Sunday, August 12, 2007

Princess Gone! Boo-Hoo!

On Princess's last night- Athena strikes again. (DH banned her inside today, just so no treasures were brought in.) Note: Do not send a 2 yr. old to tell her dad to come take care of mouse. All she could say was Athena, mouse, upstairs over and over again.
Knitting: Still visiting the frog pond on Bumpkin's tank top.

Princess left today, I am so sad. She won't be home until Thanksgiving (maybe she will come home earlier- if I have Kazul's Christmas gifts ready to go.) Should start those then. Princess's car broke down again- thankfully she wasn't on the North Road or even on the road to Anchorage.

Did laundry and got ready for Callie's wedding reception (Fred is in so much trouble- I talked to her yesterday and she failed to tell me that today's dress was very casual. So I was dressed up in heels and nice clothes.) Nice picnic reception- the actual wedding was in South Dakota. The view from Cal's mom's new house is exquisite, but the drive is going to be very scary in winter. Narrow windy drive with a very steep windy hill, I just can imagine that hill in winter all covered in ice, YIKES! Not for the faint at heart- and Cal's mom's car isn't 4 wheel drive.

Tomorrow road trip to Homer w/DM.

Weather: Sunny and mid 70's

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Lynn said...

Well the good news is that if you ever run out of food for Athena, that cat will never go hungry!! LOL And sorry that Princess had to leave already. This is the part I dread as my kids get older. I just want them out of the house for a few hours, not months!!