Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I missed the LUNAR ECLIPSE!!!

Homer Small Boat Harbor w/mountains in background. (this isn't even 1/4 the boats moored here!) Also this is where the Coast Guard Cutter is moored . (the cutter is moored over by the rocks on the far side and is closer to the head of basin- in deeeeep water).
The Homer Spit (in June)- Princess can tell you how much time is alloted for this to be evacuated in the case of an actual tsunami. (NOT ENOUGH!)

"Happy birthday"- Athena is a really good kitty. (she laid there patiently while I got pix! all the while thinking "GET THIS OFF".

Knitting: Cast on for the EZ angel, (am rethinking what I have Cast on- and thinking perhaps the angels should be done in dishcloth yarn for bath puppets) and discovered a quick Christmas gift for Princess. (just have to get it done by the end of the month.)

Before I do anything I must find Princess car title! Speaking of Princess she started school (yesterday?) and today was debate night. She told me that the lunar eclipse last night was cool. I am so bummed!! I really like to see them.

Thing One has a job at Bruce's (a skateboard/snowboard shop). Thing Two is still playing JV/varsity football.

I am so tired. Had to be at work by 7:00 am today, that meant leaving my house by 6:30 am. Bumpkins woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I got no shower. Thought that I could take one at work- but good grief there was alot of traffic this morning. Wish I had the camera with me today- the moon was beautiful. Full with the mountains as a backdrop. Oh well- I was running late as it was. So no shower at work, and no breakfast. Couldn't go sit outside at lunch either- because there were only 2 of us. And we need to have 2 guards in the bldg. when people are in the water. Otherwise close the pool- and yes we have done that before.

And for those of you who have been asking about the Postal Service boxes. The only way that I will ship now.

Strange Stuff= Actually I did make one of these (very rough and dirty "yarn").

Weather: 70 and sunny. (and I did enjoy the sun!!).

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Fiber Chic said...

I missed the lunar eclipse, as well. However, my friends told me you couldn't really see the moon anyway. Although, Alaska probably has different weather than Illinois.
Happy Birthday Athena!