Thursday, August 23, 2007

School has started!!!!

A homesteader house at the Pratt Museum (local lore only has a 2 people living in this place- a mom and her daughter.) It is really small.

Knitting: CO for an angel for the EZ KAL (that is on hold until Monday- as I don't know how to read a blooming chart). Ripped out the seams for Princess' slippers will sew them back together and then make faces (but won't sew faces on until Princess tries said slippers on again, as they might be to small now.)

I have been off-line due to the rain- I am considering getting a weather girl so people will know why I am not blogging. If it is rainy- no satellite connection.

I didn't get the job, DH did accepted into the Tom Hess mentorship program. Thing One cleaned the house today (blew me out of the water- I thought that DH did it.) So that is what is what around here. Oh yeah SCHOOL STARTED!!!! My most favorite time of the year.
My KVVS package came at the right time as I really need a vacation. If I still have my same job next year- then I will be taking this week off. I have worked over 6 mos w/o having a real day off (sick days don't count.) And I can be sick for over almost 30 hrs before using all of my hrs up. And since I am only hired on for 20- that's a lot of hours.

Well that is all for now, except NO Bumpkins isn't getting that latchhook jacket! I don't want to do the latch hook work. Carpel tunnel

Weather: Rainy then clear. temps high 50's

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Fiber Chic said...

I can't wait to see the angel!