Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sunny Days!

This is what I see when I come home from work or errands. (there are mountains there somewhere).
The Russian Orthodox Church in Ninilchik. The purple flowers are fireweed. Legend has it that winter is 6 weeks after the fireweed blooms at the top. Also the snow will be as deep as the fireweed is tall. (that has happened before- and we are talking a lot of snow!)
I am my mother's daughter! When we were growing up- someone's head was always chopped off in the pics. And now I proudly carry on the legacy! (Ok it usually was my head that got chopped). This is Nana, Bumpkins and new family member- Obi the dachshund.
Nana's house- I missed it when it was just tar papered!

Knitting: nothing, sewing nothing.

I blog a bit last night- but the internet went down and all was lost!! So onto today.
DH is finally working YEAH!!!! Bummer thing is he is off when I am working. Saves us on daycare though. Bumpkins turned 2 1/2 yesterday! Tried to go swimming two days in row now. Last night didn't happen as both DH and I were tired. Today- well after Industry Appreciation days (free food and all kinds of stuff) way fun! I saw just about everyone. We then went out to Nana's to meet OB (actually it is Obi as the puppy is male), I fixed her computer again. Now she can put her digital camera card in her printer/fax/scanner and then load pix onto her comp. She had the wrong cables (and Mot and Princess had to help me). I finally found some USB cables and all was well. In the process of finding that cable I found one for my cell phone!!! So now I can get pix off of my cell phone. I am so excited!!
While I was doing final shopping for the KVVS I found some strange things: fireweed syrup and fireweed jelly (I have heard of honey but the others?), there are some strange dip concoctions out there and teas?, have you ever heard of bear or fish breath mints? (those containers were made in China- needless to say those didn't get bought) there was also edible bear droppings and moose pellets. And since she reads this- she is really going to wonder what I am giving to her. LOL (maniacally)
Bumpkins had fun w/Obi. She discovered that she can pick him up. Bumpkins had a tall box and was trying to get Obi to jump in it (Bumpkins plays w/Athena (cat) and Athena will jump in the box). Well DM (Nana) and I both told her no. Pretty soon there was a thud and no Obi. The obvious question was asked "did you put Obi in the box?" answer was.... "Yes". The poor puppy - Nana took him in for shots today and then he was terrorized by a 2 1/2 yr old. He weighs 2 1/2 pounds and is a dachshund.

Have to hurry up and post as the sky looks brownish.

Temps: yesterday 68 and sunny when I left work and was 53 and torrential rain in Soldotna. Today was in the high 60's.


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Your scenery is lovely! Yes, I do have some knitting in my car for when I'm stuck in traffic. :-) I just started that this year. I used to read a magazine.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Oh~and I hope your winter doesn't come too soon for you. The ledgend here says if many acorns fall on the ground in late summer there will be a lot of snow in winter. There are LOTS of acorns on the ground, but they're broken. I'm blaming it on the squirrels! Have a great day.

Lynn said...

Ummm, well I appreciate the fact that you arent sending me anything that was made in China, but the rest of the stuff has me intrigued......
And I have to say, I'm LOVING the pictures of your area!

Fiber Chic said...

The sky looks so pretty and clear-the dog is adorable, as well!
My kitty (on my page) if you hold your cursor on the "more" thing in the right-hand corner, you can click on a toy or a can of food. If you click on her basket, she jumps out and walks around.