Tuesday, August 7, 2007

reality check!

Here is my Yarn stash... I didn't put in my 2 cones of yarn or my box of remnants.Bumpkins: 1 skein of Jiffy (variegated), 1 skein of Homespun (fushia) 3 skeins of Cottontots (purple), 2 skeins of Bernat baby softee (variegated), 3 balls of peaches and cream, 1 skein of thick and chunky chenille (purple), and 4 balls of Lullaby- one is missing (3 fushia and 1 black).
My yarn for me: 4 skeins of Wool- Ease (green), 3 skeins of Thick and Chunky chenille (green and off white), 2 skeins of Jiffy (yellow and black) and 1 skein of ? (I have the label somewhere).
Baby yarn: 3 balls of Cottontots and 1 green skein of baby yarn. (unknown brand)
Misc. Yarn: 2 balls of blue ribbon trellis, brown cha cha, black acrylic (wintuk) and recycled t-shirt.

And these are ones that if I could only have 2 "skeins" of yarn what would I choose. I could knit off of these wools for a very long time indeed. (forgot to add them to the overall pic)

Knitting: Nothing yet... didn't feel like doing anything. So I took reality pix, and I didn't/won't win. She who dies w/the most yarn wins. And for this I think my family is thankful.

Weather: sunny and 70.
Strange Stuff: Just another bag or is it?


Anonymous said...

What a strange strange bag/hat pattern. Your stash isn't too bad, but it is a respectable size ;). You'll have to see the pics of mine after the reveal - I don't have STABLE, but it's a bit bigger than yours.... I'm gathering stuff for your package - hoping to ship within the next couple weeks!

Your KVVS Swap Pal

Fiber Chic said...

I wonder if my stash would fit on one blanket! WOW!

Lynn said...

YIKES!!! Who would put a purse on their head in public?!?!

And your stash isnt that bad. Plus I like the quilt its on top of, I made one of those rag jean quilts as well. What kind of fabric is the white and pink? flannel or cotton?