Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busy Saturday!

My girls: Princess and Bumpkins w/Athena. (I know that Princess's head got chopped a bit- still learning the digital).
Saturday market shopping: Found nothing for my KVVS pal at the market. Since Saturday Market is in the parking lot of the Kenai Visitor Center, I went in there. Found ?. Bought these veggies from the farmers market. They were picked last night and driven down from the valley. Fresh peas are so good... Bumpkins ate about 3 handfuls for lunch.
Went to the Library book sale and bought these books for under $5. I was looking for Alaskana books- but they were all sold out. Needed to get there yesterday for those, there was a knitting mag (Vogue 1985). Didn't like any of the patterns.

Knitting: did you hear the frogs? I had to rip back 3 rows on Bumpkins tank top. I so want that done for tomorrow. Not much more done on the jack-a-lopes, but they do fit Princess and she will wear them. Even though she really doesn't like the colors. Went through all Princess's material- she liked alot of Bumpkins stuff. Princess really liked the pink, now to find the time to make the stuff.

After all that shopping, I came home and got DH. We then went to Soldotna for the grand opening of the Music Box. Strange thing happened, my name got drawn for a $20.00 gift cert. DH is really into music- me not so much. Guess that takes care of DH's small Christmas gifts. Bumpkins had a bad wet accident- and we were w/o the diaper bag. Thankfully I still had a diaper in the glove drawer in the van.

Weather: Foggy and 54 this am, but got sunny and over 70. I dressed for cool weather!
Dinner: Chicken and pasta salad w/fresh peas.

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