Friday, August 10, 2007

Princess is coming home tonight!!!!

Bumpkins goes Hawaiian.
Knitting: Learned the Emily Ocker cast on method. Attempted to make a Net for Fruit- couldn't make it w/my dpns (Nothing big enough). So I made another star and am now 1/2" from finishing the back of Bumpkins tank top. Decided to modify the slippers- Thank you for my serger. The top will be serged together.

Today makes the 1/2 way point in semi-private swim lessons. Alena and I are both exhausted. Bumpkins wasn't feeling well today- so DH only worked 1/2 day. While I was at work- another play yard showed up in our yard. (pix tomorrow). Thing Two made Varsity on the Football team (actually he will play swing- that is both varsity and JV). That is exciting. Tomorrow he has a scrimmage game (he is ineligible- having failed 1 class last semester). DM came over today for awhile- Bumpkins loved it. DM finished up some of her projects that were for Bumpkins. DM stayed for dinner and she brought me a new Quilting mag. from McCall's and some scrap sugar and cream yarn. Princess called and said that she was leaving Anchorage at 7 that should put her in our yard around 930/10:00 depending upon traffic. I am so excited, she hasn't been here since spring PROM. Lots of pix this weekend. Tomorrow is the book sale at the library and Saturday market (fresh veggies). Couldn't go outside because of Bumpkins takes a long nap (1:30- 4:00), DM got here and then had to make dinner. No going outside after dinner because there are nasty bugs that take chunks out of your skin. Bumpkins came in last night covered in blood from them and I have a nasty bite on my shoulder where my swimsuit strap rubbed it all am.

Dinner: Zatarain's (what did I do before Zatarain's) red beans and rice (added alot of rice that was leftover from last night) and corn bread made w/buttermilk. What to make for Princess tomorrow? Ahhh... Salmon and seaweed

Weather: Sunny and hot (was supposed to get to 80 today)

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Lynn said...

Salmon and seaweed?!?!?? Oh I'm sure this is very yummy to you, but for me? Pass me the zatarain rice!!! LOVE the pic of Bumpkins in her hawaiian attire. TOO cute!