last time I stabilized and Fred and lene backboarded. That one was done the best. Fred is a great team mate- and now she is gone to college. BOOHOO !! I applied for the job- I type 43 gwpm, but w/6 errors that comes down to 37 wpm. Maybe not enough as the job was looking for 50 wpm. Oh well I tried. It is now in God's hands.
Princess's car broke down again... this time dead battery.

Random website: What every well dressed kid needs... yep a backpack.

Weather: rainy, cloudy temps 60's

Dinner: tacos


Fiber Chic said...

Interesting backpack..I can see the logic!

Lynn said...

INteresting back pack. I saw the UK had stab proof uniforms. Makes you feel all warm and tingly thinking of sending your kid to school, huh?