Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another rainy day- finally

Food storage, the Alaskan way. Also known as a cache- bear proof when further off of the ground and ladder removed.

Knitting: these projects, skills I have learned are the Emily Ocker circular cast on and the kitchener stitch.

Details: the net thing is knit w/ US 10 dpns and sugar and cream yarn remnant. Another EZ project. Doesn't show up very well- because there is a white Styrofoam ball inside.
The tree is knit w/ US 8 and green cast iron acrylic (from stash).

Yesterday- I was so sick. Didn't even make it through all my lessons. I showed up in Boss lady's office dripping all over her carpet and said "I can't do anymore". So I went home and now have 2 lessons to make up on Tuesday. :( Also went to buy Cream of Rice cereal at Safeway and they don't carry that anymore, have to do shopping over at Fred Meyer's. Felt better today- didn't eat any dairy. So tonight I ate Mac and Cheese, I am very lactose intolerant again. No dairy whatsoever for me. This weekend I will try milk chocolate, but for now no cheese, yogurt, ice cream or milk. That means no Pizza.

Bumpkins is getting big. :( Last night she went poop by herself, flushed the toilet (that was scary) and she also turns knobs on doors (So most of our doors to the outside are dead bolted). And she is sleeping more in her crib- she doesn't sleep all night, but goes back to sleep w/rocking or back rubs.

Princess is selling her car- it broke down on her again. Thing One still doesn't have a job. And there is a shrew in the walls of our house- have to watch for dead things as Athena is on a stake out!

A co-worker says that I am un-American as I have an extreme dislike for Elvis. Elvis had some ok songs but I am not going crazy over him. I can honestly say that one place I have no desire to visit is Graceland.
Weather: rainy temps 60's


Anonymous said...

I am so with you on Elvis - although I really DO like some of his songs - I just don't get the whole thing. Yesterday was my sister's birthday, so that's what I think of every time I start to hear an Elvis tribute :) Christmas knitting looks nice! ...and it also scared me a lot when I realized my daughter(s) were walking around and doing things at night (drink of water, potty break, etc). Luckily neither one has tried to start a movie or go outside. far.

Anonymous said...

oops... that was me :) your KVVS Pal!

Fiber Chic said...

Elvis is OK, but, you know...I like the band Genosis (my dad introduced it to me--go figure!)That Christmas tree looks awesome! Was that one constant knitting piece, or did you do several pieces and sew them together somehow?