Thursday, August 9, 2007

What do you see each day?

This morning I stopped on the flats to take this pic. Big mountain in background- I think is Mt. Redoubt. But this is what I look at every morning as I go to work. Can't believe that is taken me all summer to start taking pix.
Same mountain range and picture taken at the same time (6:55). Today they weren't as pretty as they have been. Homesick yet Kazul?

What is that wire doing there? Must figure out how this works. (Happy now Princess?)

Knitting: 1 1/2 inches left to go on Bumpkins tank top. Hope to finish that today. Another project for naptime today is making a pithy net for the EZ knit-along. Update on UFO's- have to seam rip 2 seams on slippers, hope to get one almost completed w/o design on top, today.

Kaki started this wine. Young adults who don't have a job and drink all of your beer. Who make more of a mess than a 2 yr. old. Eat all of your food and don't contribute to the household, by cleaning, mowing or volunteering to do anything. And school starting in 2 weeks doesn't matter because he dropped out. Now I have to find my cheese (to go w/the wine.)
Princess sent me this link it sounds kind of interesting.

Now trying to answer questions of the last few weeks. Fiberchic asked how much water a rubber/latex glove held. Answer is ALOT!! actually depends if you leave it in the pool or take it out. Kazul said that it was time to have another baby- not happening. How does Grandparents sound? (NO PRINCESS IS NOT and neither is Thing One.)

Weather: Sunny and 70.


Fiber Chic said...

Thanks for answering my question!
The mountain looks really majestic!
Hope Bumpkins' top will cooperate with you in the final stretch!

KaKi said...

Oh wow! Your mountains look so cool, cold, refreshing, can I PLEASE come?????

Thanks for not letting me be the only whiner out there!!! Hope you found some cheese!! (does feel better to get it all out!!)

Lynn said...

Those are beautiful views to look at!! Its nice to see hills w/o houses all across them. And I LOVE that cat!!!